Baby Dee

Only Baby Dee could bring together Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Andrew WK – the Cleveland singer-songwriter's new album was produced by the guy responsible for one of the summer's most buzz-worthy shows and features a guest appearance from the star of MTV's absurd self-help reality TV series.

Baby Dee - The Only Bones That Show

Bonnie's younger brother and Hook food critic Ned Oldham opens this one too.


Hippies unite! "Parkstock" is happenin' soon! Come protest Charlottesville's elite parking establishment. Anyone who wants 1 share of Charlottesville Parking Center (and two outtakes from these bands - as a bonus) should contact this citizen, and send him $101. Limited quantities available. While supplies last.

I here this show is going to be off the their cause is bangin. is the place to be. the good time is always going to be happenin.Redtip is going to be there or going to be scared. signed Kenny

"Plug in your V-dub amp" and come ROCK Water Street. Do we need or even want $2/hr. parking?? Moving violations are easy to fix; monopoly parking has to get the nix.

People. Protest. Parkstock.

This citizen's interest in CPC is no longer for sale, lease, or hypothecation.

Interest in the music is still, however, subject to negotiation.

Parkstock - tomorrow at ten! Be there, or be square.

This was a private business venture from the very beginning. These good ol’ boys had more money than the city anyway, and they neither needed nor wanted a handout. Sure, the parking rate was kept low, but that was done with the customer in mind - a noble action. He was the customer of: Charlottesville Hardware Co, or Keller and George, or the Jefferson-Lafayette Theatres, or National Bank and Trust Co., or Gilmore, Hamm & Snyder, or The Peoples Bank of Charlottesville, or Timberlake’s, or The Young Men’s Shop, or Citizens Bank & Trust Co., or Miller & Rhoads. Collectively, these original stock and bond holders were the genesis of the stockholders of today. Hovey Dabney presided over the company’s bond repurcbase in 1971. “Stock in lieu” was issued instead of the 6% per annum interest (10 years deferred) bondholders expected.
For example, it is understood that Charlottesville Broadcasting Co. became American Broadcasting Company, known as ABC. Disney bought ABC. Jefferson National and Central Fidelity Bank (also stockholders) became Wachovia. Does CVS now beneficially own old Standard Drug certificates? Does Bank of America own its predecessors’ stock? The supply of capital is almost endless, for meaningful progress to occur downtown. It would certainly be nice to be elected to the Board now, when there are so many available options.

There was a very well-dressed wolf in the downtown neighborhood; and, unfortunately, many were comforted and lulled by its soft, woolen coat. Curiously, the fangs were what intrigued this citizen.

Word is that a silver-tongued squire, among the lot, is preparing to give this money tree the "Hippy Hippy Shake." Bully for you, parking oligarchs! Vamoose to your counting houses and leave our ravaged Hoo-ville be!!
For you, there is nothing more thrilling, than extorting a shilling, from a four-wheeled brother in need. Call it greed? Non-profit, indeed... As Sir Mick would concede, "Let it Bleed."

Fifty pieces of zinc is just not enough. I'm hungry! Give me a (U.K.) pound of flesh!!

Thanks to Armistead Wellford and the boys from Love Tractor for kibbling some tasty music, and for giving me my name. Hey, how does one purchase "Around the Bend?" DB Recs won't return my barks.

The amorous analyst (among us) rightly deems Charlottesville Parking Center, Inc. worth $25 million, or roughly twice the value of the Louisiana Purchase! How much per SHARE or Congressional district - - - you do the math!!

Quite rightly. Especially, it is so, considering the dollar's purported demise.

It's "Horton" vs. the Mayor!