Multi-Media Sandwich

The Garage, Charlottesville's most off-beat art and performance space, presents "Multi-Media Sandwich," featuring local artist James Ford's films at the beginning and end of a musical performance by noisy local bedroom circuit-bending band Mondo, which Ford says will contrast nicely with his neurotically hyper-structured editing style. Charlottesville music fans will know James either as the blogger behind Nailgun Media or as the guy responsible for much of the cool artwork used on flyers for the Tea House. The audience is invited to sit at the mouth of The Garage or on the hill across the street in Lee Park. N. First St. (next to the funeral home parking lot and across from Lee Park). Call 985-630-1466 for more information.

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VA.FILM FESTIVAL ,2006,Richard Herskowitz fulfilled the "REVELATIONS" theme completely by using a former church sanctuary for this gala evening ,that included the musicians seated on the pulpit area, and keen observers with cameras in the balcony recording lively chatting attendees thickly gathered below enjoying the deliscious food/ beverages and the actors/producers/directors eagerly answering questions and posing for photo opportunities, all making for a great grand success for this gala evening.