Farm Festival

Celebrate Virginia's farming heritage on the banks of the Rivanna at Old Farm Day at Pleasant Grove. Enjoy arts, crafts, batteaux, demonstrations, entertainment, and exhibits. Rain date: Sunday, October 5. Pleasant Grove, Rt. 54, Palmyra 589-9405.


How about these options for dealing with an unwanted cat in your yard:

1) Ask your neighbor if it is his cat. If it is, kindly ask him to prevent it from going onto your property.

2) If the cat doesn't belong to your neighbor, call Albemarle Animal Control.

Shooting the cat through the neck, believe it or not, was't the only option available to this man - this was his choice.

My prayers go out to the Reverend who doesn't seem to understand the concept of community and the use of violence as an absolute last option.

I think what the Reverend is forgetting here is that Mr. Seymour did not scare the cat away from his property, capture the cat and take it to its owner explaining that he would appreciate their effort to keep their animal off of his property, or even call the SPCA to come pick up the cat. What Mr. Seymour chose to do was shoot the cat. End its life. I completely understand the right to protect one's own property, but this cat was not going to STEAL one of Mr. Seymour's pricey cars or bash in the windows.
I do not consider myself an animal rights activist or even a cat person, but I would think you, Reverend, of all people would value the life of all God's creature over a pricey indulgence of a man who shoots first and explains later.

I understand where you are coming from but it does not give a neighbor the right to shoot the animal. He could of complained to the neighbor or he could of called animal control as well to complained, not take it into his own hands. Beside he shot the gun in a crowded neighbor, he could of injured a child of another person. There are other humane ways to tend to nuisances such as cats or dogs. I agree with to Todd and Leigh-Ann. It has nothing to do with choosing human life over and animal. If it was your loved animal, you would see it in the way of the owners as well.

Now Seymour's down at the farm.
Bet he'll wish he had that gun down there now...
I wonder, rev, if you're feeling the crunch in your Sunday platter?
You're standing up for an animal torturer who callously and without any regard for his neighbors' feelings, dismounted a 30.06 and maimed and slaughtered their pet kitty. In a suburban Charlottesville hood.
How could you not feel the pain of the harmed party? Rather you throw in and take the position of a heart-less redneck and cat killer. Who is whispering in YOUR ear?
Get your thinking straight. Or stop calling yourself a shepherd.
That cat definitely had more soul than you or Seymour.