KRONOS Gallery opens "Harrisonburg Artists Showcase"

David Modler, "Greenman Chronicles."

Kronos Gallery holds a retro-themed opening for its latest exhibition, "Harrisonburg Artists Showcase," which features work by 17 artists who live in, yes, Harrisonburg. It's a 1950s costume party with DJ Brian "Ban the Bomb" Boyd spinning easy-listening '50's music. 6pm-? 14 Byers St (on the wharf) in beautiful downtown Staunton. 540-213-1815


Oh the universality of the human race. How long do I have to wait until someone says to me "allow me to introduce you to my lovely wife Walter......."

Look, you folks are tolerated--no one tries to do you physical harm anymore and you are allowed to work mainstream jobs. This is all good. You are looking for love and acceptance and you whine when you get smart enough to figure out that most of the planet doesn't want to hold you up as being examples for future generations to follow. That is called reality. Deal with it and blog each other to kingdom come if it makes you feel better--why not just shut up, get on with your lives and leave the rest of us alone so we can do likewise.

too bemused,

I don't suppose you would ever like to be referred to as "you folks." Furthermore, you probably would not settle with the idea that society only allows you to have "mainstream jobs" or that "no one tries do you physical harm anymore." Both of those claims are false, by the way. The fact that claim that gay folks have it just fine (or fine by you) speaks that you probably don't have much perspective of what it is like to face bigotry on a daily basis, or know anyone who does.
Clearly, you probably shouldn't speak for the planet, then. So let's go with the idea that you (and everyone else) only speaks for themselves. Toleration is not the goal of gay/lesbian couples. Freedom to live their own lives with privacy and ability to support their partners and families is the only all we want. If you saw that your rights were being taken away, you would speak up also.