Siips: Kiki Slaughter's "Simple Thrills"

Kiki Slaughter, "Hunt Country."

Siips Wine Bar features "Simple Thrills," an exhibition of KiKi Slaughter's abstract oils, during October. A First Friday opening is scheduled for October 3, 6-8pm.  212 E. Main St. on the Downtown Mall. 293-8224.


Talk about a ridiculous law, sure local companies have an advantage in selling locally. THEY SHOULD. Just like the "out of state" companies have an advantage selling in their backyards.

I don't see how adding an artificial middleman helps anyone but the middleman.

I could write a book about how this issue. It is a case book study on how money talks and money runs the Virginia State Legislature.

In response to Mr. Marston's comment"
"It's not a secret to anybody who's paid attention," he says. The legislation "was done in a very well-attended hearing, and no one spoke against it."

Does the name Lew Parker mean anything to you? Were you in the bathroom during his (and others) remarks against this legislation? I was there and heard plenty of people speaking against it. Maybe your comment is a misprint because it certainly is far from the truth.

At the end of the day the wholesalers realize that they offer very little value. They are scared this is the start of the crumbling of their business model. It isn't because they have too much legislative pull. However, they did piss a lot of people off by picking on small vineyards and wineries who have a hard enough time making it as it is and who add A LOT of tourism dollars to rural communities. Lets hope this law is quickly ammended.