Police advisory panel named

A year after calls for more police oversight following several incidents involving police officers and pedestrians in crosswalks, City Council announced appointments to the Charlottesville Police Advisory Panel at last night's meeting. The nine-member panel–- which includes City Councilor and former Charlottesville Fire Chief Julian Taliaferro–- will primarily act to improve community relations between the department and the public. The panel will not, Police Chief Tim Longo has repeatedly asserted, be involved in any type of investigations or matters of intradepartment discipline.


Who are the other appointees?

I think on is Steve "sick of the local rambos" shifflett

I haven't posted in this topic. Well, until just now of course.

Hope everybody enjoys the dog and pony show here on The Hook, doesn't look like the fool is going to let up on pretending to be me anytime soon. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. To imitate someone is to pay the person a genuine compliment�often an unintended compliment. Thank You.

Is it Sick1 or Sick2 that's being outed?

CVille, does it really matter? Ya know, now that I think about this thing, this dog and pony show is how rookie cops act when they feel somebody has stepped on their toes.

Wanna see how they act when they think nobody is watching or listening? Be forewarned, these videos shows racism is alive and well in law enforcement...




Let me get this straight, a Shifflett is involved in goings-on in the Charlottesville area? Shocking.

WestBerkeleyFlats, yes, many Shiffletts have contributed a great deal to the well-being of central Va particularly as police officer, fireman, medical personnel, bankers, businessmen, etc.

quote: "This is really getting uncool! Two more people using my screen name without my permission. My name isn’t Shifflet, and it isn’t even Steve. A lot of people here know who I am and any of them can tell you that.

Neither of those posters above are really me, and I’m getting more than a little steamed at all of this!! Stop it!! Stop it!! Stop it NOW!!!!!"

Once again, nice try, but not the real Sick Of The Local Rambos talking.

I sure have upset a few peope to make them act like this. :)

Now the topic can proceed without all the disruptions, I can't imagine how anybody ever thought the police chief was going to let them step in and regulate his department. This panel is absolutely useless and will fall by the wayside. Just like the panel in Albemarle County did.

The only proper place for a group of civilians to judge the actions of police officers is in a jury trial after the officers are sued for wrongful actions.

The question is why did the first citizens advisory committee stop meeting in the nineties? If the leaders had bothered to answer that question, maybe they wouldn't have formed this committee to serve as community educators for the police department.

I don't recall the first advisory committee in the 90s. The Albemarle coppies had one, but did the city?

By 2015 we will have forgotten about this most recent committee being appointed as well.

The City's Elected Leaders Select A Police Advisory Panel

The City Council has chosen one of its members and nine local residents for its new Police Advisory Panel. Vice-Mayor Julian Taliaferro represents the council on the new panel, which expects to meet regularly with Police Chief Tim Longo. The citizen members include Ida Lewis (pictured), George Harry Benford, Jean Chase, John Racine, Lehman Bates II, Glenn Rust, David Edward Simmons II, Mark Gruber, and Quinton Harrell. Chief Longo retains the right to hire, fire, promote, or demote the department's personnel.

Thanks, AA. Sick, yes there was one but I think they just stopped meeting without being dissolved.

If I recall correctly, the early 90s would have been Chief John Wolford. And the late 90s would have been Rittenhouse. I can imagine Wolford would accept constructive criticism from an advisory panel. But I doubt Rittenhouse could have cared less what any advisory panel would have to say about anything.

I can't recall who was resposible for improperly making the above mentioned former deputy sheriff Ida Lewis retire. I am glad to see Ida on the panel. She knows some of the foolishness that goes on in local law enforcement. And it was pretty comical to have watched Ida sue to get her job back. She was awarded her job back, back pay and benefis.

The Charlottesville Police Advisory Panel, as described, is not true civilian oversight of law enforcement.

Without true civilian oversight, all that remains is self-policing.

With self-policing, because of police culture, there is still too much room for police misconduct to remain unchecked even in the best of police departments.

Self-policing does not work.

It does not work with young children. If you think it does, try leaving a roomful of kids alone and telling them, ââ?¬Å?You kids behave now, ok?” Try it with a room full of teenagers and watch what happens.

It does not work with society. ââ?¬Å?All you citizens out there, we won’t have any police from now on so you all be good. Obey the speed limits and give yourself a ticket if you go over, ok?”

