Small-time 'shiners busted

The Associated Press reports that Stafford County sheriffs arrested three men yesterday for operating an illegal moonshine operation out of their kitchen, each with counts of manufacturing alcohol without a license, conspiracy, keeping distilling equipment, and "maintaining a common nuisance." As the Hook reported in a January cover story, the popularity of both legal and illegal moonshine is on the rise, and state liquor agents are cracking down on those 'shiners without a license. However, as a state ABC agent indicated to the Hook, those busts have mostly been confined to "the ones making millions of gallons."


I really dont understand why 'shine is illegal can someone clue me in???

because the govt cant tax it.

Dear Kevin,

To elaborate on MrMoonshine's point, some companies are opting to brew moonshine legally now, subjecting themselves to state oversight and taxation in exchange for a license. I visited such a distillery just over the Virginia border in Madison, North Carolina last December:

Thanks for reading.

Lindsay Barnes

ok thanks for clearing that up 4 me:)

forget shine, what about pot? can someone fill me in on that little nugget of an explanation?

Though I hadn't played any tunes with him recently, I'll cherish the memories I have of sitting on the warm bricks in front of the Paramount on summer evenings. We'd trade lines back and forth; I'd play some bass on the bari, he'd play lead, etc. I felt like I understood where he was coming from most of the time. I'll miss him.

This is such a sad story. How did he die?

Well, it has been a little more than a year since he passed away, and it had been at least 2 years since I had seen him or talked to him, unfortunetly. I miss him terribly and think about him every day. I dated him for 4 years, so i have countless memories of him. He was one of the most genuine people I have ever met, and a phenomenally talented musician on just about every instrument! He just had a gift. He sang to me and he wrote songs for me, one of my favorites was "Rosemary Soda Pop." He heavily influenced my taste in music and introduced me to country blues and bluegrass. When I listen to Jim and Jesse or the Lewis Family, it just reminds me of driving down country roads with one rolled up singing with him, Slate Hill Phil.
We talked about marriage alot and I still think about it. He used to tell me that I wouldn't find anyone who loved me as much as he did. I never knew how to take it before, but now i believe that he was my soulmate and I wish so much that he was still here and we could be together. I know that i'll see him in heaven one day, and that's what makes me feel better about him not being here. He is in a better place.
I love you Phillip Gianniny and i hope you are guiding Julia from up there. xxxooo
Rosemary Abbitt

For inclusion in a article about Phillip Gianniny, I invite people to send their memories of him to this site. Thank you.


This is jason, karin's (phil's sister) fiancee...That was a wonderful story... hope you are doing well -

Jason, send Phil's family my love. I miss you all very much! I hope you all are doing well! take care. xxxooo