CYFS Benefit Art Show

Twenty artists, including Lee Alter, Bill Finn, Vee Oswalds, and John Trilby, contribute works to a one-night art show to benefit Children, Youth & Family Services, Inc. The event features music by 6 Day Bender. Montessori Community School, Pantops Mountain, 305 Rolkin Road. 979-0096.


So, Mr Camblos spent 2-and-a-half hours of court time arguing over the death of a cat. I am glad he has such a big heart and is tough on animal cruelty.

The article gave me much needed insight into the priorities set by Mr Camblos and staff. Over the past two 1/2 years I have heard from many young women that neither he nor his staff are willing to prosecute rapes that occur at the University of Virginia.

I share his concern for animals. I am disgusted by his lack of concern for our daughters.

Susan Russell

George Seymour got what he deserved. The best part of all of this is that he can no longer state he has never been in court. His way of life is manipulation. Now that he has this gaping wound scarring his "PICTURE PERFECT LIFE" he will not be able to display the mirage of his personna. I give him a couple months and we will be on the way to get all his buddies to work toward expunging this from his record. He can't paint the picture with this on his record. He has already showed what he does to animals that get in his way. Wonder what George would do if one of his family members crossed him. Would he act like someone like Robert Blake? Thank god for the walls around homes so that we can not see what goes on inside them. It would be like looking at people with no flesh wrapped all those organs and bones.

Case Number:
GC06006083-00 File Date:
04/27/06 Complainant:
MAIDEN, W.D. Locality:
Defendant: SEYMOUR, GEORGE ANDREW; JR. Defendant Status: Released on Summons Defense Attorney: DICK
Sex: Male Race: White Caucasian (Non-Hispanic) DOB: 02/19/****
18.2-144 Case Type: Misdemeanor Class: Class 1
Amended Charge:
Amended Code:
Amended Case Type:

Offense Date: 04/24/06 Arrest Date: 04/25/06

Number Date Time Result Type Courtroom Plea Min Continuance Code
01 04/27/06 0900AM Continued 000
02 06/20/06 0930AM Continued 000
03 08/22/06 0300PM Finalized 000

Final Disposition: Guilty
Sentence: 60 Day(s) Sentence Suspension Time: 50 Day(s) Operator License Suspension Time:
Fine: $.00 Cost: $141.00
Fine/Costs Due: 08/22/06 Fine/Costs Paid: Yes Fine/Costs Paid Date: 08/31/06
Probation Type: Probation Time: Probation Starts:

He deserved more jail time! People who are cruel to animals rarely stop there.