New poll: McCain ties Obama in Central Virginia

Only two weeks after the same poll showed Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) eight points ahead of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) among likely Central Virginian voters in this year's presidential race, SurveyUSA published new numbers today showing McCain taking a one-point lead in Central Virginia. Among those polled, 48 percent said they supported McCain, 47 percent for Obama, a nine-point swing in McCain's favor, with a 7.5 percent margin of error. Statewide, the same poll shows Obama ahead 51 points to McCain's 45, a four-point swing for McCain from the previous survey.


Please vote for Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party's candidate for president.

Only Bob Barr opposed the bailout, and only Bob Barr opposed and continues to oppose the investment of US government money in large banks, which is Socialism. Both McCain and Obama are in favor of putting US government money into large banks.

We can understand Obama. But why McCain? Doen't he have any principles left?

Please vote for Bob Barr. Send a message to both major parties!

Statistical noise is news! Just slightly more meaningful: Rasmussen shows a 7 point gain for Obama in VA today. Huzzah!

Senator McCain should just give it up now. He nor Palin are no match for Senator Obama and Bidden. McCain presents himself as this great hero just becasue he was a POW, so was my Uncle. Why not ask the first Mrs. McCain what kind of hero he was. Of course "some" of the people in Virginia will vote for him becasue regardless of what he brings to this country as a president, he is seen as one of the "Good ole Boys". The people of USA need change. For the last 8 years this nation has not stood a chance under the current leadership, do we really want another 4 years of the same. Senator John "George Bush" McCain is not the answer for America any longer.

that "mcsame" dog don't hunt.

Obama is an out and out socialist. I will concede that he will most probably win because of shortsided people who are too concerned with easing the pain instead of solving the problems.

You will live to regret it same as we did with jimmy carter.

A 7.5% margin of error and somehow this is newsworthy? Seriously?

"You will live to regret it same as we did with jimmy carter." Or with Ronald Reagan. Or with George W. Bush. Or with Nixon. In fact, come to think of it the only Republican president since Eisenhower who didn't bring significant and lasting harm to the country was Bush the Elder. And Ford, but he doesn't really count - he was kind of like those people at awards shows who fill seats when the celebrities go to the bathroom.

I can understand my libertarian friend's disillusionment with McCain's apparent lack of principle, but we are already dealing with socialism. What do you think is at the core of our current financial situation? A housing crisis fomented by a decidely left-wing, liberal, socailist agenda: let's put as many unqualified low income minorities in a house as possible. Well, the Dems have been patting themselves on the back since Bill was in the Whitehouse and telling themselves what noble work they did. The Democrats have controlled Congress for the last 2 years and done nothing to rectify the situation through regulation. When the Republicans were still in control of the Senate and some of them proposed regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,
the Dems were dead set against it because it would harm the ability of their constituencies' (aka low income minorities) ability to obtain subprime loans. Sow what you reap. Check this out:
It's just a small tidbit of the available information.

I would vote libertarian. Philosophically, I'm there. Unrestricted individual freedom (and responsibility) is a noble ideal, but right now we are staring at the possibility of both Houses of Congress and the Presidency falling into Democratic hands. It's no time to throw your vote away. At least, if McCain wins there will be a semblance of balance in our political system, and hopefully we all won't get too #$%^&*ed over. We all need to pause for a moment and think about this logically. Politicians don't help us. They help themselves. It's better that they fight amongst themselves, so they do less harm to us. Imagine if the Dems get 60 seats in the Senate and could override a Republican fillibuster! Scary. I'm voting for gridlock.

You often hear the saying "united we stand", but that's only if the politicians are divided; the federal government is an almighty institution. In ancient times the gods lived on Mt. Olympus. Today, they reside on the capitol. A more appropriate expression for the US voter should be "Divide and conquer." An emotional reaction only demonstrates a lack of maturity.

just follow the money friar bobby, these loans were not made to serve any agenda whatsoever other than the get me rich agenda of the bankers and investors who made them. people like you on both sides are so eager to attribute some, any, political principle at work behinfd the greedy money and power grabs of our politics that they make up all this bs. you can stretch history's fabric over any frame you want - check it out, everybody does it, its easy. all you need are gullible fools to want to believe what you are selling. stop buying the snake oil america: red and blue! However, one thing is clear to any objective observer: the GOP must be reprimanded for what they have done. One of the most notable hallmarks of the bush/GOP administration is the disciplined, lock step between the president and the party members in congress to convince, cajole, bully, threaten, and frighten the country into granting them almost unprecedented control over the countries direction. John McCaim may not be Bush, but he is the GOP candidate for president. If we are to take our patriotic duty seriously, we must put a hurt on the GOP this november. if Obama and the Dems similarly betray our trust, then we must send them packing too in 2012. stop making excuses for and condoning one of our worst governments ever, unless you support where we are today. sorry if you can't deal with the reality, but Bush and the GOP sold us up the river - don't reward them for that because you don't want to admit they (and you) were wrong.

Friar Bobby,

I disagree with not supporting Bob Barr. Showing support for the Libertarians is probably the best thing any true economic conservative could do. A vote for McCain shows that we do not care that he signed or supported the bailout bill, or the rescue of banks and other big companies. A vote for McCain shows that you are for an very agressive overseas policy. A vote for McCain shows that you support big government and taxes. If you really want change, and to be able to beat Obama in 2012, you need to vote Bob Barr. That way the Republicans will field someone who is against big government, truely against taxes, diplomatic, and economically conservative. Go ahead and vote Republican for Senate and House, I agree that we need to keep congress as centered as possible, but for President, vote Bob Barr.