Junior League

You may have caught this 5-piece roots rock outfit from DC at FloydFest a couple months back. Or you may have heard banjo and harmonica player Lissy Rosemont on that new Polow Da Don beat (seriously).

Junior League - With Hannah
Junior League - The Station
Junior League - South Carolina Blues
Junior League - Lemon
Junior League - Folding Cash


Jamie Poindexter was not "mentally chalenged". He was a selfish,cold hearted killer who stabbed an innocent girl numerous times to take her car.

Jamie Poindexter was a selfish scumbag who deserved the death penalty. There were several reasons why he didn't get the chair, but being "mentally challenged" was not the main reason.

Robert Peel's comment is a good example of why people who don't know the facts should withhold judgment about complicated criminal cases. Poindexter's mental status was, in fact, a very important reason, and perhaps the main reason, why he was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. While charges against Poindexter were pending, the U.S. Supreme Court decided it was unconstitutional to sentence a mentally retarded person to death. Because of Poindexter's guilty plea, his mental status was not conclusively established, but the likelihood he was mentally retarded certainly played a large part in the outcome of the case.