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They say that the issue is that The Henshaws were operating an illegal hunting business. Oh wait, no, they say the issue was disease. Or is it that they thought they'd try to use a two-pronged approach so as to not awake the sleeping sheeple?

Well, I'm IRATE that this happened in the US. This used to be a country where legal issues were resolved in court and citizens were assured due process. That is so obviously no longer the case.

Our government cannot defend our borders from foreign invasion, but our government can invade - at gun point - the home of American citizens. People demand "Constitutional Rights" for our enemies and invaders, but do not honor them for American citizens. Others insist that illegal immigrants be given free health care, free education and even the RIGHT TO VOTE and our government charges American citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars for invading, plundering and destroying their own private property. Our courts have ruled that corporations may confiscate your property if they promise to add more to the tax coffers than you do.

This is not about political parties - for those who are prone to blame the Bush-bots or the Clinton-ites. Both the Republicrats and the Democans are equally at fault in the destruction of our country and the now multitudinous assaults on the US Constitution. This is about something much bigger and much more insidious than political parties.

It is past time for the American public to DEMAND that this nonsense stop. If it means that we have to vote out every politician from the White House to Congress to the Mayor's office to the County Commissioner, then we'd better get at it. It may take more than that, however, and we'd better be resolved to do whatever it takes.

Unfortunately, our sheeple neighbors are still asleep. They do not yet see that their rights are being eroded - at times with a steam shovel. So long as there is not something that interrupts American Idol or Desperate Housewives, they will not notice what is happening to their country.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of the few to inform the many. We MUST rise up before we have lost every single right we ever had.

It is time for a change in all areas of our government. It is out of control. This should never happen in a country founded on constitutional rights. This was done in a very sneaky fashion, cruel beyond comprehension and totally unecessary. I hope the Henshaws know there are many of us that have became very aware of what our USDA is willing to do to put small farmers out of business so we the people are dependant on factory farms and Big Ag for our food and no longer self-sufficient. I hope the masses will soon wake from their apathetic slumber and realize this could waken them as the dawn becomes sunrise and hear the sounds of cries of their own beloved pets. Don't wait until that day comes. Fight this madness.

Great reporting of the story. I am glad someone finally had the ****'s to put in print. Thank you!
After reading " Mad Sheep" nothing should surprise me.
In all my years,I have never been so irritated at the lengths that the USDA will go to,to carry out their secret mission,in the KILLING FIELDS OF BUCKINGHAM AND CUMBERLAND COUNTIES.
Let this be a lesson to all of us, for what is going to happen, to even those who own even one animal,in the future.
Apathy and attitude are the key words here, especially when you try to explain why the USDA's proposed National Animal Identification System (NAIS) plan in not good for all of us.

Psychologically in still FEAR and Americans will comply. well, here is one stubborn American who will never COMPLY, PERIOD.
Cyndi and Danny, you are in our prayers.

Of course we see how the sheeple get convinced of the need to do all sorts of things---until its their property that has been hit, or their rights that have been personally violated. And the screaming rages of Rush Limbaugh keep them off the tracks. IN fairness, Clinton DID try and prosecute those hring ilegal immigrants, but was accused of being as draconian as this case we see right here.

Ever since May 1st I have been all about arranging the largest march ever in the history of the US.

We should do it on April 15th.

A day without taxes!

Lets just see how many thigns the government can do without our taxes. All of use Middle class daily earners who actually pay the bills can just refuse to pay our taxes.

A Day without taxes.

As horrible as this situation is with the Henshaws and Davis, it isn't the FIRST time our USDA/government has stomped all over the private property/Constitutional rights of American animal owners...and they certainly do not intend for it to be the last! That fact is what should be alarming us the most! This is a taste of what it will be like with "depopulation/stamping out" under the NAIS/OIE if we Americans don't get it STOPPED. Read the GAO website about "stamping out". Read the USDA documents on the National Animal Identification System. Read the websites that are spreading the truth - and are two good ones. There are many more. Educate yourself on the truth about the *whole* story...then contact your state and federal representatives - again and again and again. Support legislation in your state and in D.C. for stopping the NAIS. Tell all your neighbors, friends and family about the truth of the NAIS. Most still don't even know it exists! It isn't just the animal owners, either - they are also going after control of *all* plant/crop growers, yes, even just those with a garden in your backyard (check out the Pennsylvania reports). On one hand they tell us we need to be able to feed ourselves if there is a terrorist attack or disease outbreak while on the other hand they are working as hard as they can to remove our ability to feed ourselves and leave us at the mercy of such agri-corporation giants as Tyson, Walmart, Monsanto, Con-Agra, etc. If you want them to decide what you will eat and how much you will pay, then don't fight the NAIS. Our family and friends are boycotting these corporations. The Farm Bureau Federation is another one that is pushing the NAIS as hard as it can while pretending to be a friend of all farmers - our family and friends are dropping our insurance policies with them for that reason.

I first heard about this invasion on Monday, September 25th - unbelievable something like this could happen in the USA. . . however, after having read, "mad sheep" by Linda Faillace, I believe just about anything is possible if the USDA, APHIS, State Dept. of Ag., and others are at the helm. I contacted: ABC - Good Morning America, Niteline, USA Today, Good magazine, and on September 25, I talked with and notified EVERY ABC affiliate TV station in the Commonwealth of Virginia......... Did anyone broadcast this slauther of the Bill of Rights and Due Process? NOPE......... and neither have I gotten any kind of response from any of the media. I continue to run my mouth, and hit the keyboard(s) telling about this event to anyone who will listen. Do NOT keep this quite.... scream it from the highest of mountains.... the American Voice MUST be heard....My heart wraps around Danny and Cindy Henshaw, I was witness to a natural disaster that took our entire herd of dairy cows when I was a teenager. . . I simply do not want to imagine the deliberate slaugher of an entire population of animals. Too much for this soul to understand.

This story and the one about the Pinellas County Florida Raid and Seizure of exotic parrots and what not in the recent online edition of the Game Fowl News by Sue Beaulieu
are frighteninly familiar to the escalating seizure of alleged "fighting dogs" that have been murdered "for their own good" without evidence, a warrant, due process, the opportunity to be "rescued", etc. It seems these days an allegation (by HSUS, ASPCA, PeTA, USDA, angry neighbor...)will suffice. Funding for animal rights driven legislation must be stopped. The vegan fascists do not love animals, they loathe humans. Why are their organizations tax exempt? Why are they allowed to collect millions used only to finance laws designed to strip us of our property rights? Truly, the inmates are running the asylum. I heard there's a new movement afoot (ahoof?) called mypigvotes. And the SAVOA will tell you who to vote out at:

Thank you for covering this story. It's a lot deeper than it seems. Our governmental agencies are flat out of control...along with the elected officals. I'd like to have my country back. How about you?

Good comments above, and good article.

For quite some time now, I have been wondering if I woke up in the wrong country. I thought I lived in the USA, but where did our Constitution go? Where are our rights? Since when does Big-Ag make the rules? This is a Govenment that is out of control. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely".
As far as those lab tests go-that's a joke-how many court cases have been overturned because of faulty lab work? It happens almost weekly, and that's only the incidents that make the news. How many people have had lab work done, only to get a second opinion and find out the lab was wrong?

This travesty is a shade of more to come if we let the USDA get away with it. The treatment the Henshaw's received was uncalled for as the fact they could not test their own animals. I have researched the labs trying to find an independent one for pseudorabies and the USDA has control over who can test. I would not believe any of their so called facts without outside verification as they have lied through their teeth to us about NAIS. They state in the NAIS documents the goal is DEPOPULATION, not testing, vaccinating and quaranteening.

Read about the UN's Agenda 21 and see why the WTO and OIE are pushing NAIS and depopulation. Those who control our food control us. Scarcity of food means higher prices and more profit for the factory farms/international agri. corps.. They have gotten the congress to support and legistlate laws in their favor and now they want the whole ball of wax.

When they get the control our food supply will not be safer but we will see more and more food borne illnesses because they will be doing more of their selfpolicing than now. They are in business with the USDA, exchange scientists and share the profits with USDA so they get perks like self inspections etc..

People wake up before it is too late and do not think just because you don't own livestock it will not affect you. You have to eat and the price of food will soar. Your pets will be the next on USDA's hit list and then us.

Be aware of NGO's (nongovernment organizations) touting great new projects for your communities and the world bank that funds them. These are traps to bind us up like a calf that has been roped and tied.

A WORD TO THE WISE! Now please start researching these things. Google NAFTA Superhighway, NAIS, Agenda 21. Look at operationinformation, libertyark and the other sites people recommend and start fighting to keep our constitutional rights and stop the USDA Gestapo.

We find this story still hard to believe, but with more and more Animal Rights Activists pushing more and more insane laws which stomp all over the publics rights it was only a matter of time. It seems like the USDA and the Animal Rights groups use the same tactics to instill fear and apprehension in the public.

We Granny Warriors are demonstrating against the USDA's treatment of the Henshaws on the 24th of Oct. contact us if you can attend.

Finally, a media outlet to cover the story! Thank you so very much. I hope this story is circulated far and wide so that when people step into the voting booth in November they will give deep thought as to who is for us and who is against us.

We want our Constitution back!


I Stand By My WORD and Knowledge of my Law Enforcement Experience of 10 years as a Special Agent in the U.S. Air Force, as a criminal and Fraud Investigator.

You can observe in the VA. reps remarks; THEY SAY THEY "KNEW" that DANNY had "LOST" his
Grand-fathering of the Property, so he was in violation..A TRUE CRIMINAL?

Well, why "didn't" the USDA and Virginia Game, go to DANNY and ask, or state, you need to "comply?" This I say, providing this information is even accurate, which I question the validity,
however, assuming it could be correct providing the Va. game have official evidence records to show this;




Additionally, the absolute "SLOPPY" Negligent, and criminally liable manner in which these USDA, and Virginia Game, handled, killing animals, and handling the dead, or dieing animals, dead bleeding animals, removal of the bodies, with blood pouring onto uncontaminated areas, from trailers, and failure to sanitize the area after, is "PROOF" of Criminal Neglect, to the public for contaminating the premises and outside containment areas, as well as off property endangering the PUBLIC good..

So Who is the CRIMINAL HERE?
NOT DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The USDA and Virginia Authorities are the ones to be put on trial, for prejudice, negligence, and Malice, with Intent.

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa 51534-6218


I Stand By My WORD and Knowledge of my Law Enforcement Experience of 10 years as a Special Agent in the U.S. Air Force, as a criminal and Fraud Investigator.

You can observe in the VA. reps remarks; THEY SAY THEY "KNEW" that DANNY had "LOST" his
Grand-fathering of the Property, so he was in violation..A TRUE CRIMINAL?

Well, why "didn't" the USDA and Virginia Game, go to DANNY and ask, or state, you need to "comply?" This I say, providing this information is even accurate, which I question the validity,
however, assuming it could be correct providing the Va. game have official evidence records to show this;




Additionally, the absolute "SLOPPY" Negligent, and criminally liable manner in which these USDA, and Virginia Game, handled, killing animals, and handling the dead, or dieing animals, dead bleeding animals, removal of the bodies, with blood pouring onto uncontaminated areas, from trailers, and failure to sanitize the area after, is "PROOF" of Criminal Neglect, to the public for contaminating the premises and outside containment areas, as well as off property endangering the PUBLIC good..

So Who is the CRIMINAL HERE?
NOT DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The USDA and Virginia Authorities are the ones to be put on trial, for prejudice, negligence, and Malice, with Intent.

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa 51534-6218

I am disgusted by the way the USDA is handling thing threw NAIS, backing by the government, U.S. is not a free nation know more, if we are to survive we will have to go to the Ruby Ridge type of living, the government wont's complete control over all of us American's had better wake up before big AG. and business take over us all, and the government says just trust us, then kill's everything we own buy using their test without letting us test, I trust know part of our government at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

This situation is particularly alarming to me since I care for large numbers of pigs and will continue to do so for the remainder of their natural lifetimes. They are not food, they are not entertainment (at least not in exchange for money), they are not for sale. They are free to have a safe place to live their lives in the company of a couple of humans who vow to keep them safe. Of course I cannot understand for one minute how Cindi and Danny could have two pet pigs and then take money to allow people to shoot other pigs on their property. The whole concept turns my stomach and brings to mind an old saying, "What goes around, comes around."

But this is not really about that. THIS is about the depth of the corruption within the various (Township, City, County, State, Federal, etc.) governmental bodies. THIS is about what results when a majority of members in a society/culture become SO greedy, SO self centered, SO inconsiderate, SO insensitive, SO lazy.

This is about the apathy of the once free sheeple who were so busy "getting" things they didn't need, that they didn't notice what they were losing that they did need. As has been said previously, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that is exactly what we're left with having given over our power and voice to the bureaucrats so we wouldn't have to take the time out of our own lives to be bothered with participating in the process.

Karen Cline is right. Those of us who aren't still in the throws of the government propaganda induced coma better be taking the time and expending the effort to wake up some of the others to become active in taking back our freedom and making our voices heard before it's too late. If it's not too late already.

Regardless of their choice of livelihood, what happened to the animals of Cindi and Danny Henshaw and Eugene Davis in VA this past week reeks of the kinds of things one would expect to read about occurring in some long ago Communist State. The handwriting is on the wall. The elections are just around the corner. We must make sure to take the time out of our busy lives to express our opinion and make informed choices.

Thank you for the report and photo's. It great having a local source to point folks toward.

