Liberal blogger touts Goode's ties to gay film

Huffington Post blogger Mike Stark said that Rep. Virgil Goode's (R-Rocky Mount) has a "tangled nest of connections" to the 2003 film Eden's Curve.

Do ties to a film featuring gay themes make socially conservative Congressman Virgil Goode (R-Rocky Mount) a hypocrite? That's what Huffington Post blogger and third-year UVA law student Mike Stark strongly suggested today at a press conference outside of Goode's downtown Charlottesville office.

Stark, 40, pointed out that the 2003 film Eden's Curve, which tells the story of a teenage boy coming out as gay in college, thanks Goode in the credits and that Goode press secretary Linwood Duncan has a speaking role in the movie.

"It's rife with scenes of homosexuality, bisexuality, and drug use," said Stark. "That's fine in a movie, but it doesn't connect with what Virgil Goode has said to be a wholesome lifestyle," adding, "I'd like to know what other gay films Virgil Goode has been involved with."

Stark also hinted that Goode's $150,000 earmark for Danville's North Theatre in 2004 might have helped fund the film by virtue of the fact that Eden's Curve's producer and co-writer Jerry Meadors is also the artistic director of the North Theatre, where Duncan sits on the board.

"I don't think," said Stark, "that people think taxpayer money should be used as a slush fund for friends of congressmen."

Duncan says there was no quid pro quo between Goode and Meadors, and that Goode wasn't even aware of the movie until yesterday.

"He had nothing to do with the film and had no knowledge of it until yesterday," says Duncan.

According to, Eden's Curve features gay sex, male frontal nudity, a "menage a trois," and a "bathtub scene."

Duncan says his role as a dean of students at an all-male college was simply an extension of a lifelong extracurricular activity.

"I've been an actor all of my life," he says, "and I was asked to do a part."

Additionally, Duncan denied any insinuation that Goode helped to fund the production.

"The North Theatre didn't exist at that time, and the funding went to the building of the theater," says Duncan. "It was a Housing and Urban Development grant."

Stark pointed out that he had been working with "the blogger who outed Larry Craig and Mark Foley," but stopped just short of making the same claim about Duncan's sexual preference.

"I don't know Linwood Duncan's sexuality, and I'm not in the business of outing people," Stark said, "but people who want to ask that question can ask it."

Asked for his response, Duncan said simply, "I have no comment. There's no place for that."

Stark is best known as the man who made national headlines when he approached then-Senator George Allen (R) at an Omni Hotel event, loudly and repeatedly asking, "Did you spit on your first wife?" before a group of Allen supporters tackled him to the ground.


I remember seeing Mr. Stark on tv when he was tackled to the ground. Anyone with eyes could immediately see what kind of person he is, even if they could not hear what he was screaming. Why is it that he, and
rude, obnoxious people like him, get such news print, when there are thousands of folks out there campaigning for causes they believe in without making folks ashamed of their fellow human beings?

If this man makes an impression on anyone, it should be as an idiot

The movie's credits also thank the City of Danville, The Danville Parks and Rec Department, the First Presbyterian Church and another 20 or so individuals.

Are they all guilty of something too?

The subject matter of the film is irrelevant to me. Could be about owls for all I care. Apparently friends of Goode get $150K, unrelated earmarks stuffed into legislation intended to benefit veterans (the 2004 appropriations bill for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs). For me, THAT is the problem here.

Mike Stark is a proven no-class individual.

And the quote near the end... Seriously? You would print that? He seems to think that by only insinuating (and not outright saying it) that he's absolved? That would be like me saying:

I don't know if Mike Stark thinks Blacks and Hispanics are worth less than white people and attended an Aryan Brotherhood rally in Danville last month, and I'm not in the business of calling people racist, but people who want to ask that question can ask it.

And yet The Hook publishes it.

Goode helped a historic theatre in its restoration. Later a film was shown there and without his knowledge his name was put in a thank you that included the police chief, the police force the hospital etc. Please show me how Starke and the writer of the letter are not guilty of slander?

There is no connection and they know it. If Tom Perriello is any man at all he will today disavow this right now. If not, maybe some need to start telling the truth about his sordid past. It would be true, not imagined like this.

I can think of countless reasons why Goode needs to go and not one single reason why he should be reelected, but this is just silly.

However, I've always said that Goode's gerrymandered seat was 100% safe unless he were caught with a dead girl or a live boy!

