The Artful Dog art sale to benefit Service Dogs of Virginia

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The Artful Dog art sale presents refreshments and music by John Carden
and the Greenwich Swingtime and Feature Artist Thomas J. Coon, as well
as works for sale donated by dozens of local artists and craftspeople.  All
proceeds benefit Service Dogs of Virginia. 2331 Seminole Trail. For more information, visit, or call 295-9503.


I have to confess that even though I've been reading the Hook for years, and am familiar with it's sometimes informal and punnish headlines, I was shocked by this one. Has the Hook determined that the racist term Senator Allen used to call out Mr. Sidarth is okay for a headline? That racist slang is not a word I want to see used casually in your newspaper. It betrays a lack of neutrality, and implicitly condones Allen's impropriety and troubled history with race.

Actually Macaca is not a racist word it is a term for a genus of monkey. I can say Macaca on TV for it is not a banned word. I doubt you or any other reader of this paper would have given the word a second thought if you had not been told what it means when used in Northern Africa.

Look in the Urban Dictionary, Macaca didn't exist as a slang until August 14, 2006 after the incident occured. Gaijin is a word used in English to explain a japanese word that some think means "foreigner". In Japan some consider it innocent some an insult. Does this mean that we should ban the Movie Shogun or Black Rain because it thoughout thsoe movies, just in case?

Your screed implies that this newly minted american slang worg (define by the media after it's use) is the moral equal of the N word. Put Macaca in google- you will now see a sponsered link that is purely political ploy.

Allen's past is why the word Macaca become a racist word after the fact. It would be irresponsible to avoid using the word. The democrats actually fired someone for using the term Macacawitz to refer to Allen. I think that is humorous but in these politically correct times it got somebody fired.

to paraphrase Sergeant Hulka "Lighten up, Frances"