On debate's eve: Dems writhing, Repubs digging Palin

Republicans anxiously await Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's vice presidential debate with Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) this Thursday, October 2.

A little over a month after Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) surprised the world with his female VP pick, democrats aren't the only ones criticizing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Palin is "out of her league," wrote the conservative commentator Kathleen Parker in a September 26 editorial in New Republic that followed what many have called an "embarrassing" three-part interview last week with Katie Couric. (That interview was the subject of Tina Fey's second biting Palin impersonation on SNL, the punch line of which was Palin asking Couric for a "lifeline"   la game show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.)

Yet despite the mounting questions and criticism, on the eve of the one and only vice presidential debate this Thursday, October 2, some local Republicans say they still believe the plucky Governor from Alaska has what it takes to fill the nation's number two slot.

"She's been a good role model," says UVA researcher Laura Berger. "She says, 'You can have it all, you don't have to be a liberal who's backing quotas for women in the workplace.'"

Attorney Cyndra Van Clief, co-chair of the Albemarle division of Virginia Women for McCain/Palin is also standing behind the candidate.

"I think she's totally qualified and would be very exciting regardless of her gender," says Van Clief. "She came from not well-placed parents, regular folks, who have worked hard. She worked her way up, she stepped up to the plate on so many levels. It's great to see her having this position of prominence."
Regarding Palin's stumbles with the press last week, Van Clief is unconcerned.

"I think when the time comes this Thursday," says Van Clief, "she will be able to address the issues that concern us."

Democrats, of course, find Palin ever more terrifying– not just for her clearly stated positions on abortion and the environment, but for her as-yet-unproven ability to ably discuss foreign affairs.

When Palin took the stage at the Republican National Convention in late August, Mandy Hoy was paying close attention. Although she was already an Obama supporter, she says she was curious to hear what Palin would say– particularly because Hoy, like Palin, is a "hockey mom." And Palin's message didn't please her.

"I wanted to tear all my hair out of my head," says Hoy. "She doesn't speak for me on choice, on creationism, on taxes, she doesn't speak for me on anything."

Beyond specific issues, Hoy says, she's been struck by Palin's "hubris."

"What horrifies me the most is that she did not hesitate in saying that she was prepared to have this job," says Hoy, referring to an answer Palin gave in her interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson, the first televised interview she gave in mid-September.

"I've been an executive director of a nonprofit, I have a kid, and I'm not prepared. I know a lot of smart organized people, and I don't think any of us would say, without blinking, 'Yeah, I'm ready,'" says Hoy. "Aren't we finished with eight years of someone who says this?"

The debate flared up at a local political website where a Henley Middle School teacher publicly doubted not just credentials, but Palin's recent maternity– or alleged maternity– based on Palin's seemingly superhuman ability to gave a speech in Texas after her water broke and then take an 8-hour flight and a 2-hour ride to a remote Alaskan site to have her baby, Trig.

"And then go to work three days later, like nothing happened, with a flat stomach?" Margie Shepherd concluded at george.loper.org. "No way that baby is hers."

With such distrust swirling and with Obama's poll numbers surging after the September 26 presidential debate, in a week when McCain suspended and then unsuspended his campaign, there is mounting pressure for Palin to pull off a strong debate performance.

But no matter how Palin performs Thursday, Berger says the McCain/Palin ticket will still get her vote.

"I'm voting for the top of the ticket," says Berger. Palin, she acknowledges, might need some time to get up to speed on issues, but she "interjects a level of energy in the McCain campaign that it needed."



Given McCains age and health history she could in deed become Commander in Chief

I am terrified at the prospect of this less than open, inexperienced, undereducated woman might be the President of the United States.


For a short time she was a sports reporter
4 years on a small town city council
6 years as the mayor of a small town with less than 7,000 people
2.5 Years as the governor of a state with only 650,000 people.
On the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Palins lack of curiosity about the world and international affairs.
Ms. Palin first applied for a passport last year.


After changing colleges 5 times she did graduate with a Journalism degree

Less than truthful? "Thanks but no thanks"

Regarding the bridge to nowhere. In 2006, Palin ran for governor on a "build-the-bridge" in her platform. She urged quick work on Alaska's infrastructure projects "while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist." (Ted Stevens) After the bridge received sharp criticism from John McCain and other congressional members she backed down.
Sarah Palin's transportation department has JUST completed a $25 million gravel road leading to the site of a (The Bridge To Nowhere) bridge that Palin, now boasts that she stopped, so as to save taxpayers money. The road was built with federal tax dollars. A ROAD TO NOWHERE

Troopergate. A Democratic Witch Hunt?

Alaskan Senate President Lyda Green, a Republican is critical of Palin’s recent behavior. The Alaska Legislature has yet to decide whether to impose fines or pursue contempt charges that could lead to Todd Palin's arrest.

The council, which approved the troopergate inquiry, is made up of eight Republicans and four Democrats. The inquiry was initiated, (Before her nomination)and continues, only because Alaska Republicans many of whom have worked with and supported Palin in the past agree with Alaskan Democrats that the question of whether Palin abused her authority must be addressed.
The Trooper-Gate investigation and the link of Sarah Palin to the Right Wing Religious organization Focus On The Family. Liberty Legal Institute is the legal arm of the Free Market Foundation, a conservative activist group associated with James Dobson's Focus on the Family. They are now involved in the investigation. (A Sign Of Things To Come?)

