Andy Friedman

Andy Friedman is a New Yorker cartoonist turned acclaimed alt-country singer who has alternately been called both an "erudite redneck" and "a hillbilly Leonard Cohen," and probably also many names considerably more scandalous than either of the above. He's currently on tour to stir up the pot in advance of his next record, which will be released this winter. Opener David Gates, interestingly enough, is likewise a former Newsweek editor turned country singer.

Andy Friedman and the Other Failures - Probably Shouldn't Call
Andy Friedman and the Other Failures - Idaho

Also featuring Amy Speace.


-have tremendous respect for the USA founding fathers
-government spending should be reduced now
-the drums of war are beating ever louder for a US led attack on Iran
-Iran is not has less oil, more land, more people and is faintly democratic
-please leave Britain out of any war on Iran

Shame on US State Dept for allowing him in