Ahh the Smell of It

No such thing as too much garlic.
PHOTO BY Clay Irving

Garlic lovers can meet their match at Rebec Vineyards’ annual Garlic Festival featuring wine tasting, gourmet foods, artwork, crafts, and live music. Kids can find companionship too with games, balloons, face painting, pony rides, live animals, and performances of clowns and magicians. Rt. 29 south 5 miles north of Amherst. 946-5168.


Not for families with small children. They charge $20 for adults and another $10 for the "rides." These consist of inflated bounce props that kids enjoy for a short while. Not worth spending $30. If you're just there with friends, its great. Kids will not enjoy this event.

Speaking as someone who left Cville 7 years ago to move to New Orleans, it sounds like the owners of "Zydeco", couldn't have it more wrong. Zydeco music for one has nothing to do with New Orleans, it is the music of south-western Louisiana not New Orleans which is in south-eastern Louisiana. From the description it sound more like the place should be called "Memphis" as pulled pork and pulled chicken are certainly not New Orleans dishes.

I would ask people rather than go to a theme restaurant that really doesn't even know enough about the "theme," to make plans to come down and taste the real thing. We are open for business and could certainly use the visitors.

Why are we reading the same news as the previous Tuesday?!?!

Oops, forgot, boring...

Have to agree with Tom Morgan on all points. A restaurant owner who would be so inaccurate about his culinary inspiration is either uninformed or just trying to put something over on the public. I am not encouraged to visit.