Mike Stark is a raving idiot who loves nothing more than the sound of his own voice. He constantly calls talk radio programs just to spew this sort of innuendo and misinformation for his own entertainment. Anyone who would give him any credit whatsoever - INCLUDING THE HOOK - should be ashamed of themselves for being suckered by a liar.

"If Tom Perriello is any man at all he will today disavow this right now. If not, maybe some need to start telling the truth about his sordid past. It would be true, not imagined like this."

Wow - so somebody totally unaffiliated with Perriello's campaign makes a fool of himself and now it's a test on Periello's manhood? And if he doesn't repudiate it then "some" need to go after Perriello?

If Goode had anything on him, do you actually think he wouldn't have used it already? Please! Class, respect, and decency aren't exactly traits associated with Virgil "If American citizens don't wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Koran" Goode.

This clearly another lie by Starke and if I were the Hook and did five minutes of checking, I would take this down now.

It is way beyond reality and no real newspaper would give it space.

I know facts are troublesome things for certain people.


The facts are what they are.

Eden's Curve is a gay-centric movie.

Linwood Duncan, Virgil Goode's press secretary, acted in the movie. The only movie he's ever acted in.

That very year, Virgil Goode tucked away an earmark for $150K for the North Theater (which was managed by Jerry Meadors - the writer and producer of Eden's Curve) into the Veterans affairs appropriation. (Can someone please explain to me what the North Theater has to do with Veterans Affairs?)

This isn't the first time Virgil Goode has played fast and loose with taxpayer dollars. You all should recall that Goode's "leadership" caused the depressed town of Martinsville to lose $800K. I could mention all the convicted felons that were involved in that deal, but that would be gratuitous, wouldn't it?

Virgil Goode, Lucy Goode and Linwood Duncan were all thanked in the movie's credits. Oddly, Goode cannot tell us what he was thanked for.

Now y'all can hate on me all you want, but you cannot - no matter how hard you try - change these facts.

So, oddly, I kind of understand your bitterness and even feel a little bit sorry for you. It must really be hard to come to terms with the fact that your version of reality can be so easily toppled.

One more set of facts:

All of this can be cleared up quite easily. Open up the files. Let us see how the $150K was spent - show us the invoices. Explain why Linwood Duncan would choose for his Hollywood debut a film that was so focused on homosexuality. Tell us what other gay-focused films Virgil Goode helped in the making of. Just try honesty.

btw - you can see the film I made that has excerpts of the movie and other evidence here:

this is ridiculous

Music Lover: of course there's stuff on Perriello. Take, for example, the fact that he's given money to al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya:

Hey Mike,

1. He funded a movie AFTER it was made?
2. What pork ever belongs in ANY bill it's in?
3. The 150k angle was reported two years ago - so what's new?

Oh Please...

Please - everyone - read Cville's version of this baloney.

Sickened - you must be sick on your own BS.

The ads Perriello was involved denounced torture. I contributed to them, proudly. What are you going to say about me for it? Am I a terrorist supporter for wanting a positive message broadcasted?

I don't support Stark or his tactics, fyi.

Dear I'm Just Saying,

If you favor C-ville's version of the story, you're certainly entitled to your preference. However, I felt it unnecessary to add my own personal comment about the story, the actors in it, or the relative importance voters should put on this information. But just as I left it to readers to make up their minds about this story, I leave it to readers to decide whose coverage they like best:

As always, thanks for reading.

Lindsay Barnes

The C-ville version of this (hate to say it) is much better. Includes more quotes from relevant parties.

I still say the thing that sticks for me is that Goode hid a $150K earmark in the 2004 Veteran's Administration budget bill that benefitted a friend AND his wife (also on the board of the theater). Leave the movie out of it. Where most of us would see the opportunity to honor our veterans, Goode saw an opportunity to hide a handout. Fail.

Points to Lindsay for standing up for her story.


Agreed. Big props for linking to the story, too. And apologies Lindsay.

Dear I'm Just Saying,

Thanks very much for the kind words. For the record, however, I am a proud carrier of the Y-chromosome.

Lindsay Barnes

Dear ThatGrrl,

No apologies necessary. Thanks for reading.

