Vick to plead guilty to state dogfighting charges

The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot reports this afternoon that more than a year after he pled guilty to federal charges stemming from his role in a dogfighting ring, Atlanta Falcons quarterback and former Virginia Tech standout Michael Vick will plead guilty to state charges associated with the kennel run out of his house in Surry County. No word yet on what exactly is in the plea deal, but the Pilot reports that it's part of an effort to shorten his time in Leavenworth Federal Prison in Kansas–- where he is serving a 23 month sentence for conspiracy–- so he can play in the 2009 NFL season.


I firmly believe in reincarnation.

Maybe Vick will be a "fighting dog" in his next life.

He will become governor of Virgina in about 8 years and run on the legalize dog fighting for all of "real America."

Vick/Goode 2016. You heard it here first.

i think its a shame he suppose to be an idol whatkind of example is this going to set for the other people that fight dogs are they going to get the same deal vick is getting even though they might not play pr ball he should serve all of his time that he was given and he should not be able to play ball at all he is cruel and should be ashamed of what he did to those poor animals