If you people want to get your rights back then you had better start posing as illegal immigrants who work for one of the walled estates atop ten thousand acres of land. We are the new nobodies. Figure it out--I have--and I'll be leaving soon.

State law says Julio and Consuela. the gardener and nanny for megabuck family, must be treated when they show up at UVA's emergency room, even though they shouldn't even be in this country!!! Even though they have NO medical insurance!! Does Richmond give YOUR families this kind of protection and preferential status? The rich have made fortunes off the labors of the illegals and have deftly fixed it so that ordinary citizens pay for the health care of the 30 to 40 million illegals (my estimate, based on what I saw when I was in government)that have slithered in here. Illegals break the back of state and local infrastructure, yet these stories about water, sewage, and power problems are always so "fuzzy" in the media. Sometimes 30 people are found living in a single trailer in Southwood, stacked like sardines and loving it, since they pay no taxes and everything gets mailed back to banana land--they hate us but they love our money; they proudly refuse to learn English since they have no intent to assimilate. Funny how you don't hear about these things in the media. The rich know what they are doing. The more illegals here, the more our votes are marginalized, the rich get richer, we pay more and more taxes. Our rights get diluted as the illegals arrive since legal citizens become a smaller voting bloc, and our wages don't increase because there are smiling faces that will do the job for less. Wake up knaves, this has been happening for decades---your rights are gone. Keep your children out of the armed forces, let the rich hire illegals as janissaries to do their dirty work in Iraq. Get used to seeing raids like the one in Buckingham--it's just the beginning.,,
Bombard these and other news media with this story, clog up thier email boxes, and/or fax machines until someone listens.... and broadcasts. We can "preach to each other" all day long, but until we reach the public, we've done no good.

USA 2006

Possible contamination of dairy feeds with ruminant derived meat and bone meal.
Date: September 6, 2006 at 7:58 am PST

Possible contamination of animal feed ingredients, including ingredients
that are used in feed for dairy animals, with ruminant derived meat and bone
MS, AL, GA, AND TN 11,000+ TONS

The feed was manufactured from materials that may have been contaminated

Animal and fish feeds which were possibly contaminated with ruminant based
protein not labeled as "Do not feed to ruminants". RECALL AL AND FL VOLUME OF PRODUCT IN COMMERCE 125 TONS Products manufactured from 02/01/2005 until 06/06/2006

Subject: [Docket No. FSIS-2006-0011] FSIS Harvard Risk Assessment of Bovine
Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)


6. WHAT happened to the test results and MOUSE BIO-ASSAYS of those imported sheep from Belgium that were
confiscated and slaughtered from the Faillace's, what sort of TSE did these animals have ?
Sheep Test Results
Veterinary Services April 2002
Additional tests will be conducted to determine
 exactly what TSE the animals have BSE or scrapie.
These tests involve the use of bioassays that consist
of injecting mice with tissue from the infected animals
Page 15 of 98
and waiting for them to develop disease. This testing
may take at least 2 to 3 years to complete.
> >
> > Office of the Secretary
> >
> > [Docket No. 00-072-2]
> >
> > Declaration of Emergency Because of an Atypical Transmissible
> > Spongiform Encephalopathy (Prion Disease) of Foreign Origin
> >
> > A transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) (prion disease) of
> > foreign origin has been detected in the United States. It is different
> > from TSE's previously diagnosed in the United States. The TSE was
> > detected in the progeny of imported sheep. The imported sheep and
> > their progeny are under quarantine in Vermont. Transmissible
> > spongiform encephalopathies are degenerative fatal diseases that can
> > affect livestock. TSE's are caused by similar, as yet uncharacterized,
> > agents that usually produce spongiform changes in the brain.
> > Post-mortem analysis has indicated positive results for an atypical
> > TSE of foreign origin in four sheep in Vermont. Because of the
> > potentially serious consequences of allowing the disease to spread to
> > other livestock in the United States, it is necessary to seize and
> > dispose of those flocks of sheep in Vermont that are affected with or
> > exposed to the disease, and their germ plasm. The existence of the
> > atypical TSE of foreign origin represents a threat to U.S. livestock.
> > It constitutes a real danger to the national economy and a potential
> > serious burden on interstate and foreign commerce. APHIS has
> > insufficient funds to carry out the seizure and disposal of animals
> > and germ plasm necessary to eliminate this disease risk. These funds
> > would be used to compensate the owners of the animals and germ plasm
> > for their seizure and disposal in accordance with 21 U.S.C. 134a.
> > Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of September
Page 16 of 98
> > 25, 1981, as amended (7 U.S.C. 147b), I declare that there is an
> > emergency that threatens the livestock industry of this country and
> > hereby authorize the transfer and use of such funds as may be
> > necessary from appropriations or other funds available to agencies or
> > corporations of the United States Department of Agriculture to seize
> > and dispose of animals that are affected with or exposed to this TSE,
> > and their germplasm, in accordance with 21 U.S.C. 134a.
> >
> > Dated: This declaration of emergency shall become effective July 14,
> > 2000. Dan Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture. [FR Doc. 00-18368 Filed
> > 7-19-00; 8:45 am] BILLING CODE 3410-34-P
> >
> > I was told that ;
> >
> >
> > -------- Original Message --------
> > Subject: Re: hello Dr. Sutton...question please...scrapie...TSS
> > Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 14:36:09 -0400
> > From:
> > To:
> snip...
7. WHY is it that the Farm of the Mad Sheep of Mad River Valley were quarantined for 5 years, but none of these
farms from Texas and Alabama with Atypical TSE in the Bovine, they have not been quarantined for 5 years, why
not, with the real risk of BSE to sheep, whom is to say this was not BSE ?
Increased incidence of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the age groups between 70 and 90 years in Belgium
B. Van Everbroeck1, A. Michotte2, R. Sciot3, C. Godfraind4, M. Deprez5, S. Quoilin6, J. -J. Martin1 and P. Cras1, 7
(1) Born-Bunge Institute (BBI), University of Antwerp (UA), Campus Drie Eiken (CDE), Antwerp, Belgium
(2) Department of Neuropathology, Academic hospital, Free University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
Page 17 of 98

snip...full text 98 pages ;

[Docket No. 03-025IFA] FSIS Prohibition of the Use of Specified Risk
Materials for Human Food and Requirement for the Disposition of
Non-Ambulatory Disabled Cattle

Terry S. Singeltary



Every body take a deep breath here. This isn't about the national animal identification system. It isn't about "big ag". However it is about local, state and federal agencies performing legitmate duties in very inappropriate fashion.

As pointed out in the article, psuedorabies is a multispecies disease including dogs and cats. Sadly, the disease effects other species worse than it effects swine. So it is reasonable to make every attempt to erradicate the disease.

Russian Boars are notorius as carriers of pseudorabies. So any reputable and knowlegdable operator, should be testing for the disease. But Danny wasn't doing that.

If someone suspected infection in the herd that is the subject of this artlce, then they should have gone through appropriate administrative and legal procedures to acquire samples and do the testing. Then the agencies could obtain legal authroization to depopulate the farm and compensate the livestock owners for their losses, as is provided for by law.

I doubt if an early morning raid was necessary for that purpose. I also wonder why a guy had to be taken into custody for a misdemeanor. And they certainly didn't plan to complete the work in an orderly manner with observance of bio-security procedures.

Instead of going into rants about government conspiracies, you can help the Henshaws a lot more by calmly contacting state and federal legislators and asking them to investigate the situation. It would also be a good idea to contact the Virginia Auditors office and ask for an audit of the state's animal health division. You can also contact the Office of the Inspector General assigned to the USDA and ask for an investigation.

I have worked for local and state agencies for more than 17 years. All of that time was spent working alongside federal agencies. I can tell you that fanatical citizens spouting conspiracy rhetoric don't get much attention from government employees at any level. They figure that you will say your peice, then lose steam and go away. What scares an official at any level of government is the soft spoken person who shows his knowledge by giving citiations of regulations for each problem observed. The government official knows that such people are often relentless and frequently well connected.

It might also help the Henshaws if you would all contribute to a legal defense fund. To get this issue resolved quickly and fairly, they will need a competent attorney. Shouting "I'm a Mormon" isn't going to amount to much of a defense.

I find what has happened to the Hensahws appalling an that our governments lack of compassion in this case appalling as well... I cring to think our government would stoop to these kind of ways... I find the govenmental abuse of powers devasting to the common ranchers, farmers, an small scale farmers of this country as an heavy handed operation against the people of this country... I believe we need to contac the NRA about the governmtental infringe of out constituinal rights to help get them involved in the fight against this tryranny as well...
Also I belive what Cattle Baron above says is very approriate to the cause of the Henshaws... I think an outpouring of level headed calling of the proper sourses would help in this case as well as a call to our local elected officials of our outrage of this atrocity... If not themn we need to get people elected into office who will look ihn to this and get this taken care of so our rights are not trampled by the thugs of the USDA/NAIS and amybe do away with such agencys(I don't forsee this in the future for us, but it takes the will of the public to change things for the better an to stop things like the NAIS from being implemented).. I wish the best for the Henshaws... Sincerly, James Dugger

Anybody who eats had better realize that our government is on a mission to totally control the food supply. The USDA is trying to push through a mandatory National Animal Identification System (NAIS) that will put all animal production in the hands of the giant corporations. Next month Americans will be voting for new leaders. How many of them oppose the NAIS? Sadly, not many. I encourage you to ask your political candidates about the NAIS and then vote your values, NOT your party. Go to the website to view a list of known anti-NAIS candidates. Atrocities like these affect all of us and we all need to work together to reign in a corrupt, too powerful government.

Remember when you fight this kind of atrocity at the polls to find out what the person you are voting for REALLY believes in. For instance: SAVOA ( endorses an incumbant candidate in my state that has openly told us that he supports NAIS because "big business sure does like it"- to which we said: "Big business is NOT your farmers. Farmers are your constituents!" Call your reps. Write. ASK. We have to take steps to protect ourselves and others from this kind of injustice.

As a person who loves pigs, I find reading this account very hard. My heart breaks for the pigs that died needlessly. I am also very angry at our government for allowing this to happen. Many things from both sides could have prevented it. The Henshaws could have been more intune to the laws and could have had his pigs tested beforehand. State could have informed him and given him a chance to blood test the herd. But they didn't. Nor did they stop there but went in basically in the wee hours of the morning and proceeded to mass murder 79 pigs. Please people, call your representatives and local authorities and demand answer and assurance that this cannot and will not happen again in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. This is our country and it is time to take it back.

Anybody out there who thinks that the Henshaws can get justice by methodically following the bureaucratic "recourses" suggested by CATTLE BARON needs a week of complimentary electro shock at Western State. As a federal lawyer told me 30 years ago "we rarely lose, all we have to do is outlast them". Does anybody out there have 20 years to wait for their case to be resolved in federal court? Private citizens who try to use the system in cases like this die of old age before they get so called justice. Wake up people.

One for JJNH--figure it out. In order to reach the public your message will have to be carried by the media in one form or another-TV, radio, newspaper. Guess what? That's not going to happen because the media has policies set by those who own the media, and, lo and behold, you and I aren't on the board of directors.

Only the internet affords people like us the very small voice that we have.

As a relative of Danny's and former resident of Buckingham County, I have known him my entire adult life. Some will say that makes me biased in his favor, but anyone who knows him will admit that he is an upstanding man, honorable, friendly, courteous to a fault, and as law-abiding a citizen as this country could hope for. He is a former police officer who understands the law and the need to abide by it to preserve public safety.

Had the agents presented themselves at his door in a civilized manner, Danny almost certainly would have invited them in, heard them out, and then bent over backwards to address their issues. A bit of common sense would suggest that, as a businessman, it's in his financial interest to make sure that his animals aren't diseased. He probably would have voluntarily made his hogs available for testing. Had the animals truly tested positive, Danny probably would have done any necessary culling of the herd himself and he would have done it in a humane manner.

I was not present for the weeks-long affair, the major elements of the story don't appear to be in dispute and by almost any reasonable standard it was managed in a disgusting fashion. No one disputes the Commonwealth of Virginia's need and the USDA's mission to protect public health and safety, but to enforce that mission in such a manner only undermines their agents' credibility, possibly their safety, and the willingness of an informed public to cooperate with them.

It would be in both the State's and the USDA's interest to conduct a full, open investigation of the affair and discipline any officers found to have violated proper procedures. Even if their procedures were not violated, this should spark a review of them, if not a change to make sure the herd owner is given a reasonable period--say, 30 days--to comply with the law. (If nothing else, I would love to see where in the rulebook officers are permitted to leave their own garbage and waste on others' private property). Such an investigation and change of procedures would certainly help restore some sense of public confidence in the state and federal institutions.

I think it is time for us to change the name "UNITED STATES DEPT' OF AGRICULTURE os USDA' to "UNCLE SAM'S DUMB ASSES" so we can still call them the USDA'

Please note that we are not shouting, "We're Morman". The only thing that had to do with the story is that we believe in a years supply of food to be kept in case of emergencies. Our hogs have fed many a person and family in our community. Being Morman, or I prefer, Latter Day Saint, is not the issue. Living on our own land and raising our own animals is the issue.

It is not illegal to have a fence. It is not illegal to raise hogs. It is not illegal to shoot a hog and take it away.

If the herd was infected and contagious, why was my neighbors cattle herd not tested? We share a common fence. Why did the agencies walk away after 11 days of armed guard? Our pigs are not all dead. We still have many on the preserve...they just can't kill them. People from the agencies still come and go (without "proper" white suits). Our Quarantine stated that Virginia woulod lose its "Psedorabies Free" status if they did not eradicate the herd within 15 days...that has long since passed. Has Virginia lost its status? No...the USDA just changed its own policy, and is now allowing "as long as it takes".

