The Arts Center in Orange: "Hypertufa Trough" workshop

The Arts Center in Orange presents a two-day workshop on how to create a Hypertufa garden planter modeled on an old stone farm trough. Instructor: Tina Miller. 129 E. Main St., Orange. 540-672-7311 or


I am extremely sad that Warner has dropped out of the running. But, at the same time I think he is smart to put his family and real life first. Unfortunately, our country loses an immensely intelligent and well spoken candidate.

I am very sorry to hear the news Mark Warner has made the decision not to seek the office of the president, However I can understant his position to put his family first.
He is a man that can pull the county together and has a proven record of getting things done.
I have no doubt that he would have won the nomination and on to be president, He has all of the qualities to make us proud to be Americans.

I am pleased that Mr. Warner has decided to step out of the race if his motivation is to save or contribute to middle Amererica from which he came and the family he fathered.......actually Mr. Warner has not as of this date explained the compromised position he placed himself in while his wife and children were abroad. Nor has he replied to any inquiries about the state of the public education jurisdiction in his home town of Alexandria, Virginia. I shall communitcate with him once again now hoping he has new priorities (including the public education ofAlexandria, Virginia as he sends his children to private school)....perhaps because he knows how hopeless his hometown ALEXANDRIA CITY public schools are). Is he not the product of the public schools and of laboring parents?? Something is not right here and do we not need to take a closer look at Mark Warner (beyond his bleached teeth)? 11/10/06

Some time ago I was watching a young man make his way in the politcal scene. I listened to him and was impressed with his opinions and his passion. I thought to myself that this guy reminded me of someone who was willing to listen to the people and take action. Although I am a republican, I have been trying to decide who will be the right person to lead this country in 2008, regardless of their political affiliation. When Mr. Warner made it clear he would not be running, I felt very sad. Now, there are no democrats or republicans left in the running I want to see in the White House except for the possibly of one woman, but she too will not run. Mr. Warner, should you change your mind, you will be welcomed back with many open arms. Please, rethink your decision and know that you are needed.

I was really looking forward to this leader taking america by storm. I have only looked at Mr. Warner from a far. He looks like a strong man with sensitivity and compassion for people of all races and creed. However, I agree unless you are 100% committed and have strong family support (sounds similar to Colen Powell decision not to run), don't run for such a position. God Bless you and your family. BTW: If he changes his mind, I will take the step to get involved with my first political campaign to see that he is elected.

I sincerely hope that Governor Warner will reconsider his decision to drop out of the running for the nomination. Hillary has too many negatives, and although they are not deserved, the result could be a defeat.

Governor Mark Warner should be a Senator from Virginia when the current Senator John Warner's term expires in 2008. John should retire and younger Democratic Mark Warner would be available to replace him.

Mark Warner's centrist, business background would be just the balance as Vice President to Barack Obama.. and the Dems could finally win 12 years of progressive national and international leadership in the White House..!!