Palin And The Book Banning Question

In Oct 1996 Palin inquired as to whether Emmons (Wasilla town Librarian) would object to library censorship. Emmons resisted. Palin then raised the possibility that people may circle the library in protest, to which Emmons replied that the American Civil Liberties Union would get involved. Palin backed down. Palin fired Emmons on 1/ 30/1997. The next day she withdrew the firing after an expression of public support for Emmons

Quite frankly the thought of Ms. Palin sitting across the table from the likes of a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad chills me to the bone. She is NOT qualified to be Vice President let alone President.

She's only running for vice-president. At least she has executive experience.

Here's Obama's record:

Teaching 1993-2004
Associate Attorney 1993-2002
Illinois Senate 1996-2004
United States Senate 2004-present

Sarah Palins resume for VP still outshines Obams for President..

She din't attend Church get married and hve her children baptized by Rev Wright and admiiterd America Hater and Racist

Her house was not financed by a convicted felon

She didn't meet every two months for a year with An admitteded terrorist who to this day says he would "do it again"

She didn't take more money in 3 years from Fannie Mae than all but 1 other member of congress did in 10.

She doesn't want to "redistribute " the wealth.

She didn't get into college on the recomendation of an Islamic extremist.

But at least your right to kill a child in the womb will be safefrom having to become a states decision instead of federal.

Oh, please do tell us more about getting into college on the rec of an "Islamic extremist".

Is anybody asking these questions of Joe Biden, the senator from MBNA? He's had ethical issues, conflict of interest problems, and no executive experience at all. Plus he puts his foot in his mouth daily.

Seems a bit unbalanced to dig for dirt on Palin while ignoring Biden.

Joe Biden, jerk he is, has been in Washington a long time. I would expect his overall knowledge of domestic and foreign policy would be greater than Palin's and Obama's.

Isn't it amazing how low the Republicans have set the credibility bar? They nominate McCain because, basically, "it's his turn." They get behind a VP candidate who is supremely unqualified and knows zip about the real world (thank God she has a preacher laying hands on her to keep witches away).

Biden's been around for many years and there isn't much about him we don't know. Yep, he's been a champion of big banks. Yep, sometimes he says stupid crap. But he also has a considerably more realistic world view than either Palin or McCain. And he can be a truly amazing debater. The say Palin is good at debates as well, but who has she debated?

I read somewhere the other day that Biden can probably end Palin's career in national politics by waiting until she talks about how great and honorable and mavericky McCain is, then just point out that he's known McCain for almost 30 years while she has known him for two months and then point out the side of McCain that he protects as much as his wife's fortune: he's impulsive, mean, not at all liked, and has the political finesse of an aardvark.

Of course, Palin can see Russia from her house. She has that going for her. Which is nice.

Biden should be president and Obama should be VP. What makes Obama more qualified?

"Biden should be president and Obama should be VP. What makes Obama more qualified?"

Millions and millions of votes.

That's Biden's problem--He's been in Washington for a long time. Go Palin!!

I'm hoping that "How about some facts" is satisfied with this, now that this part of the case is settled.

"How about some facts" claimed a few weeks ago that the Hook had an agenda against Lethal, and that the court would vinidcate the defense.

Oh what a small world it is! The husband of the main, and only, witness for the defense was a "classmate" of Mr. Dean at the methadone clinic! Talk about lottery-like odds. Maybe the world is a bit too small in this particular case?
A twenty million dollar lawsuit is now coming up, so if anybody out there was offered, speaking hypothetically, money, drugs, or some other consideration for court testimony, well, I would bet that the attorney for the victim would REALLY like to talk to you. Twenty million is a LOT of money.

I am told that methadone makes people want to go beddy-bye real bad. Hopefully Mr. Dean's treatment at the methadone clinic, and those of other tow truck drivers , if there are any, can be fully explored during the lawsuit.

So nice to see that a recovering(?) drug addict is allowed to drive a tow truck in Virginia? Random drug tests for Lethal's drivers might be in order here---let DMV in Richmond know what you think about all of this by calling them on 1 800 435 5137.

I suspect that there is much more here than came out in court, and to make Mr. Tiller happy, we sure don't want to get anything wrong, we want to get it ALL RIGHT and get it all out in court. The WHOLE truth---for a change.

Cletus is right--holes are important, especially inside the Virginia Department of Corrections.

Let's make sure that everyone out there knows who to call if they have any knowledge of suborned testimony.

Greg Webb on 9517237

Someone should do some research into the drivers' history. One might find that alcohol and drugs are not uncommon in the lives and backgrounds of drivers who HAVE and DO work for Lethal.

Almost all of Lethal's drivers have a problem with drugs, alcohol and or a criminal records, such as a convicted child rapist. A lot of his drivers come straight from a hafe way house or on probation for drugs. I could say alot more about this company and the owner, but right now I will stop here.

did you know floyd dean is gorege morris. brother in law