Candy Bites

Teens in grades 6-12 can get into the spirit of Teen Read Week’s “Books with Bite” theme by making your own creepy candy at Central Library. Registration required. 201 E. Market St. 979-7151, ext. 3.


So whats the purpose ? I hardly kept your thread of thought, and I HAVE PH. Sorry, but I find this article barely worthwhile.

my companion/significant other has pulm HTN and he is not so forthcoming with information. i need to do a lot of research, and i thank you for a good beginning.
some time from now, your article will probably be too simplistic, but right now, it is about what i need!
thanks again!

Are you even a PH sufferer?

I have pulm htn. how dangerous is this?

Charlotte Carrera

PAH is a very serious condition. If your doctor will not/cannot give you the information you need go to

There is a lot of information out there.

Yes I have PH - was diagnosed last January after being treated incorrectly for astma for over a year.

It is important that you educate yourself early.


Thanks for the simple terms, my husband just left the house for his semi annual blood test. I just happened to get curious of the diagnosis on his lab order and look up this site. He is 30 pounds overweight, when he returns I will tell him in very simple terms., eat less, and use the health club that we pay for each month. thanks for the insight.