I want to say that Danny and I would have certainly cooperated with the agencies involved. We are not criminals. But I have to doubt the agencies that come in as they did, start shooting right away and not show us any proof that our animals were diseased. THEY shot the animals. THEY took the animals away. THEY did the testing. THEY incinerated the evidence. WE did not have the same law. How do I know who's hogs they actually tested? Do you think they could say, "Hey, that test was from the hog with the lazy eye...or that hog had an extra curl in the tail...

Does anyone wonder why we think this is a big lie? I will not trust another government official. We have all grown up and learned to be patriotic, honor the govenment, obey the policemen. But I will never feel the same about my goverment and its officials. Never.

I agree that our officials will just ignore a loud, crazy sounding group of people. But sometimes it takes those loud, crazy people to get other people to look...and search for the truth. Our home and ranch will never be the same. I just don't want this to happen to someone else.

I'm not a pig farmer, but I work in agriculture. These people had pigs and didn't know about pseudorabies. That's kind of like owning a car and not knowing about flat tires.

Terry S. Singeltary 9/13/2005 writes: "7. WHY is it that the Farm of the Mad Sheep of Mad River Valley were quarantined for 5 years, but none of these farms from Texas and Alabama with Atypical TSE in the Bovine, they have not been quarantined for 5 years, why not...." Terry, plain language please, the Faillace's sheep? deprived of due process and seize/destroy order a miscarriage of justice? The lack of testing for pseudorabies prior to slaughter of the Henshaw's game stock - agian deprived of due process and yet another miscarriage of "justice?"

Why ask why? Administrative procedures in large federal, state and local agencies, like large companies, are merely guidelines, written loosely, so that the organizations always have legal latitude to do what they want. If two employees run afoul of administrative procedures often times the one who is "liked" will keep his job while the other one gets terminated. Even if a post mortem review of this raid shows that the hog blood wasn't mopped up like it should have been, or the agents weren't totally courteous and didn't wear their lab gloves like they were supposed to, whatever, the owners won't get monetary awards; unless they do the legal dance in court with all that that entails.

Over 100,000 thousand animals have been shot and left lay on the Channel islands off the coast of Southern California.
They were killed because they were non-native and in some cases exsisted nowhere else on earth.
After each eradication the Island fox population has plummeted or gone extinct in the wild. This slaughter was repeated on 6 different islands with the same results.
On the upper chain of the Channel islands wild pigs were blaimed for the decline of the foxes even though only one island had pigs that were allowed to overpopulate after some 35 thousand sheep were slaughtered and the hunt camps were closed.
So now at a cost of $2000 each some 5000 pigs were eradicated, shot and left lay. Thats 10 million bucks. Your tax dollars at work.
It is a National Park mandate to return or preserve it's properties to pre-Colombian status.
This is why hundreds of Axis and Fallow deer are being shot and left to rot at Point Reyes National Park in Marin County California. Throughout the state of California millions are being spent slaughtering and wasting recognised game animals on our public lands that the public is not allowed to hunt.
I have been told that hunting is a liabilty yet it is easier to insure hunting than many activities already allowed in the parks, including horseback riding, mountain bike riding and rock climbing to mention a few.

Maybe I will bump into one of you folks overseas.

In the space of three decades this country has become a true nightmare. Enjoy.

It was an awful one, sorry to here the news. Instead of depopulation, all they have to do is to stabilize the disease to prevent progress in the near future. the family had invested their money and time for this business and then all of a sudden,.,... I believe what they have done was cruelty to animal.

Seems like the USDA is sending us all a message and it goes something like this;

"You have animals and we can hold you and your family at gunpoint while we
have a great time making a sport out of killing them in a sadistic way with
no regards to your constitutional rights (which we are taking away). We can
relieve ourselves all over your property and you are responsible for all
clean up of OUR feces and filth. With a little luck, maybe we managed to
contaminate your well with our excrement just to show you that we can. We
want you to know that we enjoyed our party tremendously at your expense. It
is such a high to exert that much power over other people and know there is
nothing that they can do about it. The best part is that it is your tax
dollars that made this possible by providing us with fat paychecks. Rest
assured that you will not be the last family to experience the power and
might of the USDA. We wll drive every road, we will find every
animal..............................and we will find YOU!!!!!"

I just had to put in my 2 cents worth.

The question is not about wether or not the animals had a disease. It is about private property rights. The Henshaws were denied due process, denied their constitutional rights. Denied their right to face their accuser and have an independent review of evidence ( the testing reports). A bunch of nazi-style thugs raided their property and opened fire on their livestock without the owners being given their day in court.

They were never given a chance to discover IF their animals had a disease or not. They were expected to take the word of the jack-booted thugs who raided their farm.

Does the constitution give the USDA, an unelected bunch of politicians, the power to decide life or death of our livestock? Where is it in the constitution ? I don't see an amendment that gives an unelected bunch of thugs the right to deprive us of our constitutional rights to due process, private property rights and a host of others that have been violated.

The constitution does not say the USDA can even exist let along have this type of power! They held the owners hostage while they opened fire on their pets and their business. These are the tatics of a MOB not a republican form of government.

You can write your congressman and senators but I guarantee they won't listen. They think they are our lords and masters. They think we are mere peasants and are here to serve them, not the other way around.

The Henshaws have paid their protection money to the mob in the form of property tax but it sure didn't stop the mob from bringing in their bruisers to stomp all over them did it ?

These mob bosses need to ostracized. Any member who came on to their property volunteering to slaughter their animals is an enemy to a free people.An enemy to farmers everywhere. Every member should be denied services from anyone who owns a business. Don't sell to them. Close the door in their face. Treat them like the criminals they ARE.

What happened to the Henshaws WILL happen to you as soon as NAIS becomes mandatory. Don't comply and they will come slaughter your animals. Even if you do register, they will see in their database that your a small farmer and , Katy bar the door, the jack-booted thugs will be paying YOU a visit with some trumped charges so they will have the pleasure of driving you out of business and hand over your land and barns to their ''preferred big-business'' whoever that might be.

All farmers should get together and have their own meeting about this. Decide what to do about it. Have a network and protect each other. If another farm gets raided then all the neighbors show up to lend a hand to the farmer being stomped on. If nothing else, it would provide extra witnesses to the atrocity and might even slow them down a bit. Bring cameras, tape recorders, ect. Let the thugs know we will not stand for this EVER again.

So, as I am being clubbed and handcuffed by the forces of darkness in the middle of the night, my neighbors will appear with their minicams, then a passing reporter will be flagged down, my plight will be shown to the world and my horrific hospital bills and nursing home expenses for the rest of my life will be paid for by the cops? Thanks, life doesn't get any better than this. TV worked for the civil rights movement in the 60's thanks to Bull Connor's fire hoses but TV won't work for the Henshaws.
"Okay girls, we'll all meet at the library and form a political action campaign, send out letters and force politicians to give us a bigger day care credit on our tax form--we will win through networking!" Unless you have a race or sex card to play the media will be slow to move--I promise you that. White, heterosexual males that are HIV negative and in this country legally are lucky to be mentioned in a lowly blog. White females are only one step up. Real ugly--I agree-but it's the truth and we all know it. How would this story have differed if the Henshaws were black, sorry, African American, I keep forgetting we live in the age of the euphemism, which by the way, is one reason why we are losing our rights since no one speaks the bare truth anymore. I feel sorry for the Henshaws and the heavy handed way in which they were treated--a few times during my life I got the same treatment. The Henshaws are not unique, this stuff happens all over the country. The Henshaws are lucky in that a local paper talked about them. During the past 4 decades every group fought for their rights in the US and now we can't even exchange jokes with each other without first looking over both shoulders--and everyone out there knows what I'm talking about. Now you know how the average man in Russia lived under Communism--how does it feel?

Isn't egalitarianism wonderful........

"Henshaws of color" would be on the front page of the Washington Post instead of the Daily Bugle

As a citizen of the “Live Free or Die” State of New Hampshire, I was appalled to read of the massacre which took place on the Henshaw’s property in rural Virginia. I still just cannot get my mind accustomed to the fact that these government agents were so crass as to strew their food wrappers and defecate on the property and leave it all behind to be cleaned up by the property owner. Had not this family been devastated enough by the slaughtering of their pets, Cupid and Valentine, in such an inhumane manner? I have always been one to speak up for my government because they are, after all, OUR GOVERNMENT, but after this horrendous incident I’m not sure I can do that any longer. I do hope to see this story broadcast in the news, not only in “The Hook” but also all over the United States of America in newspapers, television, and radio. People need to know what our government agencies are capable of doing. I hope that the Henshaw’s put the USDA through a test in court of the protocol they followed while carrying out this “raid” on their property. As John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said, “The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission”.

Everyone keeps saying we need to vote these people out who are not going against the NAIS and saying our government is out of control. Yes it is and why does anyone think that voting for either a Democrat or Republican will help. Both parties are so corrupt that the only thing that can help now is vote for and work for a third party that will honor our consititution. That is what will bring about change and even turn our sad politicians around when they see they may lose their power then they will honor the constitution. That is what we need this was already done for us by our founding fathers and we must make them submit to the constitution.


This citizen lived in Colorado when many elk were killed due to a brain disease. They were burned in trenches by their forlorn owners, the ranchers. At the very least, Virginia residents should have an opportunity to test; if found diseased, the property owners kill, not the government. Both Robt. E. Lee and Spike Lee would agree - this "truncheon thing" should never be.

To the gentleman that compared us to a truck with a flat tire...We never said we did not know what pseudorabies was...we do not believe our pigs had it. I believe I described it to Ms. Preston, and told her that our pigs demonstrated NONE of the symptoms. As a matter of fact, the USDA has not been able to "eradicate" or herd because they cannot catch/kill all the little babies. (Pseudorabies affects their ability to produce offspring...which we have a tremendous amount).

They killed our pets that were in a seperate pen well away from the preserve. Yet, they did not kill all the neighboring cows that we share a fence with. Why not go in and slaughter their cows and THEN test them for pseudorabies, like they did ours? Is it because our neighbors are regestered with NAIS? Do animals registered to NAIS not get diseases? Of course not...this was intended for us.

If we had known that we might get a "flat tire", we would have prepared for a flat...or taken it to someone that could have fixed it for us. We would not just blow up our truck because we had a flat tire. We would fix the flat and then keep going. Our government ment to blow the truck up before figuring our if we had a flat or maybe just a leak. This was a trial run to see how our government agencies would work together when it was time to go from "voluntary identification" of all animals to "mandatory identification" of all animals. Make no mistake...we are being forced to volunteer.

this game is over and empty words won't change anything. Good luck guys because you are going to need it.

Look here folks, I'm gonna rightly do whata like.
This is 'merica, and I'm still the Prez.
You wanna make sum'n of it?

"I get to do what I want".

Carve that in a pig's ass,




Big Brother? Its frightening how this situation was handled with violence, suprise attack, slaughter, bloodshed, violation of rights and armed lock down. .
I would assert that some kind of official notification should have been in order. Allowing the Henshaws to test their herd and temporarily stop the activities of the Hunting preserve until the government regulations were satisfied. This should have been the LOGICAL process of events.
Busting into their home to arrest Danny at the wee hours of the morning and then bringing in a SWAT team not only sounds drastic but also a financial disaster that could have been handled in a much better way.
Is the Government being a faithful steward of our Country's financial resources when they make decisions like this ? NO.
Treating the Henshaw's as if they just committed a violent crime (Murder, rape, robbery) and escaped from authorities is beyond my comprehension. Who makes these decisions ?
Where is the due process in solving a "suspected"
violation without the need for the surprise attack, violence, bloodshed, violation of rights and armed lock down ???????????????

(This is an email that I received...)
There will be a protest on October 24 in Richmond. If you are interested. please come. If you can't be there, please forward this on to someone else that might be willing to show up.

Thank you all,

Cindi Henshaw

It's official now: The protest against the USDA and for the HENSHAWS will be on Oct. 24th. between 9 AM and 4 PM in Richmond Va.( that is the office that signed off on the raid) on the corner of E. Broad Street ( 1100) and
Governor streets. Right across from the USDA offices.

We have 4 parking spaces for the RV so there will be a place for soft drinks, water, snacks and most importantly a bath room so we won't have to behave the way the USDA's people did at the Henshaws.

The rules of the protest are: No screaming and yelling, don't block traffic, don't harrass people passing by, do not block the sidewalks. You can sit, stand, lay down, what ever but just don't impede the We have
a cd of "We won't give up" which is going to be our song and will be playing, We have some signs made. We have flyers, but need some with a story of the HEnshaws on one sheet. We have the slide show on Nais ready to go and a dvd
player hooked up.

This may be our best chance to make the national news media take a look at NAIS and the USDA.. We need more than a few people. If the ILLEGALs can
muster thousands of people we should be able to get a couple of hundred at least
wouldn't you think?

The RV will be completely done by then and ready to roll. I finished the grim reaper and America for sale today and it is looking good, just a few more logos to put up there and it is done.

We will need some help with the water, snacks etc so anyone coming please bring a cooler or something to share. Bottled water goes fast at one of these


Sue has a post card campaign going on and that should be started right away so all the cards are delivered on the 23rd.. let them know we are coming for them.

Please cross post this on all of the groups you are on. We need people to stand with us and make it count. Just the fuel alone will cost approximately $400 so don't let us waste that money. Help us any way you are able.. Start
calling radio stations, newspapers, tv stations in that area and lets get their attention.

