Family Weekend Choral Showcase

A certain contingent of UVA students get all gussied up and sing for parents at the Family Weekend Choral Showcase. Luckily, those not in the University Singers, the UVA Chamber Singers, the Virginia Women’s Chorus or the Virginia Glee Club can still drink themselves silly.


Buck Owens had a song in the late 1960s called "I wouldnt live in New York City(if they gave me the whole damn town)." I'm coming to feel the same way about Charlottesville.
This "best place to live" hype on the City Web site-PUH-LEEZ! There's a name for such puffery and its synonymous with that which issues from the south end of a male bovine headed north.
As the Byrds sang "I'm heading for the country to try and rest my head, for if I hang around this city long I know that I'll be dead." If the pollution and congestion-induced stress don't, the gangbangers will.
Looking forward to the day when I reach the Albemarle County line, and turn and give a one-fingered goodbye salute to this urban mess a perefectly lovely small college town has turned into/


no its not NYC

not by a long shot

it is not even DC, and supervisor slutzky is doing his damn best to turn into loudon or Fairfax country

Hell no, Charlottesville is not the new NYC. Not even close to Boston, or D.C., for that matter. The only thing 24 hours in town is CVS and Waffle House. You can't even have a building higher than 9 floors. The only thing C-ville is growing to emulate is Fairfax County.

The Coran is to Charlottesville as the Ronald is to MacDonalds.

I think Charlottesville needs to get over itself. I can't believe that this is considered a topic for discussion (or a cover story).

As someone who's live here my whole life, I'm rather tired of some of the assumptions about Charlottesville I hear repeatedly.

First of all, Charlottesville is NOT a college town. Blacksburg is a college town. Here's the difference... Tech has a huge student population but in the summer the town is virtually empty. Charlottesville was here back when Uva was still a glimmer in Thomas Jefferson's eye.

Speaking of which, it is not my experience that UVa has brought liberalism to the County or the City. Some of the most conservative people in the town are University professors or students. Only a place like UVa would take pride in a professor who doesn't believe in Global Warming. Having worked with liberal student groups at UVa, I frequently see them struggle for members and paritcipation, while conservative religious organizations thrive.

Here's a bit of education for you... Charlottesville has had liberal tendancies going all the way back to Jefferson. Yes, we've had our moments of both conservativism and intollerance, but we've always been different than anywhere else in Virginia. These local values aren't vlaues that development is enhancing but rather ones which it is destroying. Our heritage is tied up in the land, and in its fields, rivers and forests and mountains. That's what brought Jefferson and others here, and what continues to bring people here. If we destroy that, and become a "little apple", or a suburb of Northern Virginia, then we'll have lost everything that makes this town great.

I think the author's point was simply that the lifestyle one can experience in Charlottesville is somewhat similar (in a mini way) to that of New York. There is a level of sophistication here, not typically found in other towns this size; more like Boulder, perhaps. The train connection between here and Penn Station (about five hours each way, without the airport hassles) makes the link easier. I enjoyed reading it, as I am a native Central Virginian who does the roundtrip between the two cities regularly and digs what's available here and there, as mentioned by the writer and can appreciate the comparisons. Yep, growth is a drag but how does one stop it, short of birth-control? Neither is gonna happen. What with "global warming" the State of Alaska will be a hot spot for trendy development sooner than later. Vote Al Gore/Barak Obama in 2008.

The presence of The University gives the area enough of a pretentious reputation. Courtney Stuart, please don't feed the superiority complex that some around here have.

Ann Harbor, Michigan. Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Austin, Texas. Amherst, Massachusetts. All are college towns with culture and a liberal tilt. Are they NYC? Will Al Groh win a national championship any time soon? Will Daily Progress reporters win Pulitzers any time soon? Will the Hook promote George W. Bush any time soon? That's a negative on all counts.

Courtney, thanks for the interesting, comical read, but let's not jump on the pretentious bandwagon. The Blue Ridge Mountains are not skyscrapers.

Charlottesville is not NY, NY, by any stretch, but it is beginning to have an affluent/effluent
air to things. Work to keep C'ville simple and unpretentious and things will be fine. Let C'ville slide into a complete gridlock and culture where people lose their smiling outlook on life and it'll become a something akin to a dying carcass of what once was.

At least the good folks at Charlottesville Parking Center, CPC, are working hard to keep parking prices low downtown. Let's get a couple of kegs, some acoustic guitars, and go celebrate at the Water Street lot. Heck, maybe CPC, Inc. will pay for it, since capital investment made in 1959 has never been returned to the stockholders - neither in the form of a wooden nickel, a silver certificate, nor a paper canoe. If we, the stockholders, are not making it, some relief should be returned to the people.

Parkstock, here we come! Has anybody seen Ric (Ocasek)?

