Neil Diamond

Just when you thought occasionally cheeseball crooner Neil Diamond couldn't be redeemed – his turn in Saving Silverman matched Tom Jones' in Mars Attacks! pound-for-pound in its absurd self-mockery – he came bouncing back with a totally redefined career thanks to nearly-infallible producer Rick Rubin with Home Before Dark, his first-ever chart-topping album.

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Casino Royale is a very serious script with Daniel Craig playing a very serious role as Bond. I thought he did a fine job in playing the Bond he potrayed.

Casino Royale is a Bond movie for our time with the terrorist and everything to bare. Dave Craig brings out a Bond with flaws, pain and heartache but a bond who is ruthless. Which is what you need in a Bond of today.

On another note

I have began to look at Bond as what is right for the era they come along in. Connery was perfect for his time for Bond. Moore did a fantastic job as a more light hearted bond for his era. Dalton and Lazenby I had a hard time swallowing as Bond. No slight on them. I like seeing Dalton in other roles. He is a great actor who had never been given the role that would help establish as a great actor. That is a shame. As far Lazenby he was never, ever been given a opportunity to grow as actor. He is okay as Bond but I alomost believe he would make a villian for today Bond. Just a thought.

Now we come to Pierce a great Bond, the bond that saved the Bond series. He deserved better in the way the producer treated him. I don't blame Craig. He will do a tremendous job as Bond. The producer showed no class in not allowing him one more shot. But they took the gamble and won. The movie Casino Royale will make money and lots of it.