I was so disturbed by what I read! I can't believe there was no warning given to Danny and Cindi before the government just decided to come in and start their killing spree! They couldn't have been too concerned about contamination or they would've handled this situation much differently. Leaving behind pools of blood and dead animals is not how you handle something if you're worried about a disease or something spreading. Then they also leave behind their own waste and garbage...Jerks!!! What is our world coming to when something like this happens? I would love to be at the protest on the 24th. To my there and represent those of us who can't be there. This should have never happened. I hope someone can get the media to cover this. Danny and Cindi...I'm so sorry about what happened. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there. We love you!

This is just a ridiculous action of the USDA! What is the integrity of the USA (government) coming to? Danny and Cindi, I would get the best attorney you can find and then I am sure that some media will cover it. Are there any attorneys out there who understands this and will take this case? Or are you all afraid of the government? Did you say these were Russian Boars, or that we are living in Russia? (I think their government has more integrity than this)

I agree with Goatster--It is a time for change in all areas of our government--they are out of control!! It seems like this is just another under-handed ploy by the government to slip in and take more of our rights away. I am sure that the founding fathers of this nation are hiding their faces in shame. It seems to me if they were so worried about contamination, that more proactive measures would have been taken earlier and the extermination fo the herd would have surely have been handled differently. Is this what they plan to do with humans that contract a disease? Will we be exterminated also? If you don't think that this is something that YOU need to worry about and something that you don't want to bother supporting, then ask yourself this question--If they get rid of our food supplies and take our guns, then where does that leave us?? Danny and Cindi...I hope that there is some attorney out there willing to fight for what is right by God's laws. You are two great people and my thoughts and prayers are with you!!

Untill we ALL stand together and have our collective voices heard through democratic channals we are nothing but an angry mob. What happened to Danny and Cindy could be any one of us with a pet chicken or HORSE under the proposed NAIS rulles. This was a plan begun with the best of intentions (to isolate and protect the livestock of our country incase of a major disease outbreak)but like all good intentions in our beurocracy it has run amok with special interests. In Maine we are working with our local state representitives to STOP the madness. Thank God the Fed. Legeslature saw the potential problems and stopped funding ( the only way to impose the will of the government on USDA as it is an independent organization) BUT we need more voices we ALL need to contace our representatives and stop the madness this as it stands is Big Brother at it's worst. But threatening, Breast Beating, and scare tactics will only backfire as happened in Maine in Feb. Lets take a page form Martin Luther King Jr. and MAKE them hear us!!!!

to DELRIOMIKE--Guys like us need to leave, as long as we live here the rich get a free safety buffer from the millions of illegals that they have let in. This game is over. In a few decades we will be exchanging stories with Indians on a reservation. The guys I worked with at Army and CIA, the guys with brains who stayed single and didn't get reamed in divorce court are now in eastern Europe, Asia and South America---RUN FORREST RUN. When the hordes climb over the estate walls the rich will try to use us as patsies one more time to keep them alive---don't fall for it this time............

This action does not surprise me in the least. Think about it. Why was this handled the way it was with no warning. The USDA has an agenda and it clearly did not include any prior notice, or due process to give the Henshaw's time to do any preparation or private testing that would prove that this was clearly a criminal act perpetrated by criminals. I find it strange that piglets are still running loose. Didn't I read that it is always fatal to the young? I think it said the disease ran it's course in 5 days? They wasted no time destroying the evidence which is highly suspect. I strongly doubt there was ever a hog tested. Seems our government is getting pretty handy at seizing lands also recently in much the same way.

To get what I have been trying to say. Why did thye come in like we were terrorists with explosive pigs and then walk away 11 days later...with the pigs still here? Yes, the disease affects the reproduction system. The pigs they still can't catch are babies! They left my "criminal" husband with the key and asked him to kill the rest FOR THEM. Why kill my pet pigs in a totally seperate pen, away from the preserve...yet they did nothing to my neighbors cattle with whom we share a common fence. Would they just go in, kill their cattle and then test??? I would NEVER want that, but what is the difference? This whole thing stinks.

Would anyone like to come see the piglets? Would anyone like to walk into the preserve? There is no guard, nor quarentine signs, no hoopla. Just us, sitting here wondering what the heck happened.

I would like to thank Lisa Provence for her courage on doing this story. No other media would touch it. We were told by Channel 12 "that the USDA has the authority to use whatever protocol they deem neccessary". And so...they did. Again, thank you, Lisa.

If you can not go to the Henshaw Rally then send postcards of support and enlist all your friends and family to do likewise...information below.

Henshaw Rally 10/24/06
Alert - National — walterj 5:32 am
There will be a rally regarding the Henshaw Incident from 9 am to 4 pm on Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 in Richmond, Virginia at the corner of East Broad Street and Governor Street across from the USDA office.

Please protest peacefully and spread the word about this violation of people’s basic rights and NAIS.

If you can’t go, then send postcards, write letters to the editor, contact your own representatives, contact the state representatives in Virginia if you are outside Virginia. Make your voices heard. See the Contacts section of the right sidebar for addresses.

Post cards are not delayed in the mail for suspected tampering.

One poster suggested that everyone forget the conspiracy theories concerning big business and the NAIS. The poster may be right in as much as it makes people appear some what paranoid and thus easily written off. What should not be over looked is the fact this was a conspiracy by the USDA. A conspiracy to deny the Henshaws any recourse to make their case.....and probably win. It was a conspiracy to intentionally disregard any notification, and due process. It was a conspiracy to actually obstruct justice. The reason it was handled in the manner it was is because the USDA didn't have a leg to stand on legally. I would trap ever last piglet and have them tested by a private lab for this "highly contagious" disease the USDA claims to be protecting us from. I bet there is not one infected pig there and never was one. This whole deal has a smell to it and it isn't a good one. It has a smell reminiscent of Ruby Ridge. I would pay real close attention to individuals within the USDA that are, or may be, involved in this. The USDA will deny forever but there are a few that know just what happened and why. Rush Limbaugh airs stuff like this quite often. It is worth a shot.

The USDA holds the patent for for profit for TSE non-invasive testing Patent Title: Antibodies for the Detection of Prion Protein as an Indication of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies
Pacific West Area

Pullman, Washington

See also: US Patent Office Full Record

Patent Number: 6165784
Docket Number: 6797
Serial Number: 8950271
Date Patented: 12/26/2000

Foreign rights are available.

Here are a couple of the for profit corporations of the USDA
Built on Legislative Supports

Important federal legislation passed in the mid-1980s helped make BRDC a workable reality--specifically, the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 that smoothed the way for government researchers and private enterprise to work together.

The resulting union was the Biotechnology Research and Development Corp., or BRDC, formed in 1988 and headquartered at the National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research in Peoria. NCAUR is operated by the Agricultural Research Service, USDA's chief research agency. This is the commercial site for the USDA
and it's partners. It is answerable and under the control of the USDA.
White highlights mine. Really is interesting when investigated for all
it's implications profits, power and control and then regulates to their
favor.... This is the board of Directors, the partners are the who who's
of Global Business.
BRDC Board of Directors, Officers, and ARS Representatives

J. Grant Brewen
President, CEO

BASF Corporation
Stephen Evola

Cargill Dow Polymers LLC
Christopher M. Ryan

Central Illinois Light Co.

The Dow Chemical Company
Barbara Miller

Ft. Dodge Animal Health
Mahesh Kumar

Monsanto Jeffrey J. Veenhuizen

Major global corporation that controls 96% of India seed sales, most of US and got legislation passed farmers could not save their own seed. Also has contract for monopoly in IRAQ where farmers can not save or use their native seeds/plants. USDA put them on the Indian Board of Ag along with WalMart. Legislation for IRAQ US Order [Order 81. detailed later in letter.

PIC International Group PLC
Graham Plastow

Seminis Vegetable Seeds now owned by Monsanto
Fred Bliss

Richard A. Hoyt

Peter B. Johnsen (ARS Representative

USDA INC. must read I am begging you to read these two

Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation (AARCC) — Originally established by the FACT Act 1990 as the Applied Agricultural Research Commercialization Center, the purpose of the AARCC is to assist in the research, development, and commercialization of new nonfood products from agricultural and forestry commodities. AARC makes repayable equity investments, such as buying stock or taking a percentage of future sales (royalties), or both. The FAIR Act of 1996 changed the Center from a government agency to a wholly-owned venture capital corporation of USDA. actual bill. as retrieved on 14 Jul 2005 17:28:22 GMT. full report here.
My opinion: USDA INC. is into everything.

[Federal Register: August 3, 2006 (Volume 71, Number
[Rules and Regulations]
[Page 43958-43961]
From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access

First let me state for the record that I know the Henshaws personally. Cindi is my sister and Danny is my brother-in-law. My family and I have been to their property many times. We have walked the preserve, seen the animals, met 'Cupid and Valentine' and generally shared in and enjoyed the peace and beauty that exists there.
That said, I want to make it clear that what they said happened to them, happened. I believe them. Not because they are family...but because I know them...I know who they are, what they belive in, and what they are made of.
I've read of the events as they transpired.
I visited the property while it was going on.
I met and spoke with the Wardens posted to 'secure' the preserve 'from' it's owners.
Of the individuals that participated in this travesty, the Game Wardens were the only ones that acted with any degree of politeness and consideration to Danny and Cindi. When I asked both of the Wardens why this was being handled the way it was, both literally lowered their eyes and shook their heads and said, "We don't know...we don't know why we have to be here or why they are doing things this way..."
I've read the state rep's statements (Elaine Lidholm and Jim Rogers)on it's position.
They are saying exactly what they need to say to defend their employer and to keep their jobs. This is because I know that if it happened to either one of them they would be just as shocked and angry as Danny and Cindi (and everyone else that has a stake in this). This should not have happened the way it did. There is no grey area. The agencies involved were and are wrong in how this was handled and how they continue to do so.
If this is part of a larger agenda (NAIS and USDA control) then this is going to bring a focused spotlight on their scheming machinations. People are listening. People are learning. People are talking. Nothing stays hidden forever.
I consider myself an educated, level-headed, intelligent (somewhat) and very patriotic person.
I have served in the armed forces and believe in the idea of what America is and what it stands for. I believe that this country was set apart by God and that it stands as a beacon of hope to all who suffer tyranny, oppression and religious persecution. Our forefathers established this country to escape such things and they gave their lives to see to its fruition. Sadly, I also believe that if things continue the way they are going...we will see the loss of this great nation to the very things our forefathers fought against.
We are Americans. Let's remember what that means.

My name is Sara Cannon. I am Cindi's sister-in-law. I writing this note to share with you the long term consequences of this tradegy and injustice. Not only did the government violate Cindi and Danny's individual rights, they also violated the trust of 3 young girls that the government was here to protect them and do no harm. My 15 year old spent last year studying the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the founding of this great nation. She learned about checks and balances to help protect individual rights. She wants to know where these checks and balances were for her aunt and uncle. My 12 year old is an avid animal lover. She doesn't understand the slaughter of cupid and valentine in there pens. Cupid and Valentine were not afraid of people. They loved people. People usually meant a scratch or a treat. She envisioned these pets walking up to the agents for a treat, only to be rewarded with shot gun blast killing them and their babies. Emily, my 9 year old, is in tune to people's emotions.
This especially so of mine and her Aunt Cindis.
Emily walked with Cindi to Cupid and Valentine's
pen a couple days after the slaughter. She gently held her Aunt's hand and said "I am so sorry". She is now worried that these people could do the same to her pets. My husband and I have taught our children what a great and chosen nation we live in. We have told them there is no place like it in the world. We taught them that it was founded on protection of individual rights. How our fore-fathers left and came to this new world to avoid persecutions like Cindi and Danny are living through. Overnight, my children lost their confidence in their government to protect them and their rights. As a parent, I don't know how to fix that. In this case, these actions will speak louder than any words that I can offer.
Sara and Cindi and Danny's nieces...Rebecca,
Sara Beth, and Emily Cannon.

I've sent the following to everyone I work with and NOT ONE PERSON has even seen fit to reply adversely, increduously or otherwise!!! It has been said that the last emotion of a democracy lost is that of Apathy by the people. I believe we've reached that point in our country today. If this atrocity on individuals' rights doesn't shake Americans to their very core and stimulate screams of anger and outrage we are no longer America.


It's beginning to be time for us to stand up and be counted. My Grandfathers didn't fight in WWI (cavalry), my uncles WWII (Navy), my father Korea (Army, myself (Navy) and my son (Marine) the Persion Gulf, for this kind of government. This didn't happen somewhere overseas nor did it happen sometime ago in yesteryear. This happened three weeks ago 185 miles from here at the place where this country was born.

And it didn't happen to just the Henshaws in this article, a similar raid was conducted on another ranch grandfathered by the state under the same rules 16 years ago. (I enclosed here the following article for their reading: Sept. 27th for publication in the November 2006 “American Family Voice”] Hogs Massacred in Virginia
Who’s Animals are Next By Jane Williams)

This happened in the heart of Virginia, 20 miles from where Patrick Henry made his famous speech from which I quote, "…it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts…...Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

Please write these folks and pledge your support. Their email address is at the bottom of their web page which I've hyperlinked.

And if your as outraged as I am please write your state representative and ask them what you can expect from your elected officials to curb a bureaucracy that is out of control.

Mr and Mrs Henshaw

My wife Brenda and I were outraged to read about what happened at your farm.

