Alleged William Monroe football paramour indicted

Tammy Harlow Cox, 39, took the photo at left in February and posted it on her Facebook account. The right is her mugshot, taken by the Greene County Sheriff's Department today.

The Greene County Sheriff's Office announced today that it has charged 39-year-old Tammy Harlow Cox of Stanardsville with two felony counts in relation to carrying on several sexual relationships with members of the William Monroe High School football team, three of whom were between the ages of 15 and 18. Cox has been indicted on two counts of taking indecent liberties and having sex with a child while in a supervisory or custodial relationship.

According to the Newsplex, Cox's arrest warrant states that she had sexual intercourse with the student athletes, sent them text messages containing "strong sexual content," and that she sent them a picture of herself "where she exposes her full face and breast."

Like Daniel Widdowfield, the 24-year-old Albemarle man who was allegedly caught in an underage sex solicitation sting in July, Cox has a Facebook account (log-in required). However, unlike Widdowfield, who "friended" over 100 local underage girls through the popular social networking site, Cox boasts but one friend on her page, though that friend is a boy who's a junior at William Monroe. Still, Cox insists on her page that her relationship status is "Married," and that she is only looking for "Friendship."

The Greene County magistrate set Cox's bond at $5000, and she is expected in court Thursday, October 9, at 9am. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

Meanwhile, the William Monroe Green Dragon football team will do their best to focus on the task at hand on the field tonight, as they have a road game against the King George Foxes at 7:30pm, their first contest since the Greene sheriffs announced they were investigating the alleged sexual improprieties.


Greene County, baby! They're not doing much to refute stereotypes up there, are they?

There's some pretty cute little redneck Bud Light girls in Greene. This "lady" is a Mack Truck. Amazing she pulled it off, props to her!

This kind of thing has been rumored to go on in Charlottesville and Albemarle County all of my lifetime. Rumors of high school staff and students, college staff and students, college girls prostituing themselves (not rumor, policemen cited as johns), Sunday School teachers, and mess going on at Turtle Creek, not to mention the stuff that is rumored to go on at Frat houses on weekends (bad enough to confess after 20 years). The people of Chalbemarle to look in the mirror hard and see that this emperor is naked.

Paramour. And unless she's married, that's not the right term, really. Perhaps pedophile is the word you're seeking.

It's Sheriffs not Sherriffs (one "R")

This, if true, is disgusting and reprehensible. What kind of person does this?

makes you wonder if those football players were blind, because i wouldn't hit that , if it were the last strange on Earth

The spellings have now been corrected.--Hook Editor

Well, the "sherrifs" in the last sentence hasn't been corrected. But let's not quibble about orthography, Hawes has nefarious water deals to squash. Forget Manhattan, our little old Charlottesville is turning into Chinatown. He just needs to be careful if the RWSA starts dumping water in the ocean or the James.

she looks like she's starting linebacker on their team. What boy would want to touch that?!? They are as screwed up as she!

He who is with out sin cast the first stone.

JS after JC

she a nasty wOmen.! She deserves mOre than 10 years fOr actin like that especially is she has kids.!

First of all - she is a married woman and a mother. And as anyone with a facebook account can see, she has two accounts. And has 135 friends on one of them - most are teens or graduates of William Monroe High School. I sure hope the investigators are aware of that. I was told she is on MySpace as well.
I do wonder what people would be saying about this situation if she was a more attractive woman. Sadly that seems to affect the way people view it.


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What does her pet have to do with it??

I graduated from William Monroe last year and I've known about this going on for a while. Everyone knows.

The high school is just that pathetic. The senior class this year is especially interesting. While some students set a good example, many of them (especially the athletes) give Greene such a bad name. This article didn't mention the recent hazing incident, which investigations of brought this story out. William Monroe has been going downhill for years.

"I do wonder what people would be saying about this situation if she was a more attractive woman. Sadly that seems to affect the way people view it."

What are you saying? After Bree Harding, she is one of the most attractive women I have commented on yet!

I know a lot of people think it's funny to stereotype, country people don't eat possums, raccoons, or beavers, and more that city people eat rats. Get off of that rap.

Not nice to use my name. If I had actually said that people already realize that I know how to quote properly.

quote: "I do wonder what people would be saying about this situation if she was a more attractive woman. Sadly that seems to affect the way people view it."

You fail.

The correct way to quote things is through redundancy?

Are you asking the real Sick Of The Local Rambos...

... or the fake Sick Of The Local Rambos?

Since there's two of us now, please sure to be specific in the future.

"Props to her" about an alleged pedophile? Boys are just as traumatized by sexual abuse and exploitation as girls are, and they are less likely to seek and be given help to deal with the effects of child molestation than girls. And please don't blame the victims for goodness sakes.

I don't think anyone is blaming these children, how-ever people can
call it molestation or what-ever, but these boys ultimately are old
enough to know better, unfortunately they used very bad judgement
because their hormones where rageing. She, how-ever needs to be
punished to the fullest extent of the law, she has given Greene County
another unwanted name because of her ignorance.

Sadie: if they're children they're not "old enough to know better." That's why we have laws and rules to protect them and why if this woman did what is alleged, she broke the law.

quote: "....these boys ultimately are old
enough to know better, unfortunately they used very bad judgement
because their hormones were raging...."

I think the exact same thing can be said about the defendant.

Sadie, I don't think her hormones were raging--I think that an entirely different, and pathological, need was being met.

I didn't say her hormones were raging, I said those boys hormones
were raging. Regardless, its a very unfortunate situation that these
boys found themselves in

This is sick. I feel sorry for her children and her new husband. I can't imagine the pain they and the other families are going through. I know this woman and I'm shocked. She has done so much damage to so many lives....sad.

Please when you make your post realize that her children and the children involved can read.
Don't hurt the families anymore then they have already been hurt.
These people have to heal. Be intelligent in your posts think of innocent people's feelings.
My Prayer's are with all families who have been hurt and disappointed.
But, I don't believe she was in a well frame of mind when she did these things, maybe someone should look into her medical background.
A mother and wife wouldn't do these things if she were well.
I am sure she loves her children after all that is why she was involved with the school to begin with why would she risk her family if she were thinking properly.
I hope that the leader's of the school will fix it so this sort of thing never happens again. Don't leave the children the school board is responsible for with anyone that isn't on the school systems payroll no matter what age the students are. After all some are trying to throw the term "Pedophile" if this is the case then these children should not have been left with a parent. Will the school be held responsible also?

Now that's some high quality H 2 o

Thank you for printing this article. Reading about Susanne Kogut's decision to make this dramatic change in her life and commitment to her purpose here on earth, brought a tear to my eyes. Like her, I recently aligned my actions with my beliefs and have committed the rest of my life to the animal protection issues most important to me, such as stopping cruel factory farming practices and experimentation on animals. It was especially heartwarming to hear that she is a Christian standing for animal issues, as so many people think that humans are all that matter. Not true. We have a responsibility to protect all beings that cannot protect themselves from the cruelty inflicted upon them by man. Susan is one of the few who has come to the enlightenment that the reason we're here is to give back. Thanks again!