It does not work on Wall Street. ââ?¬Å?You lenders and big corporations, we don’t have anything in place to watch over you so make sure you behave properly with finances and don’t get our economy in a bind. See to it yourselves, ok?”

It doesn’t work with government leaders. ââ?¬Å?You government leaders, we don’t have time to watch over you and verify all that you say is true, so please look out for our best interests, ok?”

And it does not work with police departments.

Yes, there are ethical police officers striving to serve the public but the opposite is also true.

Police culture is strong and for many reasons it does not allow for effective self-policing. For true public safety, there must be true civilian oversight. KM

If the public is too lazy to pay attention to what 5 councilors are doing, is it reasonable to think that a handful of citizens will be able to keep track of what 110 police officers are doing? Who's keeping track of the people with over-sight? Do they get away with drunk driving, spousal abuse, or petty larceny because the people that they are supposed to be overseeing are afraid of retribution?

None of it will work without transparency.

When allegations of misconduct are brought forward, the public has to know not just the allegations and final results of the investigation, but all the information, the specific details, which led to the final determination. If law enforcement can hide those details it leaves room for tolerating misconduct.

Some jurisdictions allow for the complete public release of internal investigations once they are completed. That is an effective tool in keeping misconduct in check. If internal investigation records are not allowed in a particular locality or state, then laws need to change.

Often it is only when incidents of misconduct are made public that they are legitimately addressed. Today’s easily available technology proves that.

Do all citizens care? No.

Will there still be police abuse of authority? Yes, but there still needs to be complete transparency and accountability.

All the cards have to be out on the table. That’s the only way it has a chance to work.

"The previous panel was created in 1990, and disbanded on its own in 1997." http://www.dailyprogress.com/cdp/news/local/crime/article/citizens_polic...

I missed the article in The Daily Progress. But I now see where panel member Ida Lewis said she doesn’t believe the police department needs a panel to investigate complaints against it. This remark surprises me to say the least.

Ida Lewis also says she has no idea what the panels duties will be. Jean Chase says she isn't exactly sure what the panel's role will be. So who does know? To me the answer is nobody knows. I think the birth of the panel was nothing more than a bandaid to distract attention from the Silva/Austin and Mitchell events recently.

Kevin Cox says he believes the panel members are well-intentioned, but figures it eventually will fade away. And I think Kevin Cox has summed it up pretty well in 10 words or less.

The panel is useless, IMHO. The only effective method to hold any officer(s) accountable for their wrongful actions is through a civil lawsuit in the courts. It's been this way for a long time, it won't change anytime soon.

IMHO (I'm with you partially) civil lawsuits resulting from police abuse of authority are a very important component for police accountability.

One problem however - they are costly and difficult to pursue especially when a government entity foots the bill for the defendant. There is also the difficulty of the plaintiff obtaining evidence in such circumstances.

Adding insult to injury, after a civil suit resulting in judgment for a plaintiff, law enforcement agencies, at least occasionally, seem to keep the problem officers on board, sometimes even promoting them. Talk about furthering the problem...

Yea, civil suits are important, but something else is needed when allegations of abuse occur, even in "good" departments.

I'm with ya' on, "It’s been this way for a long time, it won’t change anytime soon."

No reason to give up though. :)

STORM ALERT; USDA-Office of Inspector General “refuses” and “fails” to Investigate the MASSACRE of Gladstone, Virginia..as well as the ASSASSINATION of the Henshaw’s two PET animals, completely separated and distinct from the massacred hog herd.

The arrogance of USDA “Evil” has been unleashed.

If We DO NOT UNITE behind the Henshaw’s, and DEMAND JUSTICE; You “will” become the USDA’s next “targeted” Victim.

Who then, is going to SAVE YOU? If you fail to “stand” for the Henshaw’s NOW!

Link to today’s Hook article:


Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa

Comment DeanAFOSI (IOWA) — October 19, 2006 @ 3:20 pm http://NoNais.org

The USDA thinks it is GOD
but it isn't...
When this happened in Germany...everyone turned
their eyes away...
In fear,I suppose..
I have read that pigs are very intelligent and
sensitive beings..more than can be said for some
Government agents who should be ashamed of themselves..
If they would only apologize..all could be
We must continue to witness these atrocities..
Because if we don't..who will?
When we lose our humanity..we lose everything.
May God have mercy on us .
As long as one is oppressed no is FREE.