We have fought VDACs for 7 years on diary regulations up through the Supreme Court and have been and continue to be victums of harassment and entrapment even after having lost our case. My wife has had to serve time in jail, we've had to pay lawyers and fines, and serve 2 years probation for breaking a law that wasn't even on the books when agents of VDACs, the Attorney General's office and the Virginia Bureau of Investigation came to our door and carted my wife off in handcuffs for making goat cheese. Ultimately we lost our dairy business and no longer are able to farm full time.

But this is nothing compared to what they've done to you and your family. What can we do to help? I'm sending a copy of what happened to you and your operation to everyone I know and a link to your site.

I still love my country but I truly fear my government at anything beyond the local level and even that is suspect. We need to bring God back into our lives and our country and stop this madness of greed and self before we're destroyed by it.

Ken Smith, I remember your and others ordeal with retroactive laws and am here to tell you people do care. It seems the apathy is mainly where people are far removed from their source of food. The sad thing is the ones who will lose the most will be those who are not able to produce their own food. Soon food will be a luxury not easily found if only corporate ag is in control. The United States is importing more and more but few know it because of the J list which is the list that allows imports without label of country of origin.
this is a MO study showing the vertical and horizontal integration of the food supply world wide. Control the food control the world.
I grew up around German and Polish refugees from Hitler's and Mussolini's Italy survivors, literally. One thing was common among all ...before takeover surveillance was extreme and everything anyone owned was inventoried. One old man told a story of how he and his family would sit in the dark, behind their door while the Gestapo came for their neighbors. Sometimes stopping on the first floor, sometimes coming up the stairs. They were not Jews but Good Germans. On the streets they would walk briskly but not too briskly so as not to draw attention. Praying they would not be stopped by some official and arrested or turned in by a neighbor and drug off. Day in and day out they prayed that the soldiers would not come for them. One day they came...not for a neighbor but to their door, kicking it in and dragging out the family. The last words that child heard his father say was...we should have fought and stopped them when they came for the first neighbor. I never want my children to say their mother's last words were we should have fought harder to stop them.
That is why we drove to Danny and Cindi's to see for ourselves. It is 1400 miles from our home one way. People do care. We will fight within the system and we will get our licks in and I believe with all my heart we will awaken this great "we the people".
Never give up...keep fighting, emailing, writing to editors and keep telling others. Never give up. Vote, even if you do not think it counts. Get people registered which the deadline is this Friday and get the vote out. Find out where those running for office stands. Print out postcards and get people to sign them if they are too lazy to fill them out themselves and mail them. has the addresses and what to send and when. Get car loads of people, kids, family, church members, friends and get to the rally if you can. NEVER give up. Work within the system but never give up. NEVER GIVE UP

The perils of national animal ID or how to nationilize private property.$40205

by Dean A. Ayers, Glenwood, Iowa

I have been in direct contact with the USDA Inspector General's "Hot-line" regarding allegations of Intent to commit "malice" on Danny and Cindi Henshaw, and alleged Major violations of "neglect" to follow proper governmental protocols for further spreading of an "alleged" disease thru prevention of blood spillage and clean up of proemises after the de-polulation called "killing;" as well as alleged violations of protocol for testing blood or failurew to do so on premises, confirming or denying presence of disease, not allowing the Henshaw's independent blood testing, immediate destruction of animals when the orders only quarintined them the same day, and the improper transport and alleged improper governmental disposal of animals, or hogs, on and off the property. There are major "inconsistencies" in the government's procedures, which appear to have placed the public in further "danger of spread" of the alleged disease, if in fact there was any disease at all, which is the question here.

Specifically, the animals (hogs) were witnessed to be killed, and removed in leaking open trailers, where the blood of the "alleged" diseased animals (untested mind you), before and after destruction,(to the best of public knowledge); the killed hogs and animals by USDA personnel with alleged shotguns, allowed the animals to "BLEED OUT" of the trailers, onto the grounds of the Henshaws as well as enroute off the property where ever they took the dead or dieing hogs, blood trails all the way. ANd you wonder WHY, other farmer's are questioning spread of disease? It's the GOVERNMENT spreading the disease here, not the Henshaw's.

I have never observed a more negligent, hap hazard story of truth in my entire investigative career, with the U.S. Government, if this story is proven true about neglect and procedure violations.

To My Point; I have spoken with the USDA Inspector General's office twice, and forwarded written complaints to them about the above matters, and I am getting delayed, responses of essentially, they the Inspector General's office for investigation of the USDA, want clarification of "WHO" is the guilty alleged party here? The State, others or the Federal USDA? After I already sent them the allegations.....

It appears to me, that there is alot of "uninterested" USDA Government officials, who are supposed to be "Independent" criminal investigators, called the Inspector General's office of the USDA.

Well, there "foot" is dragging very long..............with NO ACTION to INVESTIGATE the TRUTH OF ALLEGATIONS! I WONDER WHY? Also they indicated the investigaiton may have to be given over to the State! Well, nothing like an alleged Criminal investigating HIMSELF, is there? Wonder what they will disprove? Any educated guesses????

by Dean A. Ayers (IOWA);

The below linked article about another Law Enforcement Organization, seems to fit well for the Virginia Authorities and the Federal USDA Authorities who participated in and/or "covering up" the Henshaw Incident's actual true facts of accountability; as described by the definition of the "Peter Principle" in this article.

Sheriff's Office: Sharing credit

P-I Editorial:

The old political wisdom about how much more gets done when no one worries about who gets the credit has, at least temporarily, prevailed in the King County Council's response to problems documented in the Sheriff's Office.

There is NO "credit" to be earned in this issue. The issue, is, has been and will always be. "Conduct unbecoming". The blame is totally seated in the inability of upper level administration to adeqautely govern and supervise. Now Rahr deeply welcomes SOMEBODY ELSE to run the S.O.

A committee.

Oversight, so that she can blame faults on them.

What possible value is there to having an elected head of a department that cannot or will not manage it?

This is possibly the most evident example of the "Peter Principle" that Dr. Peter could have wished for.

Worse yet, Reichert is the starring example of "The Peter Solution". Unless I read it wrong,

"The Peter Priciple" is that a person is advanced up the chain of command until they reach their level of IN-efficency.

And the "Peter Solution", is to advance them even further.

In fact, both examples may more closely relate to "the solution".

Let's remember that for the early months of "conduct unbecoming" Rahr denied that anything was wrong.

But when it was revealed that there were many and continuing criminal offenses, Rahr threw up her hands and asked for somebody else to tell her how to run the department.

The voters should listen to her cry for help.

Report USDA and Virginia violations of Right's to freely own animals without government intrusion or violation of Constitutional, Bill of Rights on their OWN property, known as a Premises!

I Say: In order for something to become clean, something else must become dirty.

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa 51534

A Guide for "Cowards" who want their little "BOX" to "Protect ONLY Them," without Fighting Back against Tyranny of the "USDA and Virgina" Authorities as follows!

By Dean A. Ayers (IOWA)

A Guide to "Cowards" who want the "BOX" to "Protect US," without Fighting Back,

let alone fighting to protect your neighbor first, like Danny and Cindi Henshaw,

Gladstone, Virginia...

Remember, first they came and got the person down the street; when they called

out for help; no one fought back.

Then they came and got your neighbor; they called out for your help; and you did


Then they came "knocking" on YOUR door, and there was no one left to call upon;

let alone for help; to Fight the Oppressor.

A Guide to "Cowards" who want the "BOX" to "Protect US," without Fighting Back!

A Guide for "Cowards" who allow the USDA to (cough) "Protect Us" thru animal slaughter, no independent testing, nor individual or property Rights to freedom nor happiness in Virginia and in the USDA-NAIS; Without Fighting Back.

In this Guide; "The cowards guide," will allow you (as an apathetic individual), to follow the

USDA's guide to the National Animal Identification System (NAIS),

without taking any "risk," putting out any "effort" to Fight for your Constitutional Rights to Freely own animals, or being known as a "Freedom Lover" and "Animal Lover."

Which in all likely hood, will allow the USDA

to "possess" YOU, to include your Premise's, your Animals, and your Money, and ultimately

your "SOUL," thru Fees, Fines, Confiscation, etc.

and allow the USDA to eliminate the Constitutional Freedoms and Protections,

Your Fore Father's Fought and Died for.

The "cowards" guide, will let you accomplish the following:

"Keep you contained in your little "Box."

Your are there for, "Protected."

The "cowards" Guide is as follows:

Step One.

Never walk down the street if someone is already there!

In the event you had to make a conscious decision on whether to "Fight "for your Liberty and Freedom, or not;

this step in the "Guide to Cowards who let the USDA "Protect US" without Fighting Back"

Properly followed, with this rule of thumb could eliminate having to follow any of the other rules.

The problem with walking down a street with people on it is that there is always the chance that one of them might want to hurt you, and if you are still reading this, then you are obviously the type of person who is very hurtable.

Now, obviously it isn't possible to avoid ALL people, unless you follow the Rule of the Last Resort:

Never, ever, no matter what happens, ever leave your room.

This is the ultimate in self-defense for cowards who want to avoid the USDA and the NAIS. The chance of offending someone enough to want to damage you is very slim if you become a recluse for the rest of your life.

This is not a mere assumption! According to the most recent police statistics, there was a lower rate of violent crimes against "hermits" and "cowards" than any other type of person in the social strata, when it comes to the NAIS fight.

For most of us, unfortunately, that option isn't extremely viable. This brings us back to my regrettable encounter with Mr. "Death" and his large fist. Everyone, I talk to on the street,that in completely "UNINFORMED" about our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms, involving the National Animal Identification System (NAIS), has the immediate belief and perception, that if they or I, speak the "TRUTH" and "STAND UP" for Liberty and Freedom, that good ole USDA or "Uncle Sam" are going to park a "TANK"in my front yard, and my Premises will be the next "WACO." All because I have the Right to "Freedom of Speech" but God Knows, "WE" are NEVER to use this Right, according to the people I talked to on the street. So in honor of these views, I nicknamed these people's unfounded "Fears, MR. DEATH, who apparantly has a large fist, attached to a long arm, known as the USDA.

This next rule is very important, and should be taken extremely seriously. If you follow this rule closely, you will emerge from most minor altercations relatively unscathed:

Step Two:

Learn to Beg, to be "protected" and "unharmed" by the Government, when they committ "malice" upon you.

Most would-be Government assailants, for example, the USDA Cow-Cops SWAT team, seeing you on the ground on your hands and knees, pleading for your miserably life, groveling and licking the ground in shame, will either start laughing hysterically (thus giving you the opportunity to abscond from the premises), or they will be so ashamed for you that they'll just spit on your pathetic head and leave you in the dirt.

Whatever works. (Note: This method was quite effective in dealing with my big Agri-Biz, fisty friend, and you will be able to escape with most of your teeth intact!) However, you most likely will have all your animals "Confiscated" and you will receive an outlandish FINE of over $1,000 a day, per animal, per violation,but what the hell,it's only money.

Let's say that you're too proud to beg, and you find yourself in a situation where your life and limb are pretty much assured of being at stake (like when you refuse to register your Premise's with the USDA,or later on when you refuse to "report" your animal's movements to the USDA).

You can either swallow your pride and follow the above rule and live (or you can swallow your teeth when they get knocked out), or you can apply the next rule to your predicament with Mr. Death (USDA).

Step Three:

Learn to run very, very Fast!

You might want to invest 70 or 80 dollars in a good pair of running shoes for this one. They can't hit what they can't catch, right? So make like a slippery banana and get the hell out of there. An added benefit of this rule is the wonderful exercise you receive, running away from the the Cow-Cops of Mr. Death (USDA). Remember, in the "cowards" guide , our God given animals mean"nothing" to us, because "apathetic," "uninformed," "cowards," never care about anyone or anything, but "themselves," especially when it comes to protecting their own premise's and animals.

In Summary:

Learn to get a "Backbone" and Fight for Your Rights, or stay "quiet" and "uninformed"

and be a "Coward." Otherwise, let's fight to protect each other and our neighbors.




Dean A. Ayers

Glenwood, Iowa


PS: If you are not a "coward" see you at the USDA Protest to protect your neighbors, one of which are named Danny and Cindi Henshaw, Gladstone, Virginia.

In this state we had a farmer decide to cash in on the demand for Wild Boars for "fish in a barrel" paid hunts like the Henshaws ran. When neighbors discovered these animals had escaped and were rooting up their lawns, he admitted at least 250 Wild Boars had gotten out of his fence. He can't get them back and somehow it becomes the Governments responsability to protect land owners from the damage that these Russian Pigs are doing. The hog producers expect the government to protect their investment and insure that Michigan keep it's Pseudorabies-free status. Without that status, export to other states is stopped, other states won't accept our pigs, it costs pig farmers lots of money. So thge Government is required to track down these hogs and shoot or capture them. Hard job. Perhaps wild bores shouldn't have been allowed into the State in the first place. Should my tax dollars be spent tracking down his loose hogs? Who can we hold responsable?
It seems reasonable to require testing of all pigs, especially anything that is imported from out of state. Henshaws acted irresponsabilly by not having their hogs inspected. Everyone wants to stop the spread of Pseudorabies, everyone knows there is no cure. Come on, folks, the only way to stop the spread is to kill the whole herd when some have tested positive. Why should all the other farmers in the state, large and small, have their investment put at risk while the
Henshaws drag this issue thru the courts? The Lab says they have it, the government paid them for their hogs, end of story. Should they have waited and some of the infected pigs get loose and infect another farm? Then you'd be yelling that the government should have acted quicker. Seems that with some people its hell if they do and hell if they don't. Right now we have a TB problem in the deer and cattle in one part of Michigan. The government has tested several million cows for TB, quarentined some herds, de-populated some herds, helped guide farmers toward practices that limit the spread of TB between deer and cattle. Along with this has been identifing cattle with an electronic ear tag. By next March all cattle in Michigan will need this tag. It costs a buck or two and the data base is maintained by the federal government. The meat in Michigan will be safer because if there is a problem, discovered at a farm or slaughter plant, we can quickly trace that animal to the farms it has been on and we can find the source much quicker. This works for other problems becides TB, if we should have a Mad Cow problem, we are prepared to trace back to the farms it was on, too. Doesn't matter what size the farm, every one gets the same treatment.
You expect the government to insure we have a safe food supply. How can you expect to continue to grow Pseudorabies hogs without the government protecting the industry and preventing the spread?
I guess I don't have the same panic reaction over EID. It is helping Michigan regain it's TB free status and helps insure a safer food supply, boosts public confidence in Michigan beef. The cost is small, the government doesn't gain any control over your cows and thew only time the tags get read is when they go thru an Auction Sale or at the slaughter plant. In the TB zone, the EID insures that the cow that was TB tested is that specific cow, protecting the next buyer of that cow. Its cheap insurance.
Sounds like some people want to believe the government is going to obtain unside information about youir farm or that only mega-farms will be able to put a tag in their cows ear. Quick, lets put foil on our heads to keep them from reading our thoughts, ha ha.

