Younger Russert visits UVA for Today

Luke Russert says UVA student voters are "a microcosm of the state" for the upcoming election.

Alumna Katie Couric may have left the show, but the Today show keeps coming back to the University of Virginia. As part of the NBC morning program's ongoing series on battleground states in the upcoming presidential election, Luke Russert, son of late Meet the Press moderator Tim Russert, paid a visit to UVA yesterday to take the pulse of the student vote at Mr. Jefferson's University.

In his analysis, "You have to remember, the smartest kids in the state go there, so it's leaning a little bit towards [Sen. Barack] Obama [D-IL]. But it really kind of is a microcosm of the state. White males we spoke to, overwhelmingly for [Sen. John] McCain [R-AZ]; African-Americans overwhelmingly for Obama; white women kind of split right down the middle."

The younger Russert just graduated from UVA's ACC rival Boston College this spring, and has been covering politics for NBC News ever since the Democratic National Convention last month. Just 22 he started following in his father's footsteps before getting his B.A. He's hosted "60/20 Sports" on XM Satellite Radio since January alongside Democratic pundit and friend of his father's James Carville.


ok so if white males were overwhelmingly for mccain and 1/2 of white women were for mccain and with such a small african american population at uva how does his math even come close to working?

also is he saying that the african americans are smarter than the white males? Good thing he didn't imply the reverse or Jesse and Al would be down here like Katie on a Microphone...

Why is anyone surprised? Another media lib saying things like they are.

And who is suggesting race is a factor? Always from the left, they can't help themselves.