This is Dedicated to the 24 Oct 06, Henshaw Massacre Rally Against the USDA "rogues" in Virginia... see link:


Once upon a time there was a stone, called the USDA. The USDA stone, lived in a land where a life of privilege meant being powerful.

Looking at it's life the USDA stone, decided that it was unsatisfied with the way things were and so it set out to become the most powerful thing in the land.

Looking around this land the USDA stone, wondered to itself what is it to be powerful.

Looking up it saw the Sun shining down on all the land. ""The Sun must be the most powerful thing that there is, for the sun shines down on all things, and all things grow from it's touch. So the USDA stone became the Sun. Days later, as the USDA stone, shone it's power down on the inhabitants of the land, there came a cloud which passed beneath it, obstructing the USDA stone's brilliance.

Frustrated the USDA stone, realized that the Sun was not the most powerful thing in the land, if a simple cloud could interrupt his greatness. So it became a cloud, in fact, the USDA stone, became the most powerful storm that the world had ever seen.

And so the USDA stone, now being a cloud, blew it's rain and lightning, and re-sounded with thunder all over the land, demonstrating that it was the most powerful.

Until one day the storm (USDA stone) came across a boulder.

Down and down it poured and the USDA stone's thunder roared, lightning flashed and filled the sky, striking the ground near the boulder.

It's winds blew and blew and blew, and yet, despite all the USDA stone's efforts, it could not budge the boulder.

Frustrated again, the USDA stone, realized that the storm was not the most powerful thing in the land, rather it must be the poor insignificant UN-movable boulder.

So the USDA stone, became the poor insignificant UN-movable boulder.

For days the USDA stone, sat, UN-movable, and impassive, demonstrating it's mighty power, until one day, a poor, but simple, honest, God Fearing, but caring, "stone cutter" came and chiseled him (USDA) to bits.

Moral of this story:

Sometimes the most important thing to remember is that you (as one simple poor "stone cutter" (person)) have everything you need already, right inside of you. Power of "Man" is an illusion. Power of God, is "REAL."

Call to the Heavens, and ask God, not to save us, but to give each person, the knowledge, and power of a simple, honest, God Fearing, but caring "STONE CUTTER," to stop the tyranny of the USDA, Agent's, & USDA-OIG, and State of Virginia Authorities, now so "Arrogant!"

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa 51534

If you can’t go, then send postcards, write letters to the editor, contact your own representatives (www.congress.org), contact the state representatives in Virginia if you are outside Virginia. Make your voices heard. See the Contacts section of the right sidebar on www.nonais.org for addresses.
Call all running for office in every state and get in writing where they stand on NAIS (the sneaky highest tax on the poor and farmer in history of AMERICA and high profits for factory farming), DUE PROCESS, Agencies running amuck...
Tell all representatives that we are united consumers,small family farms, hobby farms, self use raisers. Go Grannies ... we are united!

Picture this:
A lady has 2 little piggies that's Mom abandoned them, so from 3 days old she becomes their mom. She bottle feeds them, loves them, keeps them in her home,they follow her around the house and outside too. The little ones soon think they are of the canine family. Then they grew fat and happy! They loved people and had visitors from children to adults. They would come to the fence when people came to see them, looking for an apple or any kind of food. Then one day they came to the fence, as people were approaching the fence. Only this time it was the ENEMY with shotguns. How could they have known this? Twelve shots later they were dead along with their babies AND FOR WHAT???. HOW CRUEL ? ASK THE USDA AND SEE IF THEY HAVE AN ANSWER! Possible disease?
Poor excuse for bad behavior, and in-excusable.
My gut feeling is that they were butchered and in someones freezer..

For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, "It might have been."

Can you just say the words, "FREEDOM Is not Free?"

I watched the flag pass by one day.
Always thinking of that 9/11 fateful day.
And the USDA Massacre of Henshaw Right's and Pet Animals,in Gladstone, Virginia, I say.

I thought about just how many men and women,
have fought, sacrificed, and died
Just to see, and save, that ole flag wave.
Freedom is not "free."

I have served my Country's U.S. Armed Forces,
in Law Enforcement, Investigations as well.
Honorably as well, I Say.
I protected Freedom's gate, as a "Ranger"
at the one and only, The ALAMO!
Those patriots really went thru hell!
To protect the land of the brave
and the home of the free.
I learned a "true" fact there.
Freedom is not "free."

