No walk of shame for Harding

Local America's Next Top Model contender Lauren Brie Harding survived a double elimination round last night, as the models were asked to participate in their first catwalk for up and coming designer American designer Jeremy Scott–- blindfolded. After an unmemorable walk, Harding moved on to the episode's second challenge, a photo shoot with Top Model judge and photographer Nigel Barker, where her photo was one of the most highly praised. Despite some catty words in the model house against fellow contender and transgender model Isis King, Harding moves on to next week's challenge, which airs at 8 pm on the CW.


She is a lovely and sweet girl on a very silly show

I didn't think her comments were catty.

Stephanie- I think you may want to go watch the spisode before you post a blog because what Harding said was anything but catty. Hooke always miss represents!

the-ville, huh?

From a blog about the episode: "Clarke and Lauren Brie gossip about the other girls. Clarke would die for Elina’s eyebrows. Lauren Brie loves McKey’s facial features. Not that way though. Both feel it is time for Isis to throw in the towel. They’ve been modeling long enough to know what the professionals are looking for, and they feel it isn’t Isis. McKey, Joslyn and Isis are in the bathroom while Isis does her hair. They let her know they have her back even though some people can be catty."