Our Constitution enumerates inalienable rights that are emphatically restated in the first 10 amendments known as "The Bill of Rights."

Under the Patriot Act, the "right" to free speech, peaceable assembly and security in one's person, papers and effects have been relegated to "privileges" that government can take away at a whim.

Patriot Act authority has suspended the right to due process and a prompt and public trial; it even cancels protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

Agents serving the fascist state can freely wire-tap our phones, enter our homes/offices, search and seize without warrant and detain us indefinitely
without charges-ostensibly to keep America safe.

The ink had barely dried on the Patriot Act when Congress passed the Homeland Security Act of 2002. Rep. Ron Paul (TX), stated that Congress also did not read the 500-page bill that gave birth to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

DHS, a creepy intelligence gathering apparatus reminiscent of the Nazi SS,
has merged 22 federal agencies
and their databases, employing nearly a quarter million workers.

The New York Times columnist William Safire told the American people that,
under DHS, You are a suspect.

Rep. Ron Paul(TX), confirms that
"the Department represents a huge new increase in the size and scope of the federal government that will mostly
serve to spy on the American people."

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is part of this
"spy" system that will keep track of
the "National Herd,"also known as
"We the People."

One solution to Fight NAIS is to
"Stand Your Ground" defending the flag
of "Don't Tread on Me."

Thru the "Pro-Active" use of
"Freedom" of Speech, with "Boldness".

However, if you choose to always follow the UNIFORMED and COWARD "masses" and be only "politically correct" so as not to discomfort your foe; You have "stifled" yourself via unrightous "pride," to be "tread" upon by the USDA,

One by One.

Dean Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa

Our Constitution enumerates inalienable rights that are emphatically restated in the first 10 amendments known as "The Bill of Rights."

Under the Patriot Act, the "right" to free speech, peaceable assembly and security in one's person, papers and effects have been relegated to "privileges" that government can take away at a whim.

Patriot Act authority has suspended the right to due process and a prompt and public trial; it even cancels protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

Agents serving the fascist state can freely wire-tap our phones, enter our homes/offices, search and seize without warrant and detain us indefinitely
without charges-ostensibly to keep America safe.

The ink had barely dried on the Patriot Act when Congress passed the Homeland Security Act of 2002. Rep. Ron Paul (TX), stated that Congress also did not read the 500-page bill that gave birth to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

DHS, a creepy intelligence gathering apparatus reminiscent of the Nazi SS,
has merged 22 federal agencies
and their databases, employing nearly a quarter million workers.

The New York Times columnist William Safire told the American people that,
under DHS, You are a suspect.

Rep. Ron Paul(TX), confirms that
"the Department represents a huge new increase in the size and scope of the federal government that will mostly
serve to spy on the American people."

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is part of this
"spy" system that will keep track of
the "National Herd,"also known as
"We the People."

One solution to Fight NAIS is to
"Stand Your Ground" defending the flag
of "Don't Tread on Me."

Thru the "Pro-Active" use of
"Freedom" of Speech, with "Boldness".

However, if you choose to always follow the UNIFORMED and COWARD "masses" and be only "politically correct" so as not to discomfort your foe; You have "stifled" yourself via unrightous "pride," to be "tread" upon by the USDA,

One by One.

Dean Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa

When you read the Michigan Producer's comments, you see just how "Uninformed" this person, and any like him/her are, when it comes to "facts" in the case. This producer, makes completely "false" statements, about the Henshaw's, in almost every respect. Any Idiot,can Read, and if you have been reading about this incident, then you know, the Henshaw's are not PAID for their hogs, they are being ASSESSED PENALTY and OUTRAGOUS MALICE FEES for a Poor Job of alleged, unproven, and unverifed independent disease and testing/enforcement, where by the Government, spilled blood over ALL people's lands, outside of the properly contained fenced area. Need I say more about ignorant fools!!

And there is "NO EXCUSE" for the "needless" MURDER, in a most "cruel" way, of many SHOTGUN Blasts, to "Kill" Cupid and Valentine, the Pet animals, isolated from the other hogs. NO EXCUSE! Testing was all that was needed, no threat to humans warranted, an EXECUTION of the PETS! This was an OFFENSE and CRIME!

People, try getting "informed" and "educated" on issues, before you make Blubbering fools out of Pro-Government "Police State" Actions. read for the truth and facts, as well as The Hook.

It doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to see the "truth" under the nose of an "Out of Control" "de facto" authority with a SHOTGUN, in the hands of "Rogues" in Government. If the USDA and Virginia authorities had "SO MUCH PROOF" of wrongdoing, then WHY the failure to "PRODUCE" FACTS OF EVIDENCE?

The USDA "Inspector General's Office" has also FAILED to even ACT, to Investigate, under it's applied authority. Something "Stinks" like Michigan Water here; with the USDA and Virginia Authorities, in their failure to conduct appropriate actions merited by the threat (or lack of evidence), to human health, and their malice to human and animal; Intentionally!

People go to jail, for "ANIMAL CRUELTY" for even a minor, harmless infraction of a simple cat or dog, by the hands of these same government Agents in general.

These "Rogue" Agent's committed an act of barbarism, and Michigan "uninformed" prejudice Nit-wits, try to defend government agent criminal behaviors such as in this Henshaw Incident!

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa

"Stand Your Ground" with the Battle Flag of Freedom's "Bill of Rights" in Action
to Defend Our Nation,our neighbor's, Danny and Cindi Henshaw, Gladstone,
Virginia, along with ALL of "We the People" from Tyranny.........

Love your country. Your country is the land where your parents sleep, where is spoken that language in which the chosen of your heart, blushing, whispered the first word of love; it is the home that God has given you that by striving to perfect yourselves therein you may prepare to ascend to Him.

The stern hand of fate has scourged us to an elevation where we can see the great everlasting things that matter for a nation; the great peaks of "Honor" we had forgotten - duty and patriotism, clad in glittering white protest; the great pinnacle of sacrifice pointing like a rugged finger to heaven.

Of all the supervised conditions for life offered man, woman and child; those under The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, have proved the best. Wherefore, be sure when you start modifying, corrupting or abrogating it.

I Say: "Don't Tread on Me!"

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa


This is not intended to be a joke, it's not funny, it's intended to get you thinking......... The Dart Test.

A young lady named Sally , relates an experience she had in a seminary class, given by her teacher, Dr. Smith. She says that Dr. Smith was known for his elaborate object lessons. One particular day, Sally walked into the seminary and knew they were in for a fun day.

On the wall was a big target and on a nearby table were many darts. Dr. Smith told the students to draw a picture of someone that they disliked or someone who had made them angry , and he would allow them to throw darts at the person's picture.

Sally's friend drew a picture of who had stolen her boyfriend . Another
friend drew a picture of his little brother. Sally drew a picture of a
former friend , putting a great deal of detail into her drawing, even drawing pimples on the face. Sally was pleased with the overall effect she had achieved.

The class lined up and began throwing darts. Some of the students threw their darts with such force that their targets were ripping apart. Sally looked forward to her turn, and was filled with disappointment when Dr. Smith , because of time limits, asked the students to return to their seats. As Sally sat thinking about how angry she was because she didn't have a chance to throw any darts at her target.

Dr. Smith began removing the target from the wall.

Underneath the target was a picture of Jesus.

A hush fell over the room as each student viewed the mangled picture of Jesus; holes and jagged marks covered His face and His eyes were pierced.

Dr. Smith said only these words...

"In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me." Matthew 25:40.

No other words were necessary; the tears filled eyes of the students focused only on the picture of Christ.

This is an easy test to find out if you are willing to help thy neighbor in need of help; If you aren't ashamed to do this, please follow the directions.

Jesus said, " If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you, before My Father."

Not ashamed ... pass this on.

Ashamed .. . delete it.

Isn't it strange how simple it is for people to trash God and then wonder why the world's going to hell.

Isn't it unusual, out of character, how we believe what the "National News Media," "newspapers," and the "USDA" or "White House," "Congress," "USDA, or "Virginia Authorities" have to say but we question what the Bible says.

Funny, and sad, how everyone wants to go to heaven provided they do not have to believe, think, say, or do anything the Bible says.

Or is it too "real" or "scary" to think it will really happen in our Lifetime?

Isn't it funny how someone can say

" I believe in God" but still follow

Satan (who, by the way, also "believes" in God ). Isn't it funny how you can send a thousand jokes through e-mail and

they spread like wildfire, but when you start sending messages regarding the Lord, people think twice about sharing them.

Isn't it funny how the lewd, crude, vulgar and obscene pass freely through cyberspace, but the public discussion of Jesus is suppressed in the school and workplace, and just about "anywhere" to include the Internet, school, and even sometimes even in "church, believe it or not.

If you are not talking about "THEIR" God.

Are you ever Fired up for Christ on Sunday, but be an "invisible" Christian the rest of the week. Are you laughing?

Isn't it funny how when you go to forward this message, you will not send it to many on your address list because you're not sure what they believe, or what they will think of you for sending it to them.

Isn't it funny how I can be more worried about what other people think
of me than what God thinks of me.

Wouldn't it be a wonderful world and United States, if "We the People" to Include ALL Americans, to include the President, his Administration, and Congress, as well as all law enforcement authorities, Actually "Lived" God's Principles "Do Onto Others."

Well,I may not be perfect, but I am doing what "God" says to do for the betterment of all men and women; Not just what Man government, says. I am Protecting the Rights of an innocent couple, assaulted by our own government agencies with intent of malice. The names of the "innocent" are Danny and Cindi Henshaw, Gladstone, Virginia.

My "duty" is to act, for the benefit of others.....God's Way, "ON HIGH," No matter what "People" may think!

"Do unto others....!" Does this Ring a Bell in your memory?

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa

My Question is? Why did your Virgina Sheriff fail to do their duty to the citizens of your County, in the Henshaw Incident? Does anyone care? to find out! Please read a professional response to the above question as follows:

by Jim R. Schwiesow

October 10, 2006

Most of us know of the venality that infests our legislative bodies, and we are also well aware that our judiciary is filled with tyrannical and dictatorial megalomaniacs whose decrees, from the bench, more often than not trample on the constitutional freedoms of the American people. But, what is often not detected in this amorphous degeneracy, which parades as a government for and by the people, is a third component, and that component is the bloated and rotted bureaucracy, which underlies and supports the whims and caprices of the administrative, legislative and judicial incursions upon the rights, lives and property of the citizens of this nation.

This huge body of non-elected and non-accountable faceless individuals laughingly called civil servants is compartmentalized into various agencies with assorted and diverse control over every aspect of the individual lives of neigh onto 300 million American citizens. These agencies have powers far in excess of most political agents. They have the absolute authority to write administrative rules, which in effect have the force of law. They interpret the bills passed by legislative bodies and put into place provisions to implement the provisions thereof. It is their interpretation that marks the character of every piece of legislation passed by our legislative entities on both the federal and state levels. They are the slavering pandering watchdogs for their masters in the various branches of government, again on both the state and federal levels. As such they are given law enforcement powers that are very nearly commensurate with that of fascist totalitarian regimes. Who is going to rein them in when they commit excesses, in their zeal, and come down on citizens with an iron fist? Who, the legislators who depend upon them to tell them what the bills that they have passed really mean, or the judges who depend upon them to enforce their decrees? The answer is most often, nobody. The American people who are supposed to be the government certainly have no recourse when they are being tormented, harassed or invidiously maligned by these cretins. What are they going to do? They can’t vote them out, and they can’t fire them. They are an empire unto themselves.

Daily we read of the excesses of bureaucrats of various stripe. In a recent email from a reader of my columns, I was given the particulars of just such excess by one of our dear old bureaucratic watchdogs, in this case the USDA. The reader wrote the following:

“Noticing in your bio that you were a sheriff. I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. Granted it may sound VERY naive. My understanding was that the sheriff was the person in charge of law enforcement for a county. I don't really understand to the extent this authority extends, hence my question.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the federal government program called National Animal Identification System at the direction of the USDA. It is being implemented in all 50 states in a 3-step process.

1. Premise identification
2. Animal identification
3. Animal tracking

This, I believe, is in total violation of our 4th amendment rights to property and it gets ugly. I can send links if interested.

