Obama to hold JMU rally Tuesday

Presidential candidate Barack Obama will hold a campaign rally Tuesday evening at James Madison University, according to theĀ  Staunton daily newspaper.


I enjoyed watching your speech, I was not able to make it but I was able to see it online. My sisters went there and were able to shake your hand, they got plenty of pictures. Thank's for giving us this opportunity to get a peice of history in action.

Whether or not Danny Henshaw was found guilty does NOT change the facts as follows:

1. The USDA Agents in concert with Virginia Authorities, "FAILED" to use ANY proper
BIO-HAZARD protections, or techniques, during the "kill" operation.

2. Witnesses have alleged "blood" pouring from open UN-contained trailers to haul the dead or dieing hogs off premises, allegedly polluting and contaminating ALL "PUBLIC" and "PRIVATE" property throughout transport.

3. If there was No Concern, for BIO-HAZARD safety, then WHY the urgency and need to prevent "independent" blood testing, but "ALLOWING" supposedly "DISEASED" blood spilling all over public grounds (spread of the disease), etc...???? But yet IMMEDIATE Irradication of all animals must take place.

4. WHY there was NO AGENCY concern for BIO-HAZARD safety precautions?
the government agencies (Both USDA and Viginia Authorities) under a State Vet. overseeing the operation, were completely NEGLIGENT and acted with MISCONDUCT UNBECOMING an Agency allegedly to protect the State from spread of disease.

5. Additionally, there is NO PLAUSIBLE EXCUSE, for the outright MALICE in ASSASSINATION of Henshaw's two Pets, isolated permanently from the wild hogs.. CUPID and VALENTINE deserved fair treatment, there was NO RISK to human health. Period...Not to mention, the MISCONDUCT, and Again FAILURE to use BIO-HAZARD precaustions with BLOOD allegedly diseased, as the BLOOD TRAILS were Witnessed near the Henshaw's Home, left, by the Agents NEGLECTFULLY Dragging BLEEDING DEAD PETS out of their Pens. NO EFFORT WAS EVER MADE TO CLEAN THE ALLEGED DISEASED BLOOD! WHY?????


THE USDA-OIG (Office of Inspector General) has NO EXCUSE for failure to Investigate the above Allegations...

The Good People of this Country, had better not allow this "Tyranny" to go "unchecked" or God Help us All, there will be no end to it.


Allegations of: Director,
Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom

Dean A. Ayers
Glenwood, Iowa
I Say: "Be there. For every animal owner."

"Protecting Your Rights of Free Speech!"
"Protecting Your Rights to Freely Own Pets!"
"Protecting Pet Owner Rights!"

Thank you for this follow up report. The issue is when does the government have the right to invade our property, kill our livestock and when must it follow standard procedures with invasion of property and appeals. There can be no appeal for the boars, the animals are dead, there was no emergency, just over eager government officials with blood on their hands. Quash.

The trial was a farce, The whole "STING" operation was a farce as a fast solution to keeping Virginia's "PSEUDORABIES FREE" designation. The undercover agent that testified was not credible, the District Attorney resembled a court Jester more than a Prosecuting Attorney, mumbling and hopping around like he needed to relieve himself. In all Mr. Henshaw was the only credible witness of the day. The matter of his advertising for membership? The district Attorney seemed to place such importance on this? there is not a private or public club that does not advertise for members, why not Mr. Henshaw?

As a member of the Granny Warriors I was proud to be there in support of Mr. Henshaw, our freedom and hopefully a part of the public taking back our rights under the Constitution. The Granny Warriors will support those that are being used as a means of instilling fear of the USDA and Government by illegal, imoral and certainly inhumane activities by our elected and non elected officials. The public has to stand up and let them know we will not be scared off nor silenced by their Terrorism. Bin Laden is not nearly as much of a threat to us as our own Governmental officers. I hope everyone in this country gets a copy of the movie DVD America, Freedom to Fascism and watches it with their family. We have them on our website:www.grannywarriors.com/america.htm

