Manson smasher: Now, Bugliosi wants to prosecute Bush

Attorney and author Vincent Bugliosi, famous for putting Charles Manson behind bars and writing a book about it called Helter Skelter, will speak in Charlottesville on Thursday, October 16 at the Albemarle County Office Building at 7pm.

Bugliosi's new book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, makes the case that President Bush should be charged and prosecuted for murder for the way his administration justified invading Iraq. In addition, Bugliosi argues that any state attorney general or county prosecutor could take up the case. As those familiar with the Manson case know, Bugliosi managed to convince a jury to convict Manson of murder even though Manson wasn't present at the crime scenes when the victims were murdered.

Bugliosi is also the author of Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder (1996), No Island of Sanity: Paula Jones v. Bill Clinton - The Supreme Court on Trial (1998), The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President (2001), and Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (2007)

The Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice is sponsoring the event. For more information, contact David Swanson at 434-296-4228.


quote: "Bugliosi managed to convince a jury to convict Manson of murder even though Manson wasn’t present at the crime scenes when the victims were murdered."

This isn't real hard to accomplish. Through the joint-responsibility rule of conspiracy, he was convicted of the murders themselves. I see it as no big deal.

A big deal is when you convict of murder without a body, like our own retired Commonwealth's Attoeny Richard Barrick did back in 1983. And of course the body still hasn't been found to this day.

He's got a good audience. A lot of people hate Bush and will gladly fill the pockets of someone who writes a bunch of nonsense against him. Maybe it will open the door for the prosecution of Congress who just voted to give their large contributors $700B. Everybody rides while people spend their time feeling vicious about somebody who's coming out of the WH in a few months. Good waste of time and money folks. How many contacted their representatives about their views on the big giveaway. Glad they've got that money to pay back in taxes.

We Americans do not look at killing outside our boarders the same as within our boarders. None of us alive have ever experienced a war within our boarders.
Killing is killing no matter where it happens and until we realize that, don't blame George Bush.

"A lot of people hate Bush and will gladly fill the pockets of someone who writes a bunch of nonsense against him."
I recently read Mr. Bugliosi's book and I have been tracking the (media and public) replies to his publication. So far I haven't found any debate about these allegations whatsoever, and until there is one, the ball remains on the Bush apologist side of the court. Mr. Bugliosi is a man of great professional integrity, and he has made a very serious allegation that demands a serious answer. Cville Eyes respons as quoted above, is no respons at all, it is an opinion, based on observations that he doesn't even bother to reference. If you want to call Mr.Bugliosi's allegations nonsensical I am sure you can point to some logical fallacies or factual errors in his evidence. As far as I have observed, no one has yet pointed to any such mistakes since the book was published in May this year. Neither has anyone pointed to any reason why Mr. Bugliosi's allegations should not be taken seriously, when his career clearly suggests that they should be taken very seriosly. As long as the american press and goverment ignores Mr. Bugliosis apperently meticulously researched case (only a proper investigation will show how meticulous it really is), it remains very clear that everyone is not equal under the law in the USA and that all of americas talk of justice is nothing more than empty words. The lack of response from the mainstream media further demonstrates that freedom of press in America exist only on paper. Let me ad that polling suggests that 39-45% of the american public is in favor of impeaching the president. That is significant and here is a reference:
There are therefore very good reasons to impeach the Bush administration, and I think that -being a president/former president and all- he can feel confident that unless there is extreemly well documented and persuasive evidence againts him, he will be completely acquitted. So why doesn't he and those who defend him so eagerly, welcome the chance to set his reputation right? Some would suggest that attitudes on this subject is a matter of political left and right. But since when does the political right support criminal behaviour? That is not one of their talking points. One might as well argue that republicans should be even more outraged by the Bush-administration than the democrats and independents, due to the damage that they have caused the republican party. So if you americans mean this justice-business seriously, than you need to at least take a closer look at these allegations before you dismiss them as nonsense without any valid cause.

Why is this clown able to use a county office building to promote his book?

There is a guy frpm Chicago who claims he had gay sex with Obama, should he be able to book a room? Why not? They both have agendas.

"This isn’t real hard to accomplish. Through the joint-responsibility rule of conspiracy, he was convicted of the murders themselves. I see it as no big deal."

Actually, it was a VERY big deal. It wasn't that he was able to convince jurors that Manson was involved, though that itself was no walk in the park (no physical evidence of Manson's involvement, truly fanatical followers who were willing to take the fall for him, a true circus of a trial, etc). The big deal was making them buy into the Helter Skelter motive.

And TJ, rather than sling the ol' mud, why not take a stab at refuting the claims Bugliosi makes in his book? Bugliosi is a pretty smart guy - is it possible - just possible - that he might make some sense?

Now, I know that would fly against the Rovian world "conservatives" live in these days: disregard the message, but do everything possible to slime whoever is delivering the message. Call them clowns, or libruls, or terrorist-loving welfare mothers, or whatever might happen to be on the list of derogatory labels for that news cycle, and then change the subject and hope nobody notices. If somebody notices, deny it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

i hate to say it, but most of america is stupid, they cant see past the first layer of any issue. the author's argument is nuanced and interesting, but to 80% of america, bush is a hero for going after those "muslims".

I'd settle for a public acceptance over time that he lied and was manipulated by cheney to enter a fabricated war in iraq.

afghanistan, different story. we need to be there and that is important work, if managed properly.