Hemingses scholar Gordon-Reed reads at Monticello

Annette Gordon-Reed will discuss her widely reviewed new book, The Hemingses of Monticello, on Friday, September 26 at 3:30pm at Monticello's Jefferson Library. From the Washington Post: "Gordon-Reed first probed the Jefferson-Hemings relationship in her 1997 book "Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy." Now she deepens and widens her view to encompass the entire sprawling Hemings clan as actors on the stage of history. In Sally Hemings's day, Gordon-Reed writes [in her new book], she was "the most well-known enslaved person in America." Her connection to Jefferson was brutally exposed and mocked by his political opponents during his first presidency, while black churchmen in the early republic preached sermons on her "family situation." The publicity was sufficiently embarrassing that Jefferson's partisans and descendants crafted a sanitized and sexless version of life at Monticello that continued until our own day. Although controversy persists, recent DNA research has caused most historians to accept Jefferson's paternity of Hemings's children."

The event is free, but space is limited, so the folks at Monticello suggest you e-mail to register.



Where can I get a copy?!?

Also you didn't note whether Adamson encored his famous back-flip!

And to think I found out about this while looking for album art for the Castro albums I just digitized to iTunes... a bit different world..

Sigma Nu / A&S '84

Hello -

Where may I purchase a copy of the documentary?
I attended 99% of the bands mentioned and/or filmed gigs. What a magical time to grow up, I am still groovin!

luv and peace,
Nancy Koch Hughitt

Jeez, I wish I could see this movie ... I lived at the notorious 1021 Wertland Street house in the '70s and was an every-gig fan of The All-Stars. I went out for live music every night, so I knew all these guys ... even had my own Skip Castro Band name ... Corky Schoonover spent years thinking my name was really Zeke, because when he played one night at the Mousetrap with The All-Stars, I introduced myself as Zeke the Geek, and nobody bothered to correct it

Those were special years being able to see Skip at the mineshaft - but as Charlie states above - got married and moved. It would be special to to get a copy of this film if/when it is available or completed. How can I do this?

Nice work cousin Joe!

Would LOVE a copy! How do I get one? Brings back many fun memories of C-ville and Figi Island.

Looking forward to my next reunion in '09. Looking forward to hopefully seeing Charlie and Bob Girard again.

Phi Mu '84


We will premiere the final release version of the Film on July 26, 2008 at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville, followed by a muic festival with all of our favorite bands from back in the day. screenings to follow in select cities. Check out our website www.livefromthehook.com for further details!

Deke Ealy
Live From...the Hook

I went to the Mineshaft just about every Monday to see Skip in the early eighties. Stayed out listening to music and went straight to class the next morning in my bar-smelling black T-shirt. It's a wonder anything stayed with me from the academic sense! I can still recall most of Bo's guitar licks- at least something stuck!

Looking forward to the event. Nice article above. Well written. Thank you.

My father Leon ran the Mineshaft from 1983-1989. My family was living in Alexandria,Va in 1983 when my dad ventured to Charlottesville. Our family didn't officially move to Charlottesville until July 1986. I was starting high school then and dad would take me to the club and I would sweep and mop the floors. I got to listen to some of the great musicians in town and also famous ones as well. The shows I remember would be John Hornsby,Wynton Marsalis and his family,John Lee Hooker,Delbert McClinton,Billy Price,The Guess Who,The Neville Brothers,Emmylou Harris,Livingston Taylor,Jerry Jeff Walker,David Bromberg,SUN RA,AAE,Boyd Tinsley Band,Skip Castro Band,SGGL,Indecision and many more. I remember some great people that worked with my father like Coran Capshaw,Chris Munson,Al Hinton,Steve Bliley,
plus all the great bartenders and waitresses. I look back at those times now realizing how privileged I was to witness music history in Charlottesville. I would love to get a copy of this movie also and show my dad who has had health problems over the past six years. He has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and related complications plus diabetes. He would love to see this film and help bring back old memories of a great time in Charlottesville music history.

I was at the Paramount for the final screening and saw some of the bands perform at the Pav., but need to buy at least one copy of the documentary for a friend who couldn't make it to Charlottesville. What is the easiest way to purchase a copy?
Tim Johns

need a dvd for my children - where to order??

Is this DVD for sale anywhere?

I have been trying to locate a copy of Old Cabell Hall Grateful Dead concert --1982 I think was in the summer...it was really hot and so was the show. IKO IKO was a feature...

Where can I get?--and I wonder if there are any other fans of The Deal out there--and what became of them? Would love to hear the song: "Hopie" again.

that was such a fun scene which paved the way for R.E.M. in my book.

For anyone intrested in this kind of thing, come on to our website and join! ( free)

Docutunes.TV tell them Kelly invited you!


Class of '82. This is awesome and brings back unbelievable memories. It was truly a special time. Need to get a copy.

Bob Girard! Keep on rocking in the free world, man! Fiji Mid-summers 1987! Good times!