Not even close, folks. Enjoy being what you are; "Montessori for adults" works in C'ville and it's nice that it's small enough that people can get a chance to explore themselves and their options. However, it's also a place with no real mass transit, a history of ignoring the poor and undereducating them right into service jobs; being round shouldered from patting itself on the back for being "so diverse" when in fact, the only integration is through class and your idea of diversity means that you have a few Asians that most locals can't identity. (This is the place where people thought a Pakistani gentleman was Puerto Rican, folks! Don't get high on your own press yet.)
Enjoy the relatively lower prices and lack of traffic, the joys of City Market, and all the other things that make it an ok place. Ten years ago you saw yourselves as the next Seattle, fifteen years ago, a better version of DC. What about just being a good Charlottesville and let that be enough.
You're not NY, for better and worse. Without a port, all the history of empire building and workers movements; diversity that can only happen on the coasts; Broadway; Times Square; Statue of Liberty; Empire State and Chrysler buildings; MOMA, Julliard; strong unions; a non-patrician middle-class; amazingly good, fast drivers, and a thousand other things, large and small, NO city can become New York. Nor can Paris, Hong Kong, or Madrid be recreated.
There will be other great cities and the cities we now know will change, grow, die, and aspects of them will reincarnate. Yet there will never be a time when history compares Charlottesville, Virginia to New York, New York. F'getabout it and get on with putting in more street lights and sidewalks and fixing your schools. Show the major cities what they might lack in terms of becoming a really liveable city for all citizens.

Oh Good God. The fact that the writers of the Hook even thought this would be something worth discussing highlights the fact that Charlottesville is delusional and has no clue about anything that is actually urban. No, it's not a little SoHo. If you went to NY and asked them if they think NY is anything like Charlottesville, they will laugh in their pretentious faces. Charlottesville is viewed as a quaint little town by those who actually live in a city.

I actually really like CVille, but my whole family is from NY, and the thought itself is RIDICULOUS.

Charlottesville as "the little apple"? Give me a break! I call it the Beverly Hills of VA. Everything is too expensive, esp. TAXES!

I moved to Charlottesville in 2004 after living in Midtown Manhattan for a number of years, and have been counting the minutes until my return since the day I arrived here. True, it's a beautiful area geographically. And if you enjoy whitebread suburbia, Cville has much more to offer than other towns its size. But by no stretch of the imagination is it the Little Apple--it's not even the Little Appleseed.

What the hell is Parkstock??

I feel that the radical view and stero-type of C-ville citizens has been misrepresented. There are still many people who believe in the Christian values and realize that most would rather us "hush-up" than continue voicing our opioion. Let us not assume that all approve of the free life style that you painted in the article. Plainly put....we (Christians) love the people of C-ville but are aginst the perversions that you say are so "acceptable".

Thinking about trying out charlottesville as a alternative to NYC.I have always lived in large urban cities;london,paris,los angeles and NYC. Loved NYC, but think I need a change at this point in my own life. I am totally committed to architecture and design,and am wondering if there are design freaks in Charlottesville. Because when I look for a place to stay I only find "granny or gone with the wind type places". No contemporary modern spaces that are unique and stylish. Anybody there with a comment?

Lonnie, Yes, this is a colledge town. there is no industry, no Hi-tech(that's design, r&d, or manufacture), or any other major employer other than the university and the hospitol is part of the university, so it doesn't count.

I always wonder how liberalism has become the same as what use to be called the socialist party back in the WWII era. Let's provide everything for everyone with government programs if the 'Liberals' keep this up we'll be just like Russia. That's right a country that no longer exists because it had a really bad economy.

But enough of that, when is this town going to get a 'Clicks Billards' or a movie house that has stadium seating, or a live music featival, or heck I'll settle for a 'Jack-In-The-Box' where i can get an 'Ultimate Cheeseburger'

I like how TheHookIsCrazy said that the school gives the town a 'pretentious reputation' yep, unjustified or excessive claims of exaggerated inportance.

Tell me how can you have diversity when the only peopple who can live in a decent home have to have a combined income of over 90,000 a year? Looks like the poor people (you know, the ones who fix your cars, houses, lawns, ectera) have to live at least an hour away just to have someplace to live. Even people in the skilled trades (electricians, hv/ac mechanics, plumbers, auto mechanics, and so on) have to live elsewhere. I get looked down on because I fix peoples plumbing, yet without me modern scioety would end.

I'm not joking.

Without plumbing none of what we have now would be possible, billions would die of disease. Even electricity can be done without, but people die withoug sanitary plumbing. And I'm a 'second class citizen' in this town just by the way I'm treated.

Having attended UVa late 70's/early 80's, I'd say the new "it" town is actually Moscow ID. Not unlike my old days C'ville, by way of lots of artists, musicians, and intellectuals, plus importantly a full 90 miles off any interstate and nice & close to British Columbia, nuff said. TKE rules!