Snap o' the day: Gas shortage hits?


The "We pump it" Citgo on Ivy Road was not pumping it this morning, nor was it yesterday. The station is closed today, with plastic-bag covered pumps and no prices posted on its sign.


No chance it just went out of business?

I'll bet that's it - otherwise they'd be open to sell overpriced ice and beer.

Joy Food Store on East High was out of gas for what seemed like at least a week. This was only about a week to ten days ago. So spot shortages are not new to this area I suppose.

The transport company delivering to Joy Food can't make much profit anyway though. Every time the delivery tanker pulls onto the lot he suffers a flat tire from a curb that sticks up. It's like the curb suddenly ends and is sticking up about 5 or 6 inches at the property line of Fitch Services. Roadside service has to be called in to install a new tire on back of the tanker. And this doesn't come cheap.

I think it depends on the station's supply arrangement. A couple stations in my area have been out, but most are fine.