Last month the USDA swooped down on a game farm in Virginia at 5am and arrested the owner of the farm on misdemeanor charges of operating without permits. After they "escorted" him off his property, the USDA and the Virginia police swooped in and began exterminating the family’s herd of pigs because, they said, of an alleged suspicion of "psuedorabies". It was a bloody mess as they dragged the dead and still living wounded bodies across the farm in front of the spouse and into the presence of the man who had been arrested.

My question for you is, could that sheriff have stopped this event from happening or at least slowed the process. Those opposed to NAIS can see much more of these types of "fearful tactics” occurring. This local sheriff admitted that he had never seen anything like this before. Columnist’s comment: He must be a new sheriff.

Many other serious implications arise surrounding the psuedorabies allegations. Slaughter is NOT the only option. Protocol provides for testing by local veterinarians and numerous other options are available, which could have been pursued.

I am specifically curious about the sheriff's role and if others in other communities have protection by the sheriff in cases where they are being unconstitutionally violated by state or federal enforcement agencies.

Good question! But, before I get into that I want to express my opinion as to why these messes occur. And this one was indeed a mess of huge proportions. The reader’s account was mild in comparison to the actual events as recorded at the following link: [Read] That the constitutional rights of an American citizen were trampled underfoot by bureaucrats of the USDA, who were aided and abetted by the Virginia State Police, is an established fact. There are just too many witnesses to the outrage to allow for a cover-up. As bureaucrats are wont to do, these bureaucrats are doing their best to obfuscate the matter with a series of lies and desperate prevarication. But, prevaricate as they may, they violated the supposedly inviolable right to due process of an American citizen big time. And they were not only aided and abetted by the Virginia State Police, but by the Virginia State Courts as well. But, I digress. Why are people in this nation placed into these execrable situations?

It seems to me that our people are often a victim of their own desire for, and I can think of no better term, guarantee against failure. We see this particularly in the area of agriculture. With the demise of the family farm and the concomitant rise of corporate farming powerful lobbying forces have been brought into play to elicit from legislative bodies various tools to counteract the speculative nature of the market. Price controls, price supports, subsidies, import controls and trade restrictions have been put into place to eliminate competition and to insulate the agricultural industry from free market forces. A huge and powerful regulatory bureaucracy has grown up around these programs to enforce compliance with governmental regulation over what is supposed to be a private industry. And all farmers, small and large, have been caught up in this conscienceless meat grinder. Sometimes we pay a price for our constant quest for a failsafe society. Now, lets consider the reader’s question: “Could the that sheriff have stopped this event from happening, or at least slowed the progress?” You bet he could have, and not only that, he should have.

The sheriff is unique in the law enforcement arena in that he is the last, and only, law enforcement administrator that is elected to his office by the people. The administrative heads of all other law enforcement entities are appointed to their positions, either by mayors, city councils, city managers, and politicians or other managerial boards. The people have no voice in the selection of these law enforcement administrators, and no recourse if they do not agree with their policies.

The sheriff is the only law enforcement official with the authority to summon the power of the county. The sheriff's has the right, granted by Posse Comitatus, to assemble a militia or posse, and the power to deputize citizens and require them to assist in the keeping of the peace and the enforcement of laws. The sheriff represents the power of the people; he does not represent the power of the state. His use of the power of the state must not conflict with his obligation to protect the individual rights of the people whom he represents. When it comes to keeping the peace no one's authority exceeds that of the sheriff

The sheriff of that county had not only the authority; he had the absolute obligation, to intercede to protect the constitutional rights of the owner of this farm. The sheriff, if necessary could have, and should have, employed his deputies and summoned the power of the county to thwart the unconstitutional intrusion and trespass upon his constituent’s property. Often times federal and state agencies will approach the sheriffs’ to elicit their complicity in incursions upon the rights of a member of their constituencies. A weak sheriff, or a sheriff who does not understand the extent of his authority, will often join in questionable activities against those whom he represents, or, as in this case stand by as a spectator. As I stated previously the sheriff is absolutely obligated to his duty to protect the rights of the people, and that obligation is primary to any obligation whatever to support other law enforcement agencies in whatever cause.

During my tenure as sheriff I received one day a call from a state environmental agency officer who said to me, sheriff I want you to go see some farmers in the west end of your county and order them to shut down their irrigations systems.” My reply was to tell him to go see these farmers himself, but if they ordered him to leave their property he had better do so promptly or he and I would have a confrontation that he would not enjoy.

The people in states where sheriff’s offices have not been unconstitutionally eliminated should demand that their sheriffs’ live up to their obligation to represent the interests of the people who elect them, and if they refuse to do so, the people should remove them because they are unfit to occupy the office.

Jim Schwiesow is a retired sheriff with 46 years of law enforcement service. He served with the Unites States Army with the occupation forces in post war Berlin, Germany, and has a total of nine years of military service, which includes six years in the U.S. Army Reserve.

His law enforcement service includes: three years in the military police, fifteen years as an Iowa municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected sheriff of Sioux County, Iowa.

Jim has written a number of articles, which have been published in various professional law enforcement journals.


Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, iowa

The Henshaw Incident is starting to go International, in professional news feeds. Will the Virginia Citizens and Sheriff, "stand up and be recognized?" Or will they "turn their backs on their neighbors and responsibilities?

Pig massacre at Willis River
Posted: October 7, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
by Henry Lamb

They were sound asleep. Danny and Cindi Henshaw were awakened by a banging on the door at 5 a.m. on Sept. 12. It was the game warden. Danny was arrested for "operating a mammalian hunting enclosure without a permit" and hauled off to be booked.

For 16 years, Danny and Cindi have operated the 152-acre Willis River Hunting Preserve near Gladstone, Va. It is a private, completely fenced, wild-boar hunting club. Danny has been among the nation's top 10 archers. He has been featured as a hunter on the "Wild and True" television program. His hunting preserve has hosted hunters from the Pentagon and Quantico, and executives from all over. When he opened the place 16 years ago, he went to the authorities to make sure he was in compliance with all the laws, and his operation was approved. Everything was great, as far as Danny knew, until Sept. 12. As the game warden drove Danny away, the radio spat: "OK, we can go in now, he's off the property."

Simultaneously, Cindi saw nine vehicles, lights flashing, descend on her property. Armed personnel, some taking guard positions and others mounting four-wheel ATVs, spread out across the preserve. Shots rang out. Bullets flew. And pigs fell dead. So far, 270 shell casings have been found.

Cindi was told that the state vet was at a command post nearby, that he would be there at 7 a.m. to test the first 10 pigs killed. The killing continued. Danny was booked and released. He returned home to watch – and hear – government officials slaughtering his pigs. All day, all night, gunshots rang out. Cindy had two 500-pound hogs she had bottle-fed and raised as pets in another pen on adjacent, separately deeded property. They were shot dead and dragged away. Day after day, the killing continued, and all the while, Danny and Cindy were under armed guard. The investigation and the killing are continuing. They were told that an agent had hunted on the preserve in May and had killed a pig that tested "probable" for pseudorabies. The same agent returned again Sept. 9 and killed a pig that had tested positive.

Why was a 5 a.m. raid necessary? If pseudorabies was suspected, why were the owners not simply notified and a remedy worked out with the owner?

According to Elaine Lidholm, spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, "there was reason to be concerned about the officers' safety." She would not specify what the reason might be, even when pressed. The investigation is ongoing and is likely to wind up in court, so she said she could not be more specific.

Also in dispute is the legality of the Henshaw hunting preserve. Enclosed hunting preserves were outlawed by the Virginia Legislature in 2001, with the exception of three facilities that were "grandfathered" by the legislation. Lidholm would neither confirm nor deny that the Henshaw facility was one of those grandfathered, nor would she identify any of the facilities that were grandfathered. She simply said that there were no legal enclosed preserves operating in Virginia now. Were the Henshaws ever notified that their operation was illegal? "I don't know," was Lidholm's reply. "They should have known," she said.

Pseudorabies is a viral disease that affects swine primarily, but can infect other animal species. It is not communicable to humans. The disease is fatal for piglets. Adult animals survive, but are carriers for life. A national eradication program has been under way since 1989.

The armed personnel, and the other agents from the USDA and the Virginia Department of Agriculture left the Henshaw property Sept. 22 after Danny agreed to find and kill the remaining piglets the "official" hunters were unable to kill.

When the government de-populates (kills) an animal herd to protect public health, it is supposed to pay "just compensation." In Danny's case, however, no compensation is available. In fact, he has been notified that the entire cost of the de-population operation will be charged to him. This difference hinges on the issue of whether Danny's operation was legal, as he contends, or illegal, as the state contends. In any event, Danny's hogs are dead, and he is out of business. Regardless of what the courts eventually decide, Danny and Cindi will never recover from this experience.

Agents of government who exercise power beyond that specified by law and required by the situation, must be held accountable – individually. If the Henshaws' reserve fell out of compliance because of changes in the law or regulation, does the state not have a moral, if not legal, obligation to provide an opportunity for them to get back into compliance, or should the state descend like vultures to put them out of business because someone in the agency doesn't like enclosed hunting preserves? Was the "illegal" designation simply contrived to avoid the "just compensation" provision of the law? These are questions that a jury should explore and answer definitively.

The state must be held accountable and fully justify its action in this case. If the Henshaws' civil and property rights were violated, both the state, and the individual perpetrators must pay. It is sad that the questions were not answered before the slaughter occurred.

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization and chairman of Sovereignty International.

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa

michiganproducer 10/14/2006 2:16:51 AM If this was a shoot in a barrel then the government sharp shooters brought in for their expertise and dead aim can't hit hogs in a barrel after two weeks of trying. They had to resort to asking the owner to trap and kill them after baiting them. The rest of your assumptions are just as flawed. Sorry Charlie, won't fly.

God's Speed to Danny and Cindi Henshaw, Gladstone, Virginia!

God's Speed to the "Inspector General's Office - USDA" to get off their "duff"
and "Investigate" the Allegations, I sent them by FAX!

I have "Yet" to have a "positive" response from them. Only "delay" questions, Mr. USDA- I.G. Man?

My email address is:

Dean A. Ayers, Glenwood, Iowa 51534

By the way Mr. USDA- Inspector General..

In case you misplaced my ALLEGATIONS?
They are esentially as follows:
USDA Agency; Misconduct, Negligence, and Intent to commit Malice upon the Henshaw's, their property, premises, and animals...

Mr. USDA-I.G.; It's in the FAX, I already sent you, and you confirmed receiving!

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa

Dean A. Ayers

I hope Danny and Cindi and fight this thing. I hope they can get all the hogs back. Sorry that it happened Danny and Cindi. I have always liked hunting hogs. See ya'll next year.

STORM ALERT; USDA-Office of Inspector General “refuses” and “fails” to Investigate the MASSACRE of Gladstone, well as the ASSASSINATION of the Henshaw’s two PET animals, completely separated and distinct from the massacred hog herd.

The arrogance of USDA “Evil” has been unleashed.

If We DO NOT UNITE behind the Henshaw’s, and DEMAND JUSTICE; You “will” become the USDA’s next “targeted” Victim.

Who then, is going to SAVE YOU? If you fail to “stand” for the Henshaw’s NOW!

Link to today’s Hook article:

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa

Comment DeanAFOSI (IOWA) — October 19, 2006 @ 3:20 pm

I saw this in thought you might want to know about it! People are talking about this issue, even if the media is not.

I would like to start by saying that I have known Danny & Cindi for a very long time.
I remember when Cindi was raising her two pet pigs from babies and how they would follow her around. Cindi really loved those pigs! She thought as much of Cupid & Valentine as most people do of their dogs or horses!!

As for Danny, you could not ask to find a more upstanding citizen or friend.
As long as I have known Danny he has always taken very good care of his animals, and if he thought that his animals were sick or could have caused any health risk to anyone Danny would have taken all necessary steps (REGARDLESS THE COST) to have cured the problem.
I know if the USDA would had come to Danny and said we think there may be a problem, Danny would have helped them catch the hogs and test them in a humane manor rather than a wild shooting spree by the government!

If it were so easy, how come the USDA's gunmen couldn't kill all of the pigs in a fenced in area (Approx. 100 acres) after 11 days of trying???

My families prayers are with you, and if I can do anything to help call me day or night


Everyone, I have started a NATIONAL Site to help take action to fight for our freedom and liberty and animals, on our own property, Nation Wide.

Please Join, the Fight at this link.

Thank you


"The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From Bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage."

I feel sorry for the Henshaws I hope they sue those responsible for all there worth. I am not a farmer but I do have pets, my own local government is similar with it's pet leash laws pet limits and mandatory vaccination laws. People need to stand up for their rights and post this on every news paper and website and protest the animal ordanaces inverious towns and cities and yes federal agencies too, the squeakier the wheel, the more greese it gets send letters and vote ,the more it gets around then may be they'll listen.

Pick up thephone and call you senator, Governor and city officials. Ask them in writting for a reponse. If you let this happen without people losing jobs, the next time will be worse.

Pick up the phone and call you senator, Governor and city officials. Ask them in writing for a reponse. If you let this happen without people losing jobs, the next time will be worse.

STORM ALERT; Everyone,
Animals C.L.U.B.-Freedom is “NOW” an “OFFICIAL” (.org) Organization with it’s own Official WEB-SITE as follows:


Thank you,

Dean A. Ayers
Web Master

Animals C.L.U.B.-Freedom; “Protecting Your Rights of Free Speech!”

