Eerie Reader's Theater

Kids ages 8-11 can express their inner ghoul with some reader’s theater scripts that are part spooky and part silly...or simply help create chilling sound effects and enjoy some tasty autumn treats at Central Library. Registration is required. 201 E. Market St. 979-7151, ext. 3.


O' COME ON! Don't you people ever get tired of the same old cliches? Vampires are crap fiction. Move on. There are alot more horror and fantasy stories and villains out there. Stop replaying the same old hackneyed stuff. This guy should not be in the media, or even published. It is a shameful disgrace that he can get an advanced degree debating the pseudo-historical data for some worn out fiction icon.

Learning about the history of vampires is incredibly interesting. Vampires represent such a significant part of what we find scary and loathsome in human nature, and also what we imagine and fear in the supernatural.

Vampires are classic horror and are the basis for a vast number of the stories and monsters out there (which tend to be much less imaginative). But it's not the monster itself that is so interesting, but the culture and superstitions that led to the creation of the vampire in the first place.

Regarding the comment by "Undead": maybe that guy should read either the book or at least the article before trashing it with such uninformed comments. I wrote the book, and the "pseudo-historical data" he refers to includes actual folkloric narratives found in the archives of Bulgarian museums and institutes, and written testimony going back a thousand years. The "advanced degree" was achieved by study and six years' hard work, unless you think UVA gives out Ph.D.s like candy, and was obtained after reading over 400 books and articles in 8 languages and defending the anthropological and ethnographic conclusions before a group of eminent scholars. If "Undead" had read either the article or book, he might have learned that the book's argument actually subverts "the same old hackneyed stuff" by challenging the usual readings of Dracula and Buffy. Finally, the fact that there are more horror and fantasy stories out there does not diminish the fact that people have been writing about vampires for well over 270 years, much longer and much more intensively than they have been writing about any of these post-modern video-game monsters whom no one will have heard of three hundred years from now, I'll bet.

Ya know many people dismiss the fact that these creatures are legends to thousands of years. Their very history sparks the growing feeling of exasperation inside of us. Which villain is the most induring since satan?
I like the fact that people are giving these ppor beings another point of view. Seeing how they act draws you compassion. And i dont know how in the hell people come to conclude that vampires are make-believe, fictional things!!! I know because my friend is one. He has so much passion and is tired of the judgements the world puts on his shoulders. They are just like us, except that they are built to catch their prey, just like the lion and the deer. Now "undead" You dont know nothing!So You get over the fact. I speak past the goverment lies of all bloodthirsty beings.