Linda Hunnicutt

Its a sad day,not only for the Henshaws but for liberty and "due process".What happened to you Virgina? You produced some of the greatest most profound leaders the world has ever seen,Washington,Jefferson,Lee to name just a few,men of courage and conviction,men who would have gone to war to defend one of their own against the socialist followers of marx and lenin.Not too many years ago folks would have given these so called officials a ride out of town on a rail,tarred and feathered,and forbidden to ever set foot in Virginia again.Alas,it seems the whole country has gone this path,letting psycobabbling idiots with insides made of rot,take over the states from inside and outside,perverting and destoying justice just so they can look like bigshots,this had nothing to do with disease and everything to do with being stupid,I have to believe that there is a hotter spot in hell reserved for govt/corporate liars and cheats and that spot will be rather crowded.I hope the judge in this case has some backbone and will do the right thing and do what can be done to restore the Henshaws and others who have been destroyed by animals not worthy to hold any office,who are fixin to have a hard row to hoe one of these days,it can't happen soon enough,hopefully the people all over this country will wake up and see what these spoilers have been up to for years and get rid of all of them and return this land to her former glory.

First off, Thank you Lisa for being there at the trial. I admire your courage to report facts as they happen, not some trumped up media sensationalism just to sell their papers!

I feel a need to comment on the trial. It was my first experience at a trial and hopefully my last!! I am not sure what I expected BUT it surely was not what I witnessed, for darn sure.

We had 41 supporters plus Henshaw family members there. Granny Linda drove all the way from NC in support,thank you Linda, it meant a lot to them!

The " Government witness" openly admitted that he was part of the " Sting Operation." Every time they needed him, the court officer had to go looking for him out side the court room.

Between microphones not working, ( 15 minute delay) people walking around during the trial, not being able to hear the witnesses or the Judge, the prosecuter, ( that's another story) amongst other things, this is not what I thought a court trial was..In my opinion, it was a done deal before we ever got in the court room. I hope I am wrong.

Danny's lawyer presented the court a 12 page motion for dismissal,of which,a final decision will be determined at a later date.

Atty. Lampsen did a great job of quoting codes and laws pertaining to the case at hand, and we are in hopes that the Judge will see things more clearly in making his final decision.

The whole Henshaw incident smells of a Government and State Officials screw up, and are now trying to cover their behinds by trying to indroduce legislation concerning Hunting Clubs and etc. If it passes, it would be dated back to 1991, which would be just one more way to cover a botched raid and make what they did legal. These officials have to answer to no one and what really hurts is the fact that we, the taxpayers are paying their salaries.

We, as Americans, are losing so much, by the acts of Big Brother, all in the name of the LAW! It certainly was a sad day, when a law abiding citizen, with no criminal record, was used as an example to instill fear into the rest of us.

I personally know for a fact, that if either Cindi or Danny openly knew they were breaking the LAW by owning a Hunting Club, NEITHER WOULD HAVE EVER CONSIDERED IT, PERIOD!!!!

Do you want to know the rest of the story???, ohhhhhh, it's not over at the Reserve..Their lives are still in a turmoil, The USDA is still coming to their home on a weekly basis to try to get the rest of the pigs!!! This is FOUR MONTHS AFTER THE FACT!!! Talk about nerve wracking!!!! But to their credit, they have remained non-hostile!

What happened to the 15 days they had to make Virginia a "PSEUDORABIES FREE" Commonwealth? They have lived with this since 12 September, is it any wonder they have not gone nuts? They are much more patient than I would be!!! So many unanswered questions and no answers!

God bless them as they try to repair their damaged lives both mentally and financially.



This action is unbelievable and points out where our governement is headed to remove any and all of our constitutional freedoms

26 Jan. 2007
Reference to the Henshaw's Pig killings:

In the past year I have learned a great deal as to how the State Agricultural Department and the USDA work.I might say that it is very destressing in this day and age.

In other parts of the world back in back in the 1930's and 40's, anyone who has a little knowledge of history will know what I am referri ng to. At one time in the past, The State Ag.Dept. and the USDA'a goals was to work with, support and protect the People.

However, things have changed drastically! NOW, these Departments, at both the Federal and State levels, support ONLY the large industrial Agriculture Companies.

