Free Dave tix available at local Obama office

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds announced yesterday that they would put on a free concert at Virginia Commonwealth University's Alltel Pavilion on Sunday, October 26 in support of Sen. Barack Obama's (D-IL) presidential bid, and one of the only places to claim tickets is right here in Charlottesville. Starting at 10am tomorrow, you can pick them up at the Obama campaign office on Wertland Street, near the Corner.


good when Obama wins Dave can pony up another 5 or 6 million a year in taxes.

I wonder if he would have felt that way when he was tending bars for tips. ( I am sure he declared every penny just like he was supposed to)

I have to go in the Obama office? Not worth it! ;)

I think this is great of Dave to do!! To Dan1101, why don't you go by Obama's, you obviously need some education, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you will learn!

I'm very familiar with his positions on issues. However I honestly wonder if half of Obama's supporters can intelligently discuss his positions, or if they're just dazzled by the man.

Or maybe we are just UNdazzled by McCain and Palin. I have spoken to many of Obama's supporters, many of whom are excited about his positions, especially the health care plan. We are also DAZZLED by his educational background, his morals and temperament.

I'm not so dazzled by McCain either, but if you like more government and more taxes, Obama is your man.

This country needs to be led out of the destruction that many are facing by an even-tempered, logical, intelligent person who will not refuse to admit fault and adjust when necessary. McCain is another stubborn BUSH. Obama wants the rich to pay their fair share, which they have not done in YEARS with all of the Republican tax breaks. He wants to reorganize the way taxes are delegated and reduce ridiculous tax shelters. McCain's poor choice in a running mate shows that even years of "experience" do not necessarily make him the right person for the job.

Why don't you ask dave why he moved to seattle...

Could it be that the state of virginia wants 7% of the 80 million he made ? If he left virginia to save 4.2 million a year why doesnt that make him "unpatriotic" under Joe Bidens definition????

If McCain is so much like Bush and so stubborn, why has he been a Senator so long? He has been working with Democrats and Republicans in Congress for 26 years, and Arizona has reelected him. Experience counts, not just naive bravado.

Disco Dave, Dave left VA for Seattle because his wife left to study Naturopathy at Bastyr University. He followed her there. No need to look so deep in to it.

So McCain won't raise my taxes, but he sure was promising many new programs during the we need bigger deficits?

Write-in Ron Paul!

The heck with this McCain vs Obama circus.

I'm writing in Hillary Clinton.

Writing in Hillary Clinton. Not smart.

I'm writing in Ron Paul. Just kidding. But that guy would definitely cut the heck out of spending.

Dan1101 appears to be correct that Obama supporters can't intelligently discuss his positions. This youtube clip was making its rounds from the Howard Stern show:

On Twitter, five days ago, Dave Matthews wrote:"I am happy to have a tax hike. I'm lucky and overcompensated. Tax the wealthy! Tax 'em! tax 'em!"

no need to be so selective y'all, most people can't intelligently discuss anything, why should politics be any different? since the beginning of history, people have believed exactly what they want to believe, nothing more or less. if you have an intelligent conversation in a day (and if you can tell), count your blessings! peace.

If Dave Matthews has extra money to throw around perhaps he should spend it hiring someone to go around the country and point out Government waste on a web site for all to see. He could then name the parties responsible along with the phone number of their Governemnt office.

This would be a lot better than giving it to the government to spend in the Congressional cafeterias free lunch program.

Bush & cronies have screwed our budget and image. Its time for a new face with new ideas hopefully. Since the government has spent us into a giant hole it will have to pay for it some how. This is a no brainer. Trickle down seems to have trickled down and flooded upward.

So how many of you whiners make over 250,000 ayear?

I'm still waiting for to see those WMD you losers!

You're calling the Conservatives whiners? That's a new one!

I don't make anywhere NEAR $250,000 a year.

Sorry, i thought Joe the Plumber was whining IF he ever made 250K with his imaginary business he'd have to pay more. I could be wrong maybe he was was asking because he wanted to pay more taxes than Obama was asking with his plan.

Last I checked McPalin was all for the Iraq invasion...BAD MOVE! I won't even discuss his bridge-to-nowhere running mate...ANOTHER BAD MOVE!

How does this small business income calculation work? A small business that makes less than $250K a year is a TINY business. Or do they first subtract all the expenses, including employee salaries?

dan, You asked a question and got your answer. Now you are asking another with no real substance. 250,000 income is not revenue. Am I missing something?

Can you tell me what percentage of the population will be sent to the poorhouse by this plan? You obviously don't think the wealthy have enough loophole you or I can't afford to use? It seems McPalin offers the wealthy more wealth...not a bad thing if you are wealthy. Are you? If not, why become their foot-soldier for the wealthy? The use of the word "taxes" reminds me of the use of "terrorist" to raise fear. I'd more concerned about local tax/expenses more than what Obama is proposing.

I don't think you understood my question.

But either way, I don't think the government needs to take some people's money and spread it around to everyone else. That's Socialism. What is the incentive to better yourself in a system like that?

I don't ask for anything I don't earn myself. If I bought a house with a balloon payment or ARM, I wouldn't expect the government to bail me out. So I lose my house, it's a bad experience but it's not the end of the world. Life goes on.

I don't care if taxes go down. But I don't want them to go up any more either. The government needs to learn to live with what it has, and quit raising and lowering taxes.

Anyway I'm not going to waste any more time on this topic. I feel how I feel and you feel how you feel.

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