Dead Western and Snowblink

The songs published by modern folk troubadour Troy Mighty under his Dead Western stage moniker owe as much to the Appalachian foothills as they do to the work of more popular contemporaries (and Tea House predecessors) like MV+EE and Marissa Nadler.

Also featuring gentle folky San Francisco quintet Snowblink, which once featured the MGMT guys as backup singers.


Great story. Not too long ago I got back in touch with Bob Gibson after many years. We grew up together in Arlington and were good friends since childhood. In high school we ran the Teen Democrats together where we earnestly tried to get rid of Rep. Joel Broyhill (I hope I haven't outed Bob's political affiliation here). We also both graduated from UVa in '72. When Bob went on to grad school at W&M, I went off to work at the Library of Congress where I still work today.

Bob is also frequently on the radio on Kojo Nnamdi's Virginia Politics Hour on WAMU 88.5 (I think Kojo calls him the emeritus dean of the show or something similar). That's where I heard him in recent years and was prompted to email Bob when I started following the papers in C-Ville, Culpeper, etc. since we're moving down to Orange County soon when the Library opens the National Audio Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper next year.

During the recent political campaigns I particularly have been following Bob's reporting--it's certainly been exciting. Looking forward to meeting up in person at some point when we're living closer.

Dick Thaxter

Bob Gibson is a class act, a fact known by everybody who knows him ... And, to boot, he knows how to turn a good phrase ...