Adam Larrabee and John D'earth

Jazz from the guitarist and trumpet player


Yeah but it's a pain to take the cover on and off for every trip you take. Been there, done that.

One thing to try is to spray the cats with water when they're on your car, although if the finish on the car is precious they may claw it while leaping off.

I was born in Keswick, attended UVa and visit once or twice a year.
I can not believe that Seymour got any time. Hookville, weenie capital of America - this and the faux bomb plot. The inmates are running the asylum.
This cat was the intruder and shooting him was more humane than smacking the feline vandal with a golf club. Cats climb under covers and destroy finishes. Two years ago I had over $2000 paint damage to my Porsche while covered and INSIDE a garage. I pulled off my cover and the roof and hood looked like someone had taken sand paper to it. That cat did not survive. And if I had found the owners they would have paid. But see I live in Texas where we are not afraid of guns and animals are not the highest form of life.