Montpelier hosts the annual Fall Fiber Festival and Sheep Dog Trials, an early autumn celebration of rural life in the Virginia Piedmont. The event includes weavers and spinners, sheep shearing (kids can get up close and really see what is happening), border collie demonstrations, workshops on the various aspects of using natural fibers, and many different breeds of sheep and goats. Food booths, Scottish music and bagpipes, and vendors selling natural fiber clothing, yarns, blankets, and socks. Festival-goers get a discount on tours of Montpelier, too. Rt. 20 in Orange County. 296-8533.


Hey, You needed to note that Mr. Oddo has a companuion in running often and never winning in Al Weed. Al's run at least and maybe more times than Oddo.

no he hasn't.

You're both partially right. Al & I both ran for Congress in 2004 and this year. My previous runs were for State House positions.

Ask Mr. Weed why he is resisting allowing me in the debates. His campaign put out a press release complaining about Hampton-Sydney College insisting that I be included. Pitiful actions from someone that wants to lead us in a Congress that already does their best to prevent challengers from running...
Joe Oddo