Mark Miller

The band leader goes acoustic


Pavilion show rocked! Incredible technical range and tasty old school style/ songlist/ originals. See you next week! Request some Django numbers for the acoustic act-- no one else does him justice but Mark...

What about Rick Olivarez?

Along with my monring cup of coffee, I read an article or two from the HOOK online each morning, This morning after reading "My Pet Virus" I feel inspired by this surviver's wonderful and humorus take on such a serious topic. I can't wait to read the whole book and look forward to perhaps meeting Mr. Decker at a book signing. As far as the thought Mr. Decker expressed regarding having a mdlife crisis at 20 when he figured out he may life to the age of 40..... I wish for him a further rethinking of that life span that includes another 5 ot 6 decades!! Thanks for sharing such an awesome story.

Great to see Shawn's book hitting the shelves. He uses the most effective form of truth telling, humor. If one doubts this they only need look at the popularity of the Colbert Report and the Daily Show.
In every horrific tragedy there is a comic side waiting to be discovered. If one can find a diamond in the coalmine within a lifetime, they are truly fortunate. Decker has mined and fine tuned, through the art of humor and writing, a wonderful way of embracing the truth of what it means to be truly alive. He has discovered his diamond and I await its brilliant shinning within the public realm.

Yes, Shawn there is life after death. Take the narrow path.