I stand before you today.
And ask you, everyone,
in this Nation can you just say?
"FREEDOM is not Free" and "believe" in it?

As well? Today? Or are you on the TV couch, eating chips all day?

I am "not" here, every day, thick and thin,
trying to get all of you to just keep
saying the word "FREEDOM," and "believing" in it's water's flow, now so still!

I am not here for my health, donations,
or to pay my bills. I am here to awaken the death ears in this Nation,

I am a new Paul on horseback, and I say;
a storm is brewing of a new upcoming loss of our "Freedom" will soon bring you to tears.

I have no perfect words,
I have no magic to change things.

Like the upcoming threat of a "rigged" Animal and Pet Identification system called,
the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) which will "destroy" that word,
"FREEDOM, all caused by the USDA." People, listen, "FREEDOM" is not Free.

I am, Fighting to keep, these words alive,
"FREEDOM" and getting and keeping
"you" to "Believe" in it, and to "Act!"
"FREEDOM" is not "free."

Maybe, the whole "rogue" world,
and then some, will "think" they can
just "roll" over the top of you and I,
and take or kill our animals, with the mere
"Stroke" of the pen, in a federal regulation.

Maybe, you all, out there, "believe"
the USDA can just do anything they want,
"Stamping Out" our animals and pets,
on our own "property" and lands,
in the name of our protection, and
"profit's" can.

Then they assess you
charges and fines, or the bills of "Murder" of $1,000 a day, or until your land is their's, in the end.

Destroying that precious word, "FREEDOM."

It's not easy "Fighting" for that word.
"FREEDOM" and "believing" in it?

Especially when the fight,
takes on a so-called "voluntary" tone,
kind of a "fly by night" zone. A delay tactic
until you give up. The USDA are hoping we all will not stand; to Fight!

I can tell you this,
until I am red, white and blue in the face.
About the "dangers" of NAIS,
that we all here will face.

I "stand" now before you, my people.
and testify "truths" good grace.
and "BELIEVE" in it STILL!

I will "never" stop fighting, for that word,
"FREEDOM!" Nor will I, stop,
"Believing in it NOW!"

I am nobody special, of this I say.
One horse, a couple dogs, and maybe a rabbit or two someday, two acres, in the deep country, of no where, mud road, not much money, a simple life, I say.

But, I will fight this USDA-NAIS "folly" of a Circus, for "CONTROL" of the Nation's food chain, our animals and peanuts, to keep the people amused, and distracted, I say. "Mark of the Beast" from the prophecy of the Bible, by the "Rogue" people of the USDA! Happening here and now, today!

Keep saying that word, "FREEDOM" and "believing in it, thru your "Actions!" Now, tomorrow, day by day.
But in keeping with that word, you must "Act" now, to keep that word a truth, in this Nation today. History does not long entrust the care of freedom, to the weak or the timid minded.

Just one more thing for me to say,
my good people, in all 50 States, this day.

We must overcome the notion that we must be regular...policitally correct, not sure how to say, the "Truth" in these modern busy-body days.

It robs us of the chance to be extraordinary and leads us to the mediocre.

In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe, and enough shadows to blind those who don't.
We have the Right to be "Free."

"We the People have the Right to Bear "FARMS."

Now we have to "educate" the government, and Congress, that,
"FREEDOM" isn't "free."

NAIS is Exactly the "WRONG" Answer!
Just VOTE, "NO" to Deadwood Incumbent Politicians, who won't say "NO" to NAIS!

Because "Freedom is not Free!"

Dean A. Ayers, Glenwood, Iowa 51534

Go to www.Congress.org to see an article on the massacre and to contact Virginia Congressmen.


I give you the ONE good reason, for getting involved!

During my second month of Special Investigator's school, our professor gave us a pop quiz.

I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions, until I read the last one:

"What is the first name of the woman who cleans this school?"

Surely this was some kind of joke.

I had seen the cleaning woman several times.

She was tall, dark haired and in her 50's, but how would I know her name?

I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank.

Just before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count towards our quiz grade.

"Absolutely," said the professor. "In your careers, you will meet many people. All are significant.

They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say 'hello."

I've never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her name was Dorothy.

Do YOU know the name of the innocent people who had their property raped, and Pets assassinated?

