Will Circuit City survive here?

With home-grown Crutchfield to its north and category-killing Best Buy to its south, the Charlottesville outpost of Circuit City may have already struggled to find its consumer electronics niche. Now the battered Richmond-based company is so desperate to stave off bankruptcy that it's considering closing 150 of its nearly 1,500 stores, a solution one analyst likened to "putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg." A spokesperson for Albemarle Square said the shopping center has received no notification of any closure.


No. It won't survive anywhere.

Best Buy vs Circuit City -- it really is a no brainer when actually shopping. Whenever I need an item, I go online and see which store has the item cheaper. Circuit City always seems to have the weekly releases of new DVD movies cheaper. And on a Western Digital 500G hard drive recently, Circuit City had the exact same hard drive $40 cheaper than Best Buy. I hope they can survive locally. And while I can't recall her name (Michelle maybe?), the Circuit City manager is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in either Circuit City or Best Buy!

That would be a shame. Best Buy is a very annoying place to shop, although the one in Cville doesn't seem as bad as the Richmond ones.


The closing list was released this morning, it appears the charlottesville store is closing.

I think this was a very interesting piece about a very worthwhile effort. Who wrote the story?? (I didn't see any byline...don't forget to include that!)

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