Lindsay Barnes

I'm Just Saying:

1. I didn't say anywhere that Goode's earmark funded the movie... that said, you raise a good point. The earmark was inserted in 2003 for the 2004 budget. Was there any debt left to be paid for the movie? Did any of the $150K go to pay the City of Danville for provisions it may have made for the film-makers? Was any of the money used to fund the movie's distribution or promotion? Remember, it was shown at several gay-themed film festivals around the world. Finally, even if there was no money used to directly support the film, is it out of the question that Meadors would have rec'd the earmark as a sort of reward for helping Linwood Duncan to land his first role in a major motion picture? It's not every day an aging Congressional staffer gets a big Hollywood break.

2. Pork is complicated. Some of it is appropriate; I want my town's library to remain dynamic (and solvent). I want certain bridges repaired and maintained. But this earmark? Well, its genesis is suspect at best.

Listen: if the earmark went to support the theater and was spent wisely on renovations, then I'm not going to jump up on my soapbox. That, as you say, would be garden-variety earmarking to a close friend/acquaintance of the Congressman. If we went after every such circumstance, we'd have to turn out almost all of Congress. But... that should be provable. There should be records of how our money was spent on that theater. Open them up. Let us see the bank records and invoices. Settle this thing right now... After all, the North Theater is a tax exempt organization; I think that requires a strict set of books be kept.

3. $150K/what's new? Are you seriously asking that? What is new is everything about the movie - that Linwood Duncan (Goode's right-hand man) acted in it... that Goode himself was thanked in it... that it carries themes antithetical to Goode's public persona... That Goode (or at least Linwood Duncan) thought they could get so close to this movie without provoking the anti-gay constituency they count on to sweep them to victory every year. The hubris here is amazing!

This is a journalistic embarrassment. If I were the editor I would pull this crap and apologise to the readers.

If you want to do a story on earmarks and where they end up that is fine.
If you want to give Ronald Mcdonald here free publicity then that is your choice but be prepared for the loss of credibility of both the author and the paper. If you don't believe it is out there then just ask people on the street.

Virgil goode also drinks Pepsi and Pepsi gives it's employees same sex health benefits... whats up with that???????

But hey, at least you scooped the Daily Kos

Mike is a sleazebag and everyone in Charlottesville knows he is. To give him credence is sad.

Mike has been shopping this story for some time and when no one would take it, he got some poor student to write it in a letter. Sarah Arkin's article is just trash journalism and she should be fired for not even checking simple facts like whether or not Lucy Goode is on the board of the theatre, which she has not been for several years.

Here is the truest and best comment on this story that was done by someone who spent just a few minutes doing real journalism- maybe the Hook should try it.

In C'Ville

ââ?¬Å?Unequivocally, [Goode] had nothing to do with the film,” says Meadors, who is incensed about an article in today’s Danville Register & Bee that raises similar points. ââ?¬Å?He was thanked because he is my friend and he has been supportive of me as an artist and of my artistic endeavors to bring greater cultural activity to this region. The mayor of the city called me and thanked me for reigniting the economy of southern Virginia with my little film. Virgil Goode had nothing to do with the film.”

Will Mike Stark take a lie detector test that he had no contact with the Perriello campaign about this trash ? Will Mike Stark take a lie detector test to determine whether he assisted the UVa student and then used her to hide his nasty tactics behind ? Will Mike Stark just shut his trap for once so the rest of us can decide elections based on what is true about candidates not his looney rants ?

Will Tom Perriello say that no one on his staff has been in contact with Mike Stark ?

I was giving you e"xx"tra credit for being a girl.


Goodness. Mr. Stark sounds like a classless fellow, indeed. I plan to vote for Mr. Goode's opponent, but this is just ugly.

Phonypony - I didn't imply that you were somehow condoning Stark's stupidity. I simply pointed out that, yes, there are things about Tom P. that people should know. His willingness to give money to a media outlet that has such close ties to terrorist organizations shows that he's got a very childlike view of world politics. This isn't elementary school where everything ends like an after-school special with hugs and sunshine because we talked about our feelings. There are people in the world who want us dead, and will stop at nothing to make it happen. Giving their friends money while at the same time weakening the US's position is unacceptable behavior from someone who says they want to represent American citizens.

If you gave money to this cause and agree with Tom, then I'll gladly call you a terrorist-supporter, too.

I love how liberals attack Republicans when they support something other than consverative values. Their argument for the attack is it's ok if Democrats do it because they don't run on values. It's extremely hypocritical. Explains while liberals like hollywood so much and have lost touch with reality.

I like how Virgil Goode talks. I'd like to pay him to be my answering machine voice.