It is "significant" to everyone's lives!

Dean A. Ayers,
Glenwood, Iowa 51534

There is no trust in the testing of these animals. First the manner in which they were killed is totally unprofessional. The tests were done out of eyesight and control measures to assure they were even done and done correctly. No checks or balances at all period. The records from previous recorded testimony of the Dr. Wilkes shows his distain and dislike of non-corporate animal owners...during bird bill hearings there in VA. He got a major anti-family farm, anti-small guy reputation then and there nation wide.
www.opensecrets.org has all the information on past and present people running for office. Just type in the name of those running. 69% of Senator Allen's is from individuals which is a good sign that he might actual care about this issue and not be another corporate sell out. While Goode has 69% individuals also Goode is on the Appropriations Committee and Allen is on the Energy committee among others which receive sustainable agribusiness funding. This worries me if there is a true investigation being called for or just another election stunt. Both men seem honest and I really pray that campaign funding is not influencing any decisions but reality tells me different in most cases. I hope this investigation is not influenced by the elections or funding and just once truth prevails and due process and correct procedures because this whole event reeks of POLICE STATE TACTICS. As a visitor in your state I saw and was victim of it myself. During my visit with the Henshaws I went to the lawyers and recieved copies of all their files. We drove three hours to Emporia and even we did not know we were going to stop when we did. Our locked car was opened and four documents cherry picked from those we got from the lawyers, nothing else was touched. The car was locked when I went to get the documents. We had left some money in the car, dvd player and dvd's among other valuables. The hardest to find and not visible from outside the car were the files. They were buried at the bottom under coats and other things, however, the legal documents were the only thing distrubed and missing. No one on earth knew we were there....we did not know for sure where we were.... Sure reeks of Police State to me. Someone sure knew where we were...wonder who has the resources? Wonder if this will be a real investigation? I pray so with all my heart.

aside from dean ayers continuing with his saga...

i have followed this story and it is pretty clear that the usda, or whoever, ram-rodded this whole fiasco. they show up undercover in may of this year and kill a pig...that had "pseudo-rabies"...leave it there for over four months, come in like rambo's and start killing. then i read that the reason they didn't start in may was because it was "contained" in the preserve (and posed no treat) and the hogs are harder to hunt during the summer. if it was so contained and posed no threat, then why come in slaughtering? if it was an illegal operation, then why not go to the sheriff and have him go question the henshaw's? and don't hogs hunker down in the cold to stay warm? seems they would be harder to hunt in the winter. and now i hear that the agents are back at the preserve becuase their professional sharp shooters can't kill the little pigs???? and that the neighbors cows and dogs have been quarentined? did they become exposed by the "contained and posing no threat" henshaw pigs or by the trucks, trailers carrying the dripping pig liquids, ATV's agents coming and going up and down the road, etc? hummm....maybe the henhsaw's pigs NEVER did have any disease (until may of 2006 when an undercover agent came for a visit) hummm.....how long does it take for the disease to inccubate in an animal? hummmmm....and there is NO interanl investigation? hummmm.......

it doesn't take a rocket scientist or even a simple everyday citizen...like me, to figure something is wrong. very, very wrong.

i hope the hook or the press or someone honest in government will not leave this unanswered. or will it fade away and be one step backwards for mankind?

Good Questions Leigh. I think you got the picture. See you tomorrow at the Protest, like you said earlier, ok! The "saga" continues, when you fight tyranny! The truth is what is important, not whether you like my style. I am here because, I DO CARE! I am glad you do also!


A Story: about Protest:

A group of people are standing at Richmond river's bank and suddenly hear the cries of baby pigs. Shocked, they see an infant pig floating & drowning -- in the water.

One person immediately dives in to rescue the baby pig. But as this is going on, yet another baby pig comes floating down the Richmond river, and then another pig, and another, and another!

People continue to jump in to save the baby pigs, and then see that "one" person has started to run away from the group still on shore.

Accusingly they shout, "where are you going?" The response: "I'm going upstream to stop whoever's throwing baby pigs into the river.

Moral of this story: Go to Richmond, Virgina tomorrow and "PROTEST" the USDA Tyranny of the Henshaw Massacre!
Stop the USDA, by "demanding" a "true" active and complete, offical, independent, investigation, and you then may help to stop the USDA and Virginia Authority person(s) throwing pigs into the water to die. Failing in that; The next pig or (pet), in the water, just may be your own.

