Could slimmer 'Y' save McIntire softball?

The proposed McIntire Park master plan situates the Piedmont Virginia YMCA in the park's swale currently housing the Lion Club's picnic shelters.

In the run-up to this week's impending confrontation between ousted softball players and government officials at the County Board of Supervisors, information revealed at a meeting last week suggests a chance for McIntire Park to avoid the expected softball exile that's put players into a recent uproar. It all depends on the footprint of the Y.

"The YMCA is not building at the size they anticipated because they are not partnering with UVA," says Charlottesville Parks & Recreation Director Mike Svetz. "The [Park's] master plan adopted was based on the footprint of the YMCA, which drives everything else, including site improvements."

The Y has already received a $1/year, 40-year-lease on a 5.2-acre site and financial commitments for more than $3 million from local governments, but it would need to spend $1.5 million on site improvements, Svetz says, "beyond building the building."

"It's in their financial interest to save the existing road and parking lot," Svetz says. "Then we have to do an update of the master plan."

While Y talk dominated the two-hour conversation, Svetz tried to tout the planned lighting of Darden Towe's three softball fields in addition to the already-budgeted $150,000 City plan to light the girl's softball field at Charlottesville High School and news that the City would renews and augment its agreement for softball league field time at Piedmont Virginia Community College.

"If you take fields away, they'll be gone forever," says unswayed softball player Steve Cooper. "I guarantee you that in twenty years, when there are more softball players, you'll be wishing you still had these two damn fields at McIntire."

This was a softball organizational meeting hosted by Svetz–- alongside assistant Parks director Brian Daley and athletic supervisor and head of the adult softball league, Bernie Garrison.

"Is it your desire to play softball or to play softball at McIntire?" Svetz asked the congregation, to great indignation.

"You guys never thought about softball," said Bob Fenwick of the Save McIntire campaign. "I expect you to start being on our side, start talking about softball."

"We have to be advocates for everyone who plays sports," Daly shot back. "We're responsible for needs and demands across the community."

As at a recent meeting convened by Albemarle County supervisor Ken Boyd, the meeting concluded with all parties unsatisfied. After brandishing a stack of petitions at Svetz, Fenwick left before the talk had died down, while Cooper continued to ask for more transparency as the Y moved forward in the design and construction of its building.

"The Y is getting hit pretty hard, and they should not be connected with this at all," Svetz said after the meeting. "As for Towe, this accelerates the conversation about lighting, but it's a conversation that would have been had in the future nonetheless."


ââ?¬Å?The [Park's] master plan adopted was based on the footprint of the YMCA, which drives everything else, including site improvements.” Is Charlottesville being driven by special interests groups because our leaders are at a loss at how to govern? This is a case where clearly the public does not come first.
ââ?¬Å?We have to be advocates for everyone who plays sports,” Daly shot back. ââ?¬Å?We’re responsible for needs and demands across the community.” This statement is totally incompatible with the first one stating that the YMCA is driving the show. Could we do worse if we let the Y run RWSA?

"The Y is getting hit pretty hard, and they should not be connected with this at all" - that's gotta be one of the most ignorant statements uttered in this whole mess. The Y gets a super duper sweetheart deal from the City - let's not even touch on the issue of the City basically providing a grant of public resources to a religious organization - and Svetz thinks they Y isn't connected with this at all? The Y is the ROOT of this issue - the Y and the city's gift to the Y. You can't discuss this issue without the Y.

Oh the bright side, Svetz has shown that he's going to make a great City Councilor some day. He's already mastered the art of talking without saying anything of relevance. How in the name of God do these people obtain positions of decision-making in public government???

Music Lover said it perfectly

we already have to play 9pm games because there aren't enough fields (as it is) to accomodate reasonable playing hours. I can't stand the 9pm games because they last until past 10 and I'm wiped out for work the next day. They will have to cut back on teams if they don't keep these fields. It's bad enough now.


I believed in you! You were the hope of the future when I first saw Phish, Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler, and Spin Doctors all together on the H.O.R.D.E. at Merriweather Post in 1992. I continued to see your band and buy your albums for many years enjoying the evolution of your sound. I even went as far as Prague for two shows and your style and sound blew my mind. You were in sync and you did justice to every cover song I heard.

Then you stopped playing the college circuit, set lists became shorter, shows showed no energy and your voice became shot. I saw you at Jazzfest in 2005 and almost fell asleep. booorrrrinnnnggg

Please tell me you will try to ROCK Charlottesville like with the GCH back at Trax. We want to dance and smile- not sit around in outer space wondering if you are still tuning up.

Amen Pedro

Thank you Coran for bringing Widespread Panic to town for 2 nights!

Trey you have past your point of no return!

lambasting will follow the great ones.

Whiskey - can you tell me when i have passed the pointof no return - because you apparently have the market cornered on that kind of thing...I wish I did.

Pedro - I understand. But come on - grow up.

Of course, I know you won't, but don't listen to the jackasses Trey.

They know only negativity.

Do what you feel, and if I dig it, I'll keep coming.

If I don't, I'll stay home and smile about the times that I did.

Keep on rockin' in the free world! LOL.

everyone at PT hates the new stuff....
did PT kill the voltz?

Trey you rule.

PT loves ya baby. Not everybody is a hater.

the ones on PT who aren't there to just troll around still love trey's work.

especially now! these new albums are EXCELLENT!