"The challenger in the 5th District congressional race helped raise money to pay for ads on Arab TV apologizing for treatment Iraqi prisoners have received from U.S. forces."
is what they're talking about. Sounds like a worthy, private-sector, can-do, volunteering, no-cost-to-the-gov't American approach to trying to undo the publicity nightmare of Abu Ghraib. There is no other popular Arabic-speaking media on which to put your message.

I always thought Virgil might be gay ever since I saw him in the Union Station mens room chatting it up with that senator from Idaho, what's his name, Larry Craig? I'm so proud of Virgil Goode I can't stand it. I wish I could vote for him twice.

Dmiller - that is one of the absolutely funniest things I've read on any blog in a long, long time.

Sickened - if this is the "dirt" you have on Periello, seems like he's a pretty stand-up guy. Here's the salient point:

"Tom Perriello was co-director of in 2004. The group raised about $35,000 for commercials that appeared on both al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya and featured comments from religious leaders in the U.S. who apologized for the torture some in Iraqi prisons received and called the acts sinful."

Then again, if you support torture then I can see how you'd be opposed to folks who are willing to take a stand by putting their names and cash on the line to publicly condemn it. That's hardly "giving money" to al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya. In the same light, I guess you could say that John McCain has given money to MSNBC.

Please note my new name. I also considered, "I weaken america bc I want to improve america's image abroad"

formerly, phonypony...


First of all, the crap we pulled at abu gharib was peanuts compared to the public beheadings and dragging dead soldiers bodies through the streets so "lighten up francis..."

Also, apologising plays right into the hands of people who condenm the US for its actions and gives them courage to wrongfully believe that All americans want them to blow more crap uplike they are doing us a favor by destroying our government.


Tom Perriello has been on the payroll indirectly and directly of for years. They are the really great guys who put the ad out saying our leading general in Iraq was "General Betray US" Tom has the man who put that ad out on his board at one of his organizations. His last new organization was clearly funded by MoveON. Do we really want this type as our congressman ?
This Stark stuff is right out of the Moveon playbook which Tom Perriello helped write.

Will he and his campaign staff take a lie detector that they have had no contact with Mike Starke ?

Funny how his press people are not answering that question !

no, it says not all americans support torture. In fact there are people of faith that do not. It is targeted to the "man on the street" who used to think that america stood for something positive.

It's like a muslim ad airing on Fox saying "hey, I'm a muslim and I'm not a terrorist. I and many of my neighbors condemn terrorism" with the intention of improving your view of their religion.

The people behind the acts you mention could care less what is on tv, they aren't looking for permission or courage or anything.

Have you traveled abroad? I've been about once a year since I was very young and the view out there of us is NOT good. It started to slide, I noticed, with the school shootings in 2000. Right after 9/11 was extremely positive, then Bush bullied/bombed and tortured it all away.

The ads were trying to restore some good will. They were well received and I was glad to have supported them. It's the type of positive world relations we need to do more of.

If you believe that world politics is just like an episode of Care Bears where all we have to do is hug and everything will be fine, that's your right as a free American.

I'm proud of all the soldiers out there who put their lives on the line every day to support child-like innocence by people like you, and I support their actions to keep us safe. I trust their judgment a whole lot, and will give them the latitude to do their jobs effectively. YES, there are times when it went over the line and I do not condone that. But I don't want the military to become a bunch of sissies because of the Care Bear crowd in Charlottesville.

And as for what the rest of the world thinks of us... I couldn't care much less. Just because we make them look bad for being lazy or self-absorbed or 3rd world doesn't mean we have to slow down to wait for them to catch up.

"Positive world relations" sounds so nice, but it is dangerous to think that other nations somehow share your view that we all should get along. In the cases where their goal is to destroy us, what exactly do you recommend? That we send them a fruit basket in the hopes that they'll change their culture and their minds about killing us? Diplomacy backed by military defenses to handle whatever aggression they start is a better plan, in my opinion.

it matters what other countries think of us when you are trying to fight the recruiting power of extremists or gain political support for sanctions etc. I support our military and come from a military family fyi I don't watch cartoons

I'm confused. Is Mike Stark gripping because the movie depicted homosexuality? Is he gay or is he anti-gay?
It's interesting that what started out being (I think) an attack on Virgil Goode has given air to information about Tom Perrielo that I feel is hardly complimentary.

that ad is not news - but yes, we hijacked the discussion. sorry

I think MS is just trying to throw something out that contains a side-story that may be offensive to goode supporters. Goode says he's anti-gay marriage, etc, but then why is he noted in the movie credits? Why is his staff in it? Why did he give money to a project (the theater) that is led by someone involved in the gay world?

