Insect Walk

Horticulturalist Peter Warren leads a walk at Ivy Creek Natural Area and talks about insects we encounter in the fall. Collectors can bring their specimens for identification and learn more than you want to know about the role insects play in daily life. Meet in the Education Building. Earlysville Rd. 973-7772.


We discussed the issue with Mrs. Ford the other day, seems the A comes first in the alphabet. The letter W comes so very, very, late that it just doesn't come to anybody's mind at voting time. Who, What, where, when, why is about the only W words people know...Webb is like a spider thing, icky, sticky, bad connotations and all.

Webb also connotes patience and an ability to build, as well as weaving and honest work.

Allen indicates a wrench--one that you think you can trust until it snaps off at the handle and you have to take it back to the Sears Roebuck for a new one.

Allen has snapped off. Let's send him back for something new.