Book It

PHOTO BY Linda J. Kobert

Friends of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library host their annual Holiday Book Sale featuring "giftable" books, movies, and music in mint and near-mint condition on sale at great prices. Great selection of materials for children and adults. Jump start your holiday shopping and benefit the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library while you're at it. Gordon Avenue Library.  1500 Gordon Ave. 977-8467.


Ok, so how the heck is an 8" diameter tree a "sapling?!?!?"

If you look up the definition of "sapling," says that it is not more than 4" in diameter at chest height.

It sucks that they took the tree down, but at least they are being forced to put in a tree that is probably 15' tall.

Yes wild headlines attract readers, but "sapling" is just stupid...

Dude, the tree they cut down was 48 inches and 148-years old.....priceless.....compared to that, what they replaced it with was a "sapling" as far as I'm concerned.

"Dudes" - The media coverage of this seems to have lost track of the bigger picture here. Maybe the city's process was disrespected, but the substance of the requirement was stupid. Everyone can agree a big, old tree is a good thing, especially to its owner (shade, beauty, whatever). Why not have left it to the property owner to decide from the beginning - does anyone think someone actually would cut down such a tree from his own yard unless a danger or truly necessary for the contemplated project? Also, instead of whining so much about how gentle the penalty was in this case, The Hook might consider reporting more on the City's crack expertise at spending other people's money (e.g. $10M 'surplus' - why not more talk of tax cuts?) and at telling Joe Citizen what he can and can't do with his own property.