The Randall Bramblett Band

Goergia roots and blues multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Randall Bramblett has a long history which has him tied in with Gregg Allman and Steve Winwood in the 70's up through Gov't Mule and Widespread Panic in the 00's.


The Hook's Letters section has always paled in comparison to the other weekly. And the Hook editor is red-pen happy, this writer knows from experience. A true community paper encourages a two-way dialogue with it's readers. Apparently nowadays this is the place for it!

Well, this writer knows from experience that the Hook publishes 99 percent of the letters it gets...the truth is, people don't write too many traditional letters to the editor anymore. As far as two-way dialogue goes, Pete, you can write open comments at the end of every story online at the Hook, plus you can write comments on the Hook's blog...can't do that on the other weekly's website. Besides, I count one letter on the other weekly's website this week. Now who really pales in comparison?

Excellent points there Buck and well taken (humble head hangs low).

Yeh what's up with the other guy shorting their pages as of late? Seems like it may be a trend.

And of course YES one can post here on the The Hook's site (idle time brings me here)