Warner: Businessman, governor... dancer?

We detect a viral video coming on, carrying with it an acute case of dance fever. Today, Virginia Tech's student newspaper the Collegiate Times posted footage of former governor and U.S. Senate candidate Mark Warner (D) getting his groove on to the tune of Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" at the annual "Donkey Dance" in Salem on Saturday, September 27 (skip to 2:54 in the video). While the Hook suspects Warner won't be on Dancing with the Stars anytime soon, it's a valiant effort when you consider he's on the same ticket as Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), who's been known to occasionally cut a rug.


This is just tragic.

Donkey Dance? Jackass Jitterbug is more like it.


VERY CROOKED HEMS-4.5 to 5 inch hems!Overlapped inside both legs with extra thread wods.Pulled-puckered stitches

Several phone calls and messages not returned. Phone and cell phone records to show proof

We have lots of pictures. There is no excuse for what she did to those pants.
We were not angry or "nasty" We were shocked and upset by the shoddy work. The Clerk(who wants to keep her job) said several times "*see* "IF" can be fixed" I firmly believe most people would not further trust someone who knowingly put the mutilated/botched pants out for pickup after ruining them. They admit "messing up and something wrong" but do not feel responsible for reimbursing us for the ruined NEW pants with tags still on them? What is wrong with that picture?

CRYSTAL Cleaners/YOO hemmed/mutilated/butchered the pants by making the hem very,veryuneven...inside of both legs had overlapped stitching! The one leg appeared to be scalloped it was so very crooked.Tension too tight, missing couple stiches,huge 4.5 to 5 inch plus hems,wrong size needle used. We have lots of pictures. There is no excuse for what she did to those pants. She knew she messed up. The clerk said right away that the tension was too tight.She just asked if we wanted to leave them to "see if Mrs. Yoo can fix them or anything" She repeated this on the phone. I guess she worries about job security now. She wrote the info on the card along with Mrs. Yoos name the day we picked up the mutilated pants. Who cares that they did not get paid $10 to damage something that we trusted them with based on their ad. We have a ruined $395 pair of Armani pants with the tags still on them! Where is good customer service? Where is common courtesy? They admit they messed up the pants. Why would we want them to further butcher them or "misplace" them while in their possesion.
They may be seeing the light at the end of their business tunnel but...this
is no way for them to do business!

I will warn others. This should not have to be just an "expensive lesson"
for us. It should cost them as well.

But as a consumer you did no investigation into the abilities of the seamstress at Yoo's Crystal Cleaner. Accepting a sign saying "Expert Tailoring" without questions as to experience seems to me as if Lisa didn't perform due diligence in selecting a place to entrust her $395 mark-down to $275 pants.

[insert buzzer sound effect here]

No refund for The Hunnicutt Pants Affair