I think it's great the theater got funding - Danville needs that type of investment.

Thanks for the C'ville link Lindsay----that story is very good. I have to admit, seeing the antics of a nut like this make me less sad about moving away from Charlottesville a few years ago. What he doesn't realize is that this bizarre behavior gets to a point where it hurts the candidates it is supposed to help.

So let me get this straight. We should run ads apologizing for making suspected terrorists wear panties. But Muslims shouldn't run ads here apologizing for all their beheadings of innocents, 9/11, '93 WTC, suicide bombings, etc? Arab outlets even publicize these proud "accomplishments" on their TV stations. Can you even imagine the Nazis proudly publicizing their work at Auschwitz and other death camps to the general German public? I guess we should simply accept radical Islam and not criticize it in the name of "cultural diversity". That's just their way of life. As Rosie O'Donnell has said, we shouldn't fear terrorists because they are moms and dads just like us. Perhaps she should tell that to the relatives of 9/11 victims. Idiot.

idiot? for the last time, the ads aren't for the terrorists. I'm not talking about radical islam - when did I mention that? but whatever - either I'm not making the point clear enough or folks are misinterpreting on purpose to flame me. either way, I'll stop trying. As always, Nazi and 9/11 reference bombs end the debate.

see ya in Nov

Isupportterrorismbydenoucingtorture, is it possible that there were other ramifications to the placing of the ads other than what you intended? Is it possible that the $35,000 went towards buying weapons or airfare for a terrorists? Is it possible that the $35,000 went towards bribing someone to release a terrorist? If you are having a frustrating time communicating as you inteded on this blog, do you think it's possible that your communication was not received as intended by people of a different culture? Jane Fonda's fruitless attempt to communicate with the Vietnamese only resulted in her becoming basically unemployable. I agree with Steve wholeheartedly on the matter. It was extremely naive for any citizen to act in this manner; either that or an extreme hatred for Bush that would give one the feeling of moral superiority.

denouncing torture to a radicasl muslim is about the same as bringing a peace sign to a gang fight.

These people use any flaw to justify their behavior.

If it were your child in danger and a you had a person at gun point who would not reveal her wherabouts and you didn't at least put the gun in his mouth then your childs death would be YOUR fault for not being man enough to decide who DESERVES to be saved. (why do you think it is ok to use "judgment" to decide torture but not who deserves to be saved?)

But at least you can tell everybody that you are above you got that going for you.....

To "Isupportterrorismbydenoucingtorture":

My reference to idiot referred to Rosie O'Donnell (and other nutbags like Ward Churchill with his reference to 9/11 victims being "Little Eichmann's"). But hey, if you wanna confer the moniker "idiot" on yourself, don't let me stop you. In addition, if you're comfortable, come Jan 20th, having a President with the most liberal record in the Senate, and a resume that can fit on a 3" x 5" index card with plenty of room to spare, more power to you. If Obama wins, there will be even more "buyer's remorse" among his supporters than there were in the late 70s among Carter supporters. But at least Obama will be much nicer and humane to alleged terrorists than Bush/Cheney. I'm quite sure that will bring a small tear to their eyes as they behead or blow up their next victim. At least it makes the Amnesty International types feel good inside.

For any of you who want an education about the danger of Islam, go to:

The writer is an Iranian born American citizen and has his own website:

It must suck to be a Republican these days.

Is this what Virgil is up to when he's supposed to be working for us?

Will Duncan and/or Meadows take a lie detector test as to whether or not they are Gay? Not necessary-go to Danville and simply ask around...Also enquire as to the Gerbil at the Danville Hospital and from whose rearend it was removed.
Goode saying one thing about Gays and then hiring and waxing "friendly" with them is hyprocritic,i.e., "birds of a feather flock together"...

Hitch up those pants Starkie, your losing it

first of all it is ok to think homosexuality is unnatural and should not be promoted at taxpayer expense yet to have tolerance for those with the inability to fight the temptation.

It is the same for alcoholics, you can be for drunk driving laws and still have friends who need rehab.


Virgil Goode will effectively use this story against Perriello. Anyone who thinks that this could actually help the Democratic candidate is fooling themselves.