Here’re the details on: Animals_Club_Freedom:

The National (.org) Organization Web-Site:

National Action Members Page:

Group “Blog” Article Page:

— November 30, 2006

I have known Danny & Cindi for a very long time. These are very upstanding people. Last year I had the opportunity to show my 14 yo son Cupid and Valentine. He loved the experience of seeing them. It is extreme enough what took place in the hunting zone but to walk up and shoot someones pets out of a cage? Then leave the site with contaminated animal remains?...someone needs to watch CSI. I know my son will be proud to belong to a government that does such rediculous things once he learns what happened..thanks for imprinting us all so negatively....I say to all VOTE.

God Bless you Danny & Cindi and your family. So sorry about your pets.


It's 2007, and "We the People" have not forsaken or forgotten about Danny and Cindi Henshaw, nor have we forgotten Cupid and Valentine, their loving pets.

The USDA-OIG has "FAILED" We the People.

Our Organization will make sure the people of this Nation remember what happened, until such time the USDA-OIG "awake from their dead stupor of arrogance, and investigate the injustice of the USDA Agents."

We the People, "DEMAND" a USDA-OIG Investigation into USDA Agent "misconduct" in the Henshaw Massacre of their Pets, and animals. STILL!

This "INCIDENT" is "permanantly" posted on our National Organization's Web site:

May Danny and Cindi find peace of mind.


Danny and Cindi, I met you with the Granny Warriors. I am the newest one from Texas. I just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers will be with ya'll Friday. I will be there in SPIRIT. I am getting my suit ready to file here so think about me.

God Bless ,
To you Both
Remember 20 / 20

I recently heard about the Henshaws. America is falling apart at the seams! I believe this is more government control Beware if you hear anything connected with "NEW WORLD ORDER" this is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Under the guise of chipping EVERY living animal on farms as well as your personal pets (even your aquarium fish!), the government wants to enter into a data base and control food. NEW WORLD ORDER wants everyone to have the same food allowance - you eat the same amount someone in India. Control of food and our money controls the people everywhere! Stand-up! Contact your Congressional members to fight this insane idea. Don't forget they also want to chip children for the sake of medical insurance.

This news is horrifying. Hopefully it will continue to be disseminated.

We were considering a small poultry farm for egg production. So much for that idea. Perhaps in the Republic of China? Certainly not here.

Best wishes to the Henshaws.

please my guy live this area for i dey here guy

I just want to throw in a few comments, the first of which is that I know Danny and Cindi personally. I worked with Danny as his personal cameraman when he was filming hunting videos. I have a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science and I understand the dynamics behind animal testing and disease control. This situation however, is absurd. Danny and Cindi are both absolutely amazing people. It is disgusting to me to think that our government can take the names of people like these guys and drag them through the mud. I have read the reports and accounts of the court proceedings and I am appalled at the way they have been treated. To take honest, caring, and genuinely good people and make them out to be criminals (especially after the treatment they endured at their farm) is something that I just cannot believe can happen in this country. The way this was handled by the USDA is sickening and removes any faith at all that I had in our government. These people are honest, hard working, considerate people who built their business with back breaking labor, blood, sweat, and truckloads of dedication.

Maybe this has nothing to do with the farm at all. Maybe the government has devised this as a method of deterring immigration. After all, if this is what has happened to the "American Dream", then who in their right mind would move to America?

Danny and Cindi, hang in there! I admire your courage and I hope that others out there who hear your story have the humanity to speak up and stand behind you guys.

During my life I have watched several US industries picked out, attacked and then driven out of the USA. My economics course stated that over 80% of USA businesses are now retail sales, and the USA no longer is a manufacturing country. I think the governments real intent was stated by Al Gore in Billings Mt. Here is the quote. It comes from the Ag Journal, Billings, Montana: \"At a recent ceremony at the White House, Vice President and presidential candidate Al Gore let slip what many have long believed was his real intention as regards to U.S. agriculture. \"While presenting a national award to a Colorado FFA member, Gore asked the student what his/her life plans were. Upon hearing that the FFA member wanted to continue on in production agriculture, Gore reportedly replied that the young person should develop other plans because our production agriculture is being shifted out of the U.S. to the Third World.\" If you think the price of gas is bad wait until china and friends control our food suply! An 1994 Wall Street journal article stated that papers found in the Kremlin showed the KGB was the head of many of the US activist groups. Khrushchev stated "We will bury you" I think he may be right all that has change is the color from red to green our enemies are still trying to bury us.

I hope things turned out well for the Henshaw's. Unbelievable abuse of government power. I ran into this thread while commenting in another thread opposing Iowa's forthcoming public smoking ban (another case where property and business owners have no rights). NAIS was mentioned so here I am. A future in-law in NE Iowa has an elk ranch so government oppression is of interest to me. The state has been making things a bit difficult for him with various wild game restrictions and a lot of red tape. I’ve done some further googling to see if the USDA was punished in any way for the Henshaw case ... nothing new so I assume the worst. Rather expected that as was the case with the ATF/FBI regarding the Branch Davidian massacre.

We really need to throw these bums (politicians) out and start voting outside major party lines. It seems that once in, even the most honest and honorable develop amnesia and become just another one of the self serving pack. Am I a proud and patriotic american? ... hell no ... not anymore. Anarchy is looking better every day.

This Henshaw Massacre tragedy, remains unresolved, and is a tragedy against Danny and Cindi Henshaw. As Director of Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom National Organization, I will insure this story remains permanently posted to the public to show the government for what they really do.. Destroying pets, animals and good people; making innocent people criminals, and stealing away their pets, by assassination, and their lives, thru tyranny.

They say the truth shall set your free. Well the truth is NOT going away in this case. The REAL TRUTH! It is permanently posted with these article links at the following URL for a start:

Danny and Cindi Henshaw were and are innocent. And their beloved pets Cupid and Valentine were Assassinated. The USDA still needs to be held accountable for these tyranny actions.


Dean A. Ayers

Dean A. Ayers is a prior United States Air Force Special Agent for the AFOSI. His duties included that of law enforcement specialist, criminal, fraud, and counter-intelligence. He was assigned to felony crimes in federal government, fraud, waste and abuse investigations of the military branches of service, and counter-intelligence in overseas locations. Dean was also a former Texas State Commissioned Alamo State Park Armed Ranger.

Dean is currently Director, Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom National Organization and Dean is also a Lead Investigative Reporter for the Headline News ©,, and news press services.

The Henshaw Massacre Can Happen to You Too!

Note: To Date, as you read this, the Office of Inspector General, of the USDA (USDA-OIG) have intentionally "failed" to accept "Investigative Responsibility" into the allegations of USDA Agent misconduct during the Henshaw Massacre in Gladstone, Virginia. Allegations against the USDA Agents involved are essentially; improper animal biohazard procedures in transporting hogs "bleeding-out" onto the public property all the way to disposal, and many other allegations of "misconduct."

Everyone needs to contact the USDA-OIG Hotline and DEMAND the USDA-OIG Investigate the Henshaw Massacre. Never Say Never, allegations and questions need to be answered.

Our National Organization also DEMANDS the USDA Inspector General,(USDA-OIG) Investigate the Henshaw Massacre.

This National Organization will not stop DEMANDING until the USDA-OIG has served proper Investigative Responsibility in serving the "public's good!"

USDA Agent, "Storm Troopers" allegedly violated proper procedures, ethics, morals, and policies, let alone assassinating the Henshaw's PETS for no Damn good reason. Period!

We the People will never let America forget! Never! Until the USDA-OIG Investigates for real!

Please see this article and link on our main web site (lower page area) at URL:

We the People, will never let this tragedy against good people like Danny and Cindi Henshaw go unanswered or unnoticed. This issue will never die, until justice is served against the Storm Troopers who harmed Danny and Cindi Henshaw.

So help me God!

Dean A. Ayers

"United States Officially Certified Site"

Dean A. Ayers is a prior United States Air Force Special Agent for the AFOSI. His duties included that of law enforcement specialist, criminal, fraud, and counter-intelligence. He was assigned to felony crimes in federal government, fraud, waste and abuse investigations of the military branches of service, and counter-intelligence in overseas locations. Dean was also a former Texas State Commissioned Alamo State Park Armed Ranger.

Dean is currently Director, Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom National Organization and Dean is also a Lead Investigative Reporter for the Headline News ©,, and news press services.

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My name is Sara Beth Cannon. I’m 16 years of age, and I’m the niece of Cindi and Danny Henshaw. I lived through what happened to them. I watched as my aunt and Uncles life slowly crumbled away. They were depending on their pigs for retirement, obviously that isn’t going to happen. When this first happened, I did not fully comprehend what was really going on; but I have done my homework. This was outrageous and unfair. Why weren’t they first notified of possible diseased pigs? Why was my aunt placed under guard, when she obviously could do nothing to stop them?

The government delivered a blow to my aunt and uncle that was meant to break their spirit; meant to take the fight out of them. Well, it has had the exact opposite effect.

People began to come forward; they helped them back to their feet. Then, they shared their stories. In doing so, they showed Cindi and Danny that there is a way to fight back. I’m proud of my aunt and uncle. And I can’t think of a better way to express it to them, then by expressing it to you.

Cindi and Danny now live in a camper out west, working round the clock, trying to pay the debt that they should not have to pay.

There comes a time in life when a person or persons in this nation, have to take a stand in life against tyranny.

And to date, many years later after this incident, it would appear to readers that the tyranny of government has won.

Even JOB, in the Bible, was taken to life's task in every aspect of his total life, liberty, and property, to include his family taken form him, not with standing his private property and family ground. Just for God and the Devil to see if his unknown tyranny against him by the devil himself would break JOB's eternal spirit. And yet, JOB remained faithful unto God and in the Light of God forever. That did not make it any easier for JOB to bear, but JOB passed the test of God in life.

By God and by Oath to God and the Henshaw's, One by One by one, will I insure the world KNOWS there IS TYRANNY in the United States of America, and it has taken the initial strike at Danny and Cindi Henshaw.

Let all who read this KNOW, that tyranny, HAS NOT WON!

I originally filed in this incident, by FAX, an official request for a USDA-OIG independent investigation into intentional misconduct by the USDA agents involved in this matter.

To date, it goes unanswered by the USDA-OIG responsible for investigation of criminal acts of tyranny in the USDA.

You can begin, by writing the USDA-OIG and demand that an official inquiry into federal and state agency misconduct be investigated per my original complaint faxed to the USDA-OIG, and the TRUTH be told, and disclosed, independently done, to clear the Henshaw's name.

The legacy of this incident in harming Danny and Cindi Henshaw, stands as a "Beacon of Light" to the world that tyranny and evil still exist in this nation and in the world, yet, We as People, can and will stand our ground. We the People must continue to overcome all tyranny cast upon our lives and souls.

The government of the people, was WRONG!

Danny and Cindi Henshaw are innocent.

I will not rest until this assassination incident has been properly investigated and the Henshaw's name cleared. I 'stake' my life on it!

Please people, all who read this, begin by reading and spreading the word of this article, and the web site locations where it is also publicly available for reading to the world, namely at the following URL link:

Go to:

Scroll to the bottom of the page for their story and links to the truth disclosed in the "Henshaw Massacre."

Also you may Google the "Henshaw Massacre."

Tyranny can kill the body, pets and property, but tyranny can never kill the living spirit within each of us.

Danny and Cindi Henshaw are innocent. Help us get the USDA-OIG to prove it! Write the USDA-OIG and demand the USDA-OIG complaint originally made by Dean A. Ayers, be investigated.

THE USDA is holding listening sessions NOW across the is time the Henshaws and Faillaces and other victims of USDA killing fields go tell their stories...see for dates, times and places or

Keep the faith. You are not alone.

When I read about the killing of Danny and Cindy's animals I felt sickened. Sickened because of SWAT style actions against law abiding citizens who weren't allowed to defend themselves nor challenge allegations made. I'm from New Zealand and an animal rights advocate and I write today because of two things. Firstly, that some commenters are blaming animal rights supporters along with the USDA for this nazi style massacre and an erosion of their civil rights. Not true. All any animal advocate wants is for animals to be treated humanely. This massacre ( and that's what it was ) does not fall into that arena at all. I want to assure everyone involved in hunting, breeding as well as those that provide sanctuaries for animals that there was nothing about the USDA's actions in these raids that any animal advocate could ever support. Certainly the execution style shooting of pigs is against everything animal rights stands for. Further the USDA are no friends of animal rights advocates. The USDA is quite clearly acting for MOnsanto and other big agri groups, who with USDA protection, treat their animals far worse than anything I've read here regarding Cindy's and Danni's operation as exposees into battery and stall style farming has proved.
I don't support hunting. But I've many friends that do and they are still my friends. And it sounds to me like these animals of Cindy's and Danny's had more land to roam than most animals do in 'non enclosed' areas where hunting takes place.
I believe the USDA should have notified Danny and Cindy of any suspicion they had of disease and arranged an inspection and possible testing. I believe that if positives were found that Danny and cindy had the right to challenge the findings if they didn't believe them and engage an independant tester. As tests can often return positive results then be found to be innaccurate. I believe that those animals that tested negative should have been spared. Lastly, I believe that Danny's and Cindy's Civil rights were absolutely ignored. And that the USDA and Government have a case to answer regarding a gross violation of your constitution.
Lastly I do more rights for animals because I believe they have the right to not suffer. I believe in standards being introduced to that end. But not big brother bully boy tactics. I'm talking standards that shouldn't upset anyone who has any compassion and empathy toward other living things. Standards I see lacking in the USDA's actions and in their approved Monsanto operations which are dens of suffering. I don't think that being humane should erode anyones civil rights unless they think they have the right to disregard decency. I hope Danny and Cindy get some justice. Cheers Alex from New Zealand.