The tragic and mis-handled event that took place at the Henshaw's Hog facility, is just the beginning.THE WORSE IS YET TO COME, unless we as AMERICANS say " NO MORE!". It is up to Us!!!!

In closing, I thought blinders were made for horses and mules, I have found that a lot of JACKASS'S are wearing them as well.

Best to Danny and Cindi,

I agree that this action was unbelievable. I believe that if we do not help each other stand for what is right, then we will loose all of our Constituional rights. Our fore fathers warned us of this! Government is out of control!!

As probably one of the only people yet to post that is actually lives here in Virginia and has livestock in the vicinity of the Henshaws, I have a few questions for their supporters. Could you please provide me with one "witness" that alleges that they actually saw blood dripping out of trailers and down the public roads?? I have contacted all government agencies involved and they assure me that this was not the case. I have researched this far and wide and cannot find one person there that claims that blood dripped down public roads - including the Henshaws. If you have verifiable information that is different, I would certainly appreciate your proof. If no such person is willing to stand behind being such a witness, then this kind of inflamatory language needs to stop. It makes the credility of all those that keep repeating it very suspect and certainly hinders your cause. Thank you.

When YOU provide me with your criminal investigator's badge and credentials, then We will talk.. Until then, you are nobody with any facts,just another pro-USDA tryannist...

If the Agencies are SO POSITIVE there is NO PROOF, then WHY is the USDA-OIG AFRAID to Officially Investigate??? WHY??? Because they know, I know.. and who!

I have already filed a formal written FAXED criminal allegation complaint with the USDA-OIG, and have officially been notified that they recieved it... But they keep sending delay questions???? WHY not Investigate if you and they are SO INTELLIGENT in INVESTIGATIONS... I WAS and Still Investigate... I was a Federal Special Agent, Criminal Investigator of Felony crimes...

I KNOW, and so Do they!


Also, Lori, since you are so into clearing allegations, why don't you ask for written documents, detailing the USDA, and Virgina authority's vehicles and trailer identification numbers and license plates that were used in the removal of the bleeing hogs.. Last I knew, 12 shotgun blasts to 2 hogs, usually left some major trauma in wounds that bleed-out...Now last I knew, nlood flowing into the ground, being followed up by rain showers, causes ground water flow, that allows the alleged contaminated blood on the Henshaw's Prremises to flow into the ground water supplies that YOU as an ALLEGED Neighbor will drink or at a minimum your pets will drink or your animals will drink, or wildlife on your premises and the Henshaw's will drink, etc.etc.etc... POLLUTION and FAILURE TO FOLLOW BIO -HAZARD PROTECTION FOR THE GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY... AND YOU, if you are who you say you are.. Let's have your Last Name, Missy investigator...??

I can go on and on, but I think you get the idea... An Official USDA-OIG criminal investigation is WARRANTED based upon enough "reasonable belief" that a crime of malice, misconduct, neglect, fraud, waste or abuse, as well as endangering the public good, IS WARRENTED to disclose the true facts... It would appear the USDA-OIG isdelaying in hopes the evidence to be documented allegedly get's lost and disappears, like open trailer identifiction numbers and license numbers, etc...

Best you get to investigating the questions unanswered by facts MAM!

Dean A. Ayers

Mr Ayers,

As I stated before, if you have information on a credible witness that can testify to this allegation of blood down public roads, I will do my level best to see that this is investigated - as a concerned livestock owner with over 100 head of animals capable of contracting pseudorabies and brucellosis. You have no standing with this to our local and state officials since you are in Iowa. Lisa P knows how to get in contact with me and I will ask her to do so if you write to her with a credible witness. I have expressed to her why I do not want my name used and perhaps now she is able to see for herself why I made that choice. I am no USDA fan whatsoever and like you do not support the NAIS but this type of rhetoric is not helpful to OUR cause.

Dear Lori,
I would be happy to answer you, and give you the requested information, but I have learned one very impoertant lesson dealing with the UDSA, VDAC and VDGIF...and that is, they are very interested in trying to cover up their mistakes...after the fact. These e-mails, are, in fact, being monitored. I have the FOIA paperwork from those departments that contain these e-mails. So, I am not trying to avoid your very reasonable questions. I am protecting others as well as outselves. Your questions will be answered one day. Thank you for your interest and neighborly-ness.

