Spirit Walk

Locals can visit all the best haunts of the past and hear stories from live costumed "ghosts" they encounter along the way in this popular nighttime tour by the Albemarle County Historical Society now in its 14th year. Various evening tour times available. Tours depart every 15 minutes from Maplewood Cemetery (425 Maple St.) and end at the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society's headquarters. Reservations are required.  296-1492.


Larry Sabato doesn't know it all, but he's good at convincing people he does.

I like the line, "The seer speaks."

Sabato’s a little late to try and seem fair. He should have never inserted himself in to the election like that. If he didn’t hear Allen say anything he should have had his friends talk to reporters.This is different the other politicans becasue they went to school at the same time making it seem like eyewitness an account. If he remeber it from the time he went to school agian that would be different. What he did is hearsay (I know this isn’t court) and I expect more from him.
I would condem people if that said bad things about Sabato (like repeating an rumours about Sabato dating a student or his sexual orientation) that have nothing to do with his ability to teachor talk about politics. That would be equally as heinous.

I think Sabato doesn’t like Allen, never has.

Thanks for a good read! I had the pleasure of covering politics in my home state when Larry Sabato still had time to talk to such podunk stations as my own (WSVA, Harrisonburg and WFIR, Roanoke). He was the best then and he's the best now.

great article!