Robert Randolph

At the end of the millennium, Robert Randolph emerged as the most important new voice on the pedal steel guitar. After a few years meandering on the jamband circuit, he broke out with his own Family Band, which casts off the instrument's country heritage in favor of a wobbly funk informed by Hendrix and early Michael Jackson (keep an ear out for the medley), and his 2006 album Color Blind was an attempted transition into more mainstream pop territory.


I'm surprised that you didn't mention that people who are experiencing this side effect can talk to their doc about another antidepressant that may help them without killing their libido.

My doctor told me to double my dosage for three days a week and not take any as I head into the weekend. I think it helps a bit. I might try to cut the doubled to a regular dose and try the same schedule of three on and four off of the meds. I agree that therapy can help, but people with the type of chemical depression that seems persistant regardless of life circumstances seem to need something to combat the biological deficiencies...

I am taking wellbutrin 300 mg effexor 150 mg and lamactil 100 mg. I changed the well and the effex tp generic and there went the ability to achieve orgasm. changed everything back to the non generic and nothing changed back to normal- 9 mo. later I went off birth control its been almost two months since then and still no orgasm I have a desire for sex but its low and now that its been a year I am so disgusted with it all I don't know what to do! as above article said life without the meds was horrible it's really only since I started the lamactil 6o ago that I finnaly have more good days than bad but the lack of sex is hurting both me and my husband he is a good guy and I love him and am tired of my brain being the cause of all this crap I've thought of going off the meds but if I went back to how I was I don't think I could live that way and I don't know how long it would take to get over the backslide It's not exactly a perfect science . I know I should'nt be drinking with the meds but it's the only way to up my libido and stop my mind from going so I can not think and not be distracted . HELP