The Sometime Favorites, Sweetbriar, and Mariana Bell

Si Tapas, in taking over the old Starr Hill space on West Main, has apparently decided to both embrace the building's history and answer the call of local musicians and audiences looking for new places to headbang: the upper floor will once again be a concert hall, this time with bars on both sides, late night grub available upstairs, and living room furniture giving the whole thing a lounge vibe.

They're reportedly considering this a soft-launch of sorts, because extensive planned renovations to the performance space will stretch out for the next couple months. In the meantime, they're starting with local and regional acts – here, with local pop-rockers The Sometime Favorites, classic bar band/pop-rock quintet Sweetbriar, and even sweeter local songwriter Mariana Bell – and aim to expand into national acts once they've installed the new sound system, set up the new lighting rig, and revived the joint's mojo after a year and a half of down time.

Mariana Bell - Book
The Sometime Favorites - All Along
The Sometime Favorites - What You Wanted
Sweetbriar - Long Time Since
Sweetbriar - Line 'Em Up
Sweetbriar - Baby, Don't Say Goodnight

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