Food Lion celebrates today

The changes at Food Lions throughout Charlottesville have been happening for months, but today's the official unveiling of the new and improved stores, which now boast expanded organic foods and wine sections, more fresh meats and seafood, and spruced up interiors. Each of the six local stores will be celebrating with various giveaways and door prizes. What remains to be seen: if the newly upscale Food Lion still has the lowest prices.


Yeah, I'll stick with my good ol' Harris Teeter

They have the worst customer service/cashier people!

all those checkouts and only maybe two or three open hire some help its crazy to have to stand in line for as long as you do shop for 15min adn stand in line for 30 min its unreal

Food Lion is the worst grocery store chain in the area with the worst quality food....

The stores were fine, as others have said the checkouts are terrible.

Worst Customer Service of any food chain in the United States. Worst of all, no one takes ownership of problems in the stores. Cville District Manager Michael Craig thinks everything is hunky dory from his little ivory tower at the Food lion on 5th Street Extended. Take all of your issues directly to him. I constantly have problems with the Ruckersville Food Lion. One of Mr Craig's Stores. When I buy over $100.00 in Groceries I usually have to bag my own stuff. New Look Foodlion, Same P#$% Poor Service. Everyday Low Prices and Low Standards in Customer Service.

Food Lion sucks. I'm used to frequenting Wegmans, one of the best supermarkets in the nation. I had always heard how good Wegmans was, but never understood it--until I started shopping at Food Lion.

On one occasion, I bought strawberries at Food Lion without checking them out well enough. When I got home, I noticed they were rotten. I went back to the store to return them, and waited around 15 minutes at the "customer service" counter. No one ever helped me.

Since then, and at every Food Lion I visit, I've noticed that all their produce is crap, and in short supply.

Harris Teeter may be more expensive overall, but it's so much nicer--especially for produce--that I'll happily put up with it.

We need a Ukrops. Why not?