People, YOU, can help save other people's lives and their animal's lives, in ways that are not visible to the naked eye. In the process, you just may save yourselves also.

See you at the Protest tomorrow! 24 Oct 06. Richmond, Virginia!

Dean A. Ayers (IOWA)

Everyone, I have started a NATIONAL Site to help take action to fight for our freedom and liberty and animals, on our own property, Nation Wide.

Please Join, the Fight at this link.


Thank you


STORM ALERT; Everyone,
Animals C.L.U.B.-Freedom is “NOW” an “OFFICIAL” (.org) Organization with it’s own Official WEB-SITE as follows:



Thank you,

Dean A. Ayers
Web Master

Animals C.L.U.B.-Freedom; “Protecting Your Rights of Free Speech!”

Here’re the details on: Animals_Club_Freedom:

The National (.org) Organization Web-Site:

National Action Members Page:

Group “Blog” Article Page:

— November 30, 2006

The USDA-OIG, needs to Investigate this tragedy! My National Organization will not stop, until this Investigation of "Strom Troopers" has been accomplished. The Hook's materials are being kept alive on the web! We will not give up on the Henshaws! We will make sure America never forgets them!

Dean A. Ayers

STORM ALERT; Everyone,
Animals C.L.U.B.-Freedom is “NOW” an “OFFICIAL” (.org) Organization with it’s own Official WEB-SITE as follows:



Thank you,

Dean A. Ayers
Web Master

Animals C.L.U.B.-Freedom; “Protecting Your Rights of Free Speech!”

Here’re the details on: Animals_Club_Freedom:

The National (.org) Organization Web-Site:

National Action Members Page:

Group “Blog” Article Page:

— November 30, 2006

The USDA-OIG, needs to Investigate this tragedy! My National Organization will not stop, until this Investigation of "Storm Troopers" has been accomplished. The Hook's materials are being kept alive on the web! We will not give up on the Henshaws! We will make sure America never forgets them!

Dean A. Ayers

There comes a time in life when a person or persons in this nation, have to take a stand in life against tyranny.
And to date, many years later after this incident, it would appear to readers that the tyranny of government has won.

Even JOB, in the Bible, was taken to life's task in every aspect of his total life, liberty, and property, to include his family taken from him, not with standing his private property and family ground. Just for God and the Devil to see if his unknown tyranny against him by the devil himself would break JOB's eternal spirit. And yet, JOB remained faithful unto God and in the Light of God forever. That did not make it any easier for JOB to bear, but JOB passed the test of God in life.

By God and by Oath to God and the Henshaw's, One by One by one, will I insure the world KNOWS there IS TYRANNY in the United States of America, and it has taken the initial strike at Danny and Cindi Henshaw.

Let all who read this KNOW, that tyranny, HAS NOT WON!
I originally filed in this incident, by FAX, an official request for a USDA-OIG independent investigation into intentional misconduct by the USDA agents involved in this matter.
To date, it goes unanswered by the USDA-OIG responsible for investigation of criminal acts of tyranny in the USDA.
You can begin, by writing the USDA-OIG and demand that an official inquiry into federal and state agency misconduct be investigated per my original complaint faxed to the USDA-OIG, and the TRUTH be told, and disclosed, independently done, to clear the Henshaw's name.

The legacy of this incident in harming Danny and Cindi Henshaw, stands as a "Beacon of Light" to the world that tyranny and evil still exist in this nation and in the world, yet, We as People, can and will stand our ground. We the People must continue to overcome all tyranny cast upon our lives and souls.

The government of the people, was WRONG!

Danny and Cindi Henshaw are innocent.

Please people, all who read this, begin by reading and spreading the word of this article, and the web site locations where it is also publicly available for reading to the world, namely at the following URL link:


Go to: http://animalsclubfreedom.org/tyranny.html

Scroll to the bottom of the page for their story and links to the truth disclosed in the "Henshaw Massacre."

Also you may Google the "Henshaw Massacre."

Tyranny can kill the body, pets and property, but tyranny can never kill the living spirit within each of us.

Danny and Cindi Henshaw are innocent. Help us get the USDA-OIG to prove it! Write the USDA-OIG and demand the USDA-OIG complaint originally made by Dean A. Ayers, be investigated.