Dar Williams

If there's a bigger modern folk-rock success story than Dar Williams, we have no idea who it might be. A hot streak in the late 90's gave rise to "Calling The Moon" and "If I Wrote You," both now signature tunes, and set her up to become the champion of a musical school usually overrun with everymen. Her poignancy and sensitivity vary enough to make sifting through her back catalog an awkward experience at times, but contrasting "The End Of The Summer" with an ass-whoopin' like "Empire" definitely suggests that on a good day she can hit the mark at both extremes.

Lucy Wainwright Roche opens.

The Hook interviews Ms. Williams prior to the show.


$35-40 a ticket?!? come ON! Charlottesville venues need a reality check on their "entertainment" prices. This folk music is not intended for "folks" I suppose.

e nuff --

especially in this economy.

oh, wait--gas prices went down just in time for the election and for some disposable income with which to buy an overpriced folksinger ticket.

but gas prices will go up again in a couple of weeks. and gravity lounge will have its handful of customers...again.