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Renier is well aware that the James Randi Educational Foundation is a bona fide operation, and that she easily can win our million-dollar prize if she has psychic powers. I've tested such "psychics" all over the world, under strict academic supervision, and not one of them has ever passed even our preliminary tests. I again invite Noreen Renier to apply for the prize, and await her acceptance.

Ms. Renier? Hello? Are you there...?

Noreen Renier will not respond, because she knows that she cannot meet the simplest standards of paranormal abilities. She will not reply.

I would like to know why Noreen Renier does not want to get involved in Natalee Holloway's disappearance in Aruba.

I am interested in what you saw when you did the work on the Laci Peterson case. I really want to know the details you saw/felt. And the way you told the Petersons and their reactions. Did you ever talk with Laci's mom?

The article asks, "What will it take for the Reniers of the world to earn mainstream acceptance?" The answer is simple: Perform a few readings successfully under proper testing conditions that eliminate chance guesswork or cheating as explanations. Renier refuses to be so tested, even for the James Randi Educational Foundation's $1,000,000 prize. No wonder, if she can't even "psychically" discern that my writings about her are entirely my own -- never "drafted" by John Merrell or anyone else.

Also, the article's reference to Renier's .333 batting average in presidential predictions would actually be .250 (three outs followed by one hit).

Two more essential points:

1) Renier says that she refuses to be tested by skeptics (such as James Randi and myself) because we would sabotage her performance with trickery. But she knows better: Our test protocols are negotiated in advance, and signed by all parties immediately before the test begins, certifying that the conditions are fair and mutually acceptable. There is no possibility of "trickery" by anyone.

2) Renier's attorney must know that the matter of truth or falsity of Renier's charges against John Merrell (in her book) is irrelevant to the issues in his current lawsuit, and that he reserves the right to sue separately for libel.

I certainly welcome anyone to explore my website covering both Noreen Renier's claims and the current litigation in federal court. I think the evidence speaks for itself --- particularly when the evidence is Noreen Renier's own quoted claims now carefully matched against the evidence of what actually happened. That website is -Thanks.

James Randi has AMAZING PSYCHIC powers! He predicted that Noreen Renier would not reply AND SHE DID NOT REPLY! Wow!

It seems very obvious that Ms. Renier has psychic abilities and has worked both successfully and professionally in the psychic investigative arena. A track record as long as hers speaks for itself. She states she is another tool to use in the aid of solving crimes and the police solve the crimes- she doesn't. There will always be skeptics, I only find it interesting that Ms. Renier seems to brings out such wrath from these skeptics - where do they get the energy and why are they so obsessed?

As a professor reaching out to conduct research about 3 years ago, Ms. Renier declined to participate in a study I'd designed to compare groups: one of so-called psychic detectives and one of people with an interest in the psychic/paranormal.

Why? I wanted to understand the wide range of people who do not call themselves psychic, but who see traumatic events such as murders. I also wanted to determine if working in a group rather than as a solo act would increase the accuracy.

Psychically accessing traumatic events others have experienced is a very often-experienced phenomenon that I hypothesize is related to a form of instinctual and emotional awareness accessible by highly sensitive people; very natural but not mystical. A police detective and a professer from another university were involved, too.

Anyway it was quite clear in our telephone discussion that Ms. Renier wasn't interested in working with what she angrily called "amateurs" or in any way that took the spotlight off her: she didn't want to work with her psychic detective colleagues, either.

Despite her diva-esque personality and her brusque, dismissive manner somethin's going on, and not only with her (read Entangled Minds, Dean Radin, etc.). She just happens to be the most media-savvy.

And in my experience, most psychic mediums and investigators in this area shun publicity, or accept it only reluctantly hoping it may educate others.

Why? They don't need the hassle. They are usually part-timer psychics working for modest fees (or no fees--many will do so if official investigators reach out to them, rather than family members). They don't want to lose their paying jobs, or have other personal reasons to 'lay low.' Same for the investigators.

Renier may not be the best example of a psychic detective, but she's the best-known one, the one with the best marketing.

Readers of this article need to be made aware of the fact that skeptics such as James Randi, Gary Posner, and John Merrell are merely fringe lunatics in this society and reside in the same class as those who still believe the earth is flat. The psychic abiliites of human beings is both well documented and well recognized. In 2002 The Amercian Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology was given to Dr. Stanley Krippner ( for his vast research in parapsychology. This is the most prestigious award in America for psychologists and given to only one pyschologist per year! Today there are many more professional parapsychologists out there than there are professional skeptics, so you go figure. For the past thirty years I have done research on American Indian medicine men and women, and have read literally hundreds of reports of their well developed psychic abilitites as well as observed them myself. So the author of this article was quite naieve in trying to give his readers a balance between authenticity and skepticism.

I'm skeptical for two reasons.