Da kidzzz want you to know that we outdanced Brad and your entire family at Webster Hall. Ya Herd?!!!!

PT: Bringin' down Trey since the Hiatus Ended!!

some say they only hate to push you to greater heights. I just do it because it makes me feel cooler than everyone else.

love, p

trey, these shows have been raging man. good job.

People bitch just to bitch, Trey. I guarantee 90% of the haters are listening or going to shows.

Bitching and complaining is the new black.


Keep the new drummer man, You guys are sounding Great! i like drifting but maybe you shouldnt play it so much, its losing its edge. I will be in austin cant wait!!

jasonp is so hot right now!

Trey is the fucking man....period. Fuck all you haters for bashing one of the greatest guitar players of all time, and the guy who has given you so many good memories.

Seriously, he had one mediocre year with a new band and after the phish breakup which is understandable. Give him a break.

Id pay $500,000.00 to watch Trey piss on the face of each hater out there while shredding a guitar solo. If phish ever gets back together these haters would be the first ones in line. Douchebags.

That being said, Trey is on fire right now. Everyone who has heard these recent shows knows this. And I cant wait to catch him in VEGAS!!!!!

Saw Trey at Jones Beach this Summer - he and Mike brought the heat. I'll always be a Trey fan - a fan of one of the few musicians who takes the time out to talk to his fans on the street... A fan of one of the few musicians and, more generally, persons who has changed my life in a positive way.

Trey AND the band were amazing at Webster Hall. There is something special going on with this band; something different than phish. Someting different then the 10 piece. There is no bullshit. It's like the phish we all know and love- as far as energy. He has a great collection of songs now too. He has worked hard on his solo carreer since 98 and it has so many potentials.

I do hope Phish come back becuase there is nothing like them. Everyone including trey and the band know this. But I do hope that this band continues also.

What a great show Trey and his current band did last night at the Pavilion. I just stood there and remembered that this all came to be from a few musicans who wanted to play music on Friday evenings from a plywood box at the east end of the downtown mall. Thanks to people who play for us and those who had the forsight to build the pavilion.

If you happen to come back to this interview's site to read these comments (which I am almost certain you won't, but who knows really) know this:

practice, practice, practice!

Man, you and the boys did it for a long, long time and you see the success it brought you. Please don't fall back now into just going on your talent alone and not practicing the freakin' guitar, cause when you do, you are one the best, ever.

Thanks and good luck on tour!

there is a lot of hate on the pt. come join the love and fun at the


The show in Philly last week was amazing. Your band is sounding better than ever and I can't wait to rage A.C. Your arrival here has been long awaited.




Trey, why is your music so boring now?
Do you really have Parkisons' disease?

Trey, call me sometime, I noticed several crucial elements missing from your music nowadays.

1. good hooks
2. good lyrics
3. good guitar solos, etc. etc.

To all the haters....accept the fact that "Phish" is no longer! Period. Move on and grow to relieze that people change and life goes on outside of phish!
Trey and the path that he continues on should be respected, and remember the next time you talk shit remember that phish will be back some day, and all you posers will be there.....bitches! Keep it rockin Trey.

Well said.

I saw the show last night in Asheville and holy shit was it smokin'.Once again like after many other shows was amazed.No break 1 set,badass.To all the negative people,stay home more room to dance for the ones that care.AMAZED IN N.C.

Good luck Trey.

I think it is really awful whoever wrote to Trey.."Do you have "parkisons"" What a nice thing to say to someone..come on..ever see a phish show and enjoy yourself? Show some respect to the one who made that happen. STOP BEING SO CRITICAL! What the hell on earth do any of these haters have on Trey. Just because your filthy girlfriend gave you syphilis, there is no need to take it out on Trey. HA HA. BE GOOD!

This tour is Great!! Thanks!!! Having the time of my life!

i have been critical of trey's artistic choices lately along with many others, but i have also seen him play some great shows recently too.

The Asheville show on Sunday night was particularly terrific. Also, the two Tabernacle shows from April were tons of fun as well. The GRAB show...not as much (but it was better than 70VP, which it sounds like Trey didn't dig either).

The negativity at pt got so bad, though, that I rarely ever go back (not my screenname there btw)

thanks for the input guys, personnally i love PT, its like fox news, a bunch of know nothing whiners, like jasonp. Hope to see you in CB after the fox

Don't listen to those who bash you, after all, we created the monster by following you all over the states and buying all the merchandise that we have. And if given the chance to get back on the tour train again, I'll be the one in the first front row seat!

Yo Trey, i heard you got arrested last night, its alright, you admitted making a mistake and its all over with now, forget it, drop the hardcore stuff and get back on with your life. We all know what that means. And weve all heard that you've been talking to the "band" (phish) lately. Do it, i dare you. Every ticket will sell out, and you'll be back to what you and all of us have missed for the past 2 years. Thank you Trey and do the RIGHT THING!

Trey, Things are OK, Everything youve done and are doing is OK, Phish is not dead, your band is doing fine, if not, your up comming shows would not be sold out.We are all still young, 40ish is nothing, keep Rocking, Your up comming show in Boston, My 53 year old mom cant wate to see, Im taking her for a gift, She loves what what your doing, she would to see You, Mike, Page, & Fish , as well but shes all smilles as well as I am.. Peace

Trey got arrested for pharmies? No way! Who would have thought? One bourbon, one scotch and 9 pharmies! keep it kind Trey!