Shapiro and Brubaker "Second Chance to See" reception at Livity Yoga and Fitness

Sharon Shapiro, "Badlands."

Livity Yoga and Fitness invites the public to a "Second Chance to See" reception for painter Sharon Shapiro and photographer Lynne Brubaker, who will be on hand to discuss the work they currently have on show at the studio. 608 E. Market St., Second Floor, Suite 209 (enter from the parking lot behind the Old Michie Building). For more information, contact


I know an addict is always an addict, though they can find a balance. There are several cases of people addict to drugs that managed to quit, in spite of still being addicted and need to be careful all the time. However, the last time Robert Downey Jr went to a rehab was in 2001. We are in 2007. So, why to use his name as an example of those who doesn't change? I would use his name as an example for those in despair, fighting in vain to recover. Even if he relapses in the future,- I do hope he will not - he has already showed there is hope. And only those who don't change insist in regarding him as a "trouble" actor.

Not that this has anything to do with the main idea of your article, but Katie in The Way We Were does her begging and pleading all through that movie, and it isn't until the very end when they accidentally meet that they realize it realy, really could never work. She has begged enough, but notice how she holds him tight and he struggles to break away? And another thing: It's "Memories, LIGHT (not "like") the corners of my mind..." Doesn't that make more sense? Thanks!