Local model floats through episode

After being praised last Wednesday for her photo, local America's Next Top Model contestant Lauren Brie Harding floated through this week's challenges without much drama or glamour. In this week's photo shoot, the models each represented a "natural disaster," with Harding channeling a snow storm. Although her photo last episode was lauded as one of the best, she was near the bottom of the pile this week, as the judges urged her to keep her guard up. "You have pretty pictures, but you have to work harder to reach the next level," judge Paulina Porizkova warned. Harding moves on to next week's episode, which airs at 8 pm on the CW.


she sucks...she's drab and boring has zero personality on the show.

Oh gosh, is that you again What_evar? If so, you're boring as well. Same comment every time a Lauren topic is posted here on The Hook.

I hope Lauren rises to the top. For Lauren's dad, what could be better in life than having a city retirement check each month, a county retirement check each month, and a rich daughter to boot? HaHaHa!!!! I crack meself up sometimes!!

Hummmm”Š.so you must be one of the unintelligent folks who had all his money in the stock market.

Don’t take it out on our men in blue who have worked hard giving so much to ââ?¬Å?their/our/your” community protecting us and for very little pay and very bad hours and are intelligent enough to actually plan for long term retirement one day.

Maybe you should go ask the Chief for a job; I hope you are young because it will take you years to have a nest egg on that pay!

Oh and don’t forget to invest wisely this time.

Good Luck!

Hey Rambo quit harrassing people that you think are someone else. You are a moron who has no life but to post on this board on every single subject. I guess that makes you feel "important".

quote: "Don’t take it out on our men in blue ...."

Where in the wide world of blog submissions did you see me say anything bad about Lauren's dad? I have known him since day 1 of his law enforcement career. I admire his accomplishments over the last 30 years. But if you want to bring the "men in blue" into the conversation -- it's a crying shame every law enforcement officer can't be as honest and trustworthy as Lauren's dad!

quote: "Hey Rambo... you are a moron... "


But I still hope Lauren rises to the top!

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