Sephora's coming!

And men aren't excited about this. Why?

If the reaction of Hook newsroom staffers is any indication, the news that a Sephora store is opening in Fashion Square Mall on October 17 will be greeted by men and women in markedly different ways.

"Oh my God!" squealed one female reporter (okay, this one) after Fed Ex delivered a large-ish black box bearing the black and white logo of the make-up emporium whose closest current location is Richmond's Regency Square. Indeed, the bribe kit (ahem) press kit contained a bevy of beauty products that each XX-chromosomed staffer pored over with glee. Purity "high foaming facial cleanser" anyone? How 'bout "Buxom Lips" lip gloss? Bliss brand "triple oxygen instant energizing mask"?


Reporters with the XY chromosome's response?

"Uh, what is wrong with you?"



The ho-hum response is just a front -- I know McNair was eying that Buxom Lips lip gloss...

Inquiring XX minds want to know: When is it opening?