Rainbow Creatures

Kids of all ages can join Grandpa as he introduces you to some amazing creatures, great and small, during this fantastic puppet show by award winning author David Messick. This musical review of animal songs and stories provides entertainment for the whole family. Performed today at Northside Library. Albemarle Square. 973-7893.


I had a couple of Cville's "inner city utes at risk" light up their crack pipe in back of my house a couple of times. No problem though, I started leaving bread slices out for the skunks and sure enough, one night Mr. Skunk gave Jamal, Leroy and Lionel a civics lesson they won't soon forget.

Yes, a major problem! My farm is in NE Albemarle and we have year-round poachers who leave deer carcasses (minus the four shoulders) everywhere, and help themselves to the contents of barns and outbuildings. Over the years I've had cows (2) shot and a goat killed. They even stripped the engine compartment of a station wagon, including the spark plug wires!