In the interest of fair and balanced reporting of USDA matters, Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom has purchased the Domain URL:


and "re-directed" this Domain to URL:


Just a reminder that this Matter of the Henshaw Incident and Allegations of USDA wrong doing, have "not" been forgotten, nor dismissed by Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom...

The Henshaw Massacre Incident remains permanantly posted on many Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom Web Sites.

The Henshaws, are the Victims...

History has a way of repeating itself, when We the People "fail" to hold government run amuke, accountable.

-Who will be next? YOU?
-Who will be there to help YOU?
-Fail the Henshaws plight of tyranny now
and tomorrow you may be in the same shoes as they.


Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom "Stands By" Danny and Cindi Henshaw...Stand your ground!

We the People will not let tyranny forget!

It is about one year later, going into 2008.


This matter is 'permanently' posted at the following link:


There comes a time in life when a person or persons in this nation, have to take a stand in life against tyranny.

And to date, many years later after this incident, it would appear to readers that the tyranny of government has won.

Even JOB, in the Bible, was taken to life's task in every aspect of his total life, liberty, and property, to include his family taken from him, not with standing his private property and family ground. Just for God and the Devil to see if his unknown tyranny against him by the devil himself would break JOB's eternal spirit. And yet, JOB remained faithful unto God and in the Light of God forever. That did not make it any easier for JOB to bear, but JOB passed the test of God in life.

By God and by Oath to God and the Henshaw's, One by One by one, will I insure the world KNOWS there IS TYRANNY in the United States of America, and it has taken the initial strike at Danny and Cindi Henshaw.

Let all who read this KNOW, that tyranny, HAS NOT WON!

I originally filed in this incident, by FAX, an official request for a USDA-OIG independent investigation into intentional misconduct by the USDA agents involved in this matter.

To date, it goes unanswered by the USDA-OIG responsible for investigation of criminal acts of tyranny in the USDA.
You can begin, by writing the USDA-OIG and demand that an official inquiry into federal and state agency misconduct be investigated per my original complaint faxed to the USDA-OIG, and the TRUTH be told, and disclosed, independently done, to clear the Henshaw's name.

The legacy of this incident in harming Danny and Cindi Henshaw, stands as a "Beacon of Light" to the world that tyranny and evil still exist in this nation and in the world, yet, We as People, can and will stand our ground. We the People must continue to overcome all tyranny cast upon our lives and souls.

The government of the people, was WRONG!

Danny and Cindi Henshaw are innocent.

Please people, all who read this, begin by reading and spreading the word of this article, and the web site locations where it is also publicly available for reading to the world, namely at the following URL link:


Go to: http://animalsclubfreedom.org/tyranny.html

Scroll to the bottom of the page for their story and links to the truth disclosed in the "Henshaw Massacre."

Also you may Google the "Henshaw Massacre."

Tyranny can kill the body, pets and property, but tyranny can never kill the living spirit within each of us.

Danny and Cindi Henshaw are innocent. Help us get the USDA-OIG to prove it! Write the USDA-OIG and demand the USDA-OIG complaint originally made by Dean A. Ayers, be investigated.

In recalling the phrase, "Remember the Alamo" always remember the Virginia and USDA government 'tyranny' in the new phrase, "Remember the Henshaw Massacre!"

God Bless Danny and Cindi Henshaw, and the people's hope that the USDA-OIG will one day, investigate the original USDA tyranny, in the complaint submitted and received by FAX in the USDA-OIG in this original matter of tyranny against Danny and Cindi Henshaw.

This incident has not been forgotten!


I hope Danny and Cindi Henshaw are well. Merry Christmas. My organization has not stopped attempting to get the USDA-OIG to investigate this nightmare from the past. I still retain the original USDA-OIG complaint faxed to them.

Your story is now TWITTERED onto our link as follows:


Cindi and Danny are among the finest people you could know.This is another example of government employees placing themselves above reproach. God bless the Henshaws.