The first being a point someone else made in that "true psychics" are very low-key. This woman screams media blitz everytime she breaths.

The second being that she refuses to be tested to "prove" her abilities.

Just because she has a so-called "track" record doesn't mean a damn thing. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Good heavens! I agree with Barbara! Why are the skeptics so obsessed and worked up about proving Renier "wrong"? Why not leave her alone and let her add value to people's lives where she can? No one of any self respect or in their right mind would willingly walk into a situation with a hostile person out to prove them bad at their profession. Would you? I know I would certainly walk away if invited. Renier has an unusual and real talent which I have personally experienced. I am sure she makes mistakes some times, just like we all do in our fields. Noreen never claims to be perfect; she doesn't claim to be able to do more than she can.

To Barbara and April,

You misunderstand; we skeptics are not out to prove Renier “wrong.” That’s simply not possible. In fact, we’d like to see her prove that psychic powers truly exist, as this would be an extremely important scientific breakthrough! Randi’s $1M offer is an enticement to Renier to demonstrate her powers in a scientifically controlled setting. If she failed the test, it would NOT prove that she has no psychic powers, only that she was unable or unwilling to perform at the time of the test.

Though some skeptics may seem abrasive and uncaring, make no mistake— we care about our fellow human beings just as much as you do. If your friend received an email claiming that she won an off-shore lottery and needed to send her bank account information so that they could deposit her winnings, would you tell her to be open-minded, or would you be skeptical? Skeptics’ “wrath” is directed at phonies and scammers who prey on people, especially those who have lost loved ones. Is it not important to know whether a claimed psychic is real? Renier “doubled her fees” to families desperate to find missing loved ones, yet she refuses a properly conducted scientific test that would, if she passed, erase all doubt that she is psychic. I’m sorry, but her actions are very troubling to me. Why aren’t they troubling to you?

I challenge anyone to read my writings about Noreen Renier ( and point out even a single sentence that could justify Dr. William Lyon's outrageous assertion that I am a "fringe lunatic." Years ago I wasted countless hours, as did anthropology professor James W. Lett, negotiating with Lyon over a proposed test of one of his alleged "psychic" American Indians. Lyon finally agreed in December 1999 to a test protocol, only to later back out. Interested readers may e-mail me for copies of the relevant documentation.

In the article Noreen Renier indicates "after I win I'll be happy to talk to you." That is going to be difficult. On Thursday evening the U.S. federal court ruled in my favor, granting my motion for summary judgement against Noreen Renier. The court effectively dismissed all of her counterclaims as well. For a complete review (including the 26 page order from the federal court), refer to For a psychic who claims to foresee the future, this appears to only further support my concerns.

I forgot that we posted these articles about Dr. William Lyon, his nutty claims, and our futile attempts to deal rationally with him:


How many dead bodies one must find to be creditable? Psychic abilities should not be permissible to "testing". A true psychic may not be able to "see things" upon request. Visions cannot be forced to surface.
Has anyone not ever had a "feeling" something isn't right, or an intuition to not go somewhere or do something because something may happen? Did you ever call someone and they were just thinking about you? A small scale of what our minds can tell us.
It's obvious here, I am not a skeptic, but a believer. Why? you ask...
I find it a shame that too many make claims that are false just to make a buck. No wonder so many skeptics exist.

John, I read your article regarding Noreen Renier. You mentioned a Private Investigator Marlene Rockwell. I have had the opportunity to work with Rockwell Investigations on Six Homicides cases to date. I can attest to the fact that a person who is working on a cold or unsolved case, will stop at nothing to turn up clues.

At times we are at a great loss and only have faith that God will send that one clue to set us in the right direction. With faith all is possible, even if it is out of the ordinary. Such as when a mother sees her child pinned below a car, and lifts it completely off to save the child’s life. Our faith in our abilities and ourselves make us confident enough to try, ultimately to succeed.

Lets analyze John’s ability to develop patents and products in the fields of digital imaging and telecommunications. If subconscious abilities are not possible than how can we conger up new ideas of things that don’t exist? Some times we tap into our subconscious minds and don’t realize what it is that we are doing. I really think that John is a prime example, relative to his career.

God gives us abilities in life so that we can do good in his name. If he has given Mr. Merrell the ability to write or critic....why isn’t he doing it for the good of mankind? John if you have ever worked as an investigator, you seek answer to questions that you don’t even know. You must see in the dark and still believe that the light will lead the way.

I can stand behind Marlene 100% when it comes to her professionalism regarding investigations. Her many clients and years in business speak for them self. I have seen and heard positive from her clients that I have worked with on certain cases.

I know that some of us have been given a gift and it should only be used for the good of mankind. So to the men and women that deplete their lives to help the living with dealing with the dead or killed...............You are in my prayers.

shes a rip off $1000 for police officeers she claimed to only